Stranger Stalking

This category of stalking involves an offender who has no known prior relationship to the victim and includes five types of stalkers:

  1. Stranger-Power/Anger Stalkers - Primarily men who look for random victims to control, intimidate and harm. These men exhibit anti-social characteristics and, as a result of their own lack of self-confidence and self-esteem, they hunt for proxy victims upon which to vent their anger.
  2. Stranger-Obsessional Stalkers - Individuals who suffer from a variety of psychological disorders including paranoid schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and dissociative disorders. They generally should be considere dangerous because of their level of unpredictability. Obsessionals attach because they have come to learn or believe something about another person or organisation that may be completely false but that acts as a catalyst for the attachment.
  3. Stranger-Nuisance Stalkers - Tend to be loners looking to connect with others in some medium. They range from teens to middle-aged men who frequently used the internet to meet and harass victims. They enjoy the sense of freedom they have in tampering with web pages or sending obscene messages. 
  4. Stranger-Sexual Predator Stalkers - Some of the most dangerous offenders known to the criminal justice system. They include rapists, pedophiles, child molesters and paraphiliacs. They are dangerous because the outcome is frequently the actual sexual assault of a victim or psychology sexual violence of a victim. 
  5. Stranger-Erotomaniac - An erotomaniac is a stalker who attaches himself or herself to another person because the stalker believes that the person wants the attention and is in love with him or her. The victims are usually persons of public prominence. The offenders are often irrational and obsessive in their stalking behaviours. 

Pictured above is Dennis Rader, the serial killer known as BTK. He would frequently stalk his victims prior to their murder.

anonymous asked:

literally let's throw a routine club exit with a gaggle of girls leaving with him and call it a night lol. simon jones only knows how to promote his clients in 3 ways and that's 1) super invasive and gross interviews 2) club pics with a faux relationship/one night stand 3) a sun exclusive

4) a combination of all 3 but with stalkers documenting every moment on twitter thrown in for good measure

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What does Liam's follow mean?

that post was just pointing out what a ~coincidence~ it is that the people who ~just so happen to stumble upon~ harry (or one of the other boys) when they’re out in LA usually already have a follow from one of the other boys (in this case liam) aka these people are connected to update accounts and are being told when and where to go meet the boys

these ‘omg i just happened to bump into harry/liam/niall/louis’ meetings aren’t random at all. they’re premeditated and about as organic as a plastic fruit bowl

stalkers ( slit my wrists )
  • stalkers ( slit my wrists )
  • mindless self indulgence

      with every s i n g l e kiss
                  i’m going to s l i t my wrist
      with every single CRY
                  i’m going to say G 0 0 D B Y E… .
                                                                            goodbye !! 

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Louis at Sony could mean something or nothing. Maybe more bullshit is coming or maybe not. Liam was papped at the Sony offices two minutes before announcing the deal with Capitol so maybe it's nothing relevant. Idk, as always, we just have to wait. The only guess I feel comfortable to say is that maybe we'll have pap pics considering the locations and the stalkers.

the fact they bothered to send a stalker out there to make sure we knew louis was at sony is definitely putting me on high alert

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when did we notice photos being older? what was your anon talking about, please?

it’s a pattern that’s been happening for years; stalkers (who usually find out where the boys will be through their connections to update accounts) will post a picture with one of the boys and claim it’s from that day when in actuality it was from a previous day but they were asked to hold it before posting to go along with the 1dhq approved narrative du jour.

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I imagine these group of stalkers creeping on harry, while he's with his friends tables away, thinking that this is it, this is the way to go to spend you xmas eve, stalking someone you don't know. and i'm sure they believed they spent the night WITH him lol

i’m sure it’ll go down as one of their best christmases ever and i’m just ??? i find it so horrifying (i mean obviously, since i can’t stop posting about it). 

i just don’t understand how they don’t understand how creepy this is… do they think everyone in town isn’t judging them? do they think harry LIKES this kind of attention? 

and yes, from their tweets they definitely think they spent the night with him.