Finally I got some freetime after school (too bad I am already falling asleep) WIP, big piece coming soon.#wip #artistoninstagram #art #artistic #soon #comingsoon #aot #attackontitan #snk #shingekinokyojin #erenjaeger #fanart #digitalartist #digitalart

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Flowey: “So?”

Flowey: “I’m just tired of this…. that human is dumber than I thought…”

They know many, but doesn’t say any~ what a good kid!

Listen, dear, in the end, only what you want matters. So here, have a huge hug and think of what YOU want to do.

I dunno what this is about but…. woah. WOAH. I FEEL STRONGER!!! (no but srsly this is the best encouragement message I’ve ever received lol)

life hack: get a doctorate so u don’t have to specify whether ur a boy or a girl while filling out forms. what’s your title? doctor. what gender are you? doctor. but are you male or female? doctor. okay but what were you born as? son I have worn a floppy hat at a ceremony. there is no gender now, only doctor. step the fuck off.