Soon there’s going to be an entire article dedicated to Harry and his role in Dunkirk. He’s going to sit down with some journalist and talk about his audition, where he was when he received the news, how he mentally and physically prepared to get into the part of a young 1940 soldier caught in the middle of a desperate, life threatening situation, how it was to work with one the most acclaimed Hollywood directors…. and if he has found that something that feels as good as performing. Soon there’s going to be an article and so much more, and I, for one, absolutely cannot wait for that moment to come. 

The signs going back to school:
  • Aries: Is gonna have to get ready to abandon their netflix and get back into studying hardcore
  • Taurus: Can't wait till interval and lunch
  • Gemini: Just wants to see all their friends everyday again
  • Cancer: Wait... school started?
  • Leo: Is glad to have something to do again
  • Virgo: Just wants to sleeeeeeeep
  • Libra: No.
  • Scorpio: Yayyy boys
  • Sagittarius: *mentally preparing to be busy all the time
  • Capricorn: *screaming
  • Aquarius: pshhh school... piece of cake
  • Pisces: Gets way too excited buying new school stationary