“We’ll see each other again, I believe that. Thank you my friend”

I just received my NN-14 blaster holster and I’m really happy with it. The thigh strap is a little big but nothing I can’t fix. I just need to figure out the pants situation (wearing my grey shorts) and arm wraps which will be some trial and error with dying them the right shade.

I also want her staff so I’ll be working on that as well =) Yes I know I have a horrible farmers tan. I ride a scooter =D

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(RWBY: Grimm Eclipse News)


-Nora and Turrets! Need we say more?-

Hello Team!

Welcome to August. Where our Texan thermostats are constantly in triple digits and our shoes melt to the parking lot. When we’re not downing water to stay hydrated, the team has been cranking away on Horde mode and the upcoming character pack for JNPR. Y’all want to see some of the progress? Let’s go!

HordeAs it stands, I believe we’ve only said Horde mode exists. We haven’t really divvied out too many details about the vision of this new mode, but know that gameplay will be inspired by the early RTX demos from the game’s past. While the horde design crew is still busy nailing down more handcrafted nuances, they wanted to show off something a little less subtle: TURRETS!

This is an early look at an untextured asset.

The Horde team has been chatting with the RWBY animation crew (Kerry & Miles) about a few mechanics to see if they fit in the RWBYverse. Two main features came out of that meeting, turrets and another thing so awesome and fun we’ll have to save it for a future news post. (That and we haven’t quite started on getting him…I mean it… into the game…) We’ll have more news about horde as we continue to playtest and tweak it in the coming weeks.

JNPRIt’s still early for team JNPR. We talked about which JNPR teammate to start work on first, the natural choice was Nora. This is an early look at Nora! In game! Taunting! Her anims, coloring, etc… are a work in progress. BOOP!

Tribute to Monty in Forever FallSeparate from your Grimm slaying ways, you all have proven to be quite the group of hunters. I’m not talking about the number of Beowolves and Androids you’ve eliminated. I’m talking about easter eggs! We mentioned there was an easter egg way back with the Forever Fall update in May. Last night, the hunt came to a conclusion. Here’s a bit of backstory from the level’s designer, Andy Cortez.

Hello fellow hunters and huntresses,

After searching every encounter and scrutinizing every pixel, the Forever Fall “easter egg” has finally been discovered!

While designing this level, I knew I wanted to add something special for Monty. Rather than calling it an “easter egg”, I always saw it as more of a tribute. The first episode of Volume 3 inspired me to add his signature somewhere, so I decided to draw it in the terrain on the 3rd encounter.

Honestly, I worried it wouldn’t be found. It’s difficult to get high enough to get a good view of it, but I should never doubt you all.

-Andy Cortez (@MaximumCortez)

After a bit of research, and not to say that this wasn’t a community effort, but it seems credit for this discovery goes to QuasiSnipr1048. Now that you’ve all found the Forever Fall tribute, take your egg hunting to the newest levels of

Grimm Eclipse

. Good luck, egg hunters!