Ok guys I’m writing a series of short short stories about a guy who’s constantly followed by monsters wherever he goes and he and his boyfriend have learned to live with it even though it’s a pain in the ass and all the stories end suddenly before new ones begin. The characters have no names and the monsters are usually the only ones who speak, sometimes The Lover does, but the main character is mute and occasionally he’ll think about what’s happening.

Dunno if you lot would be interested

Greet the creatures

Hello smoke monster, I have brought you embers burned from the deep woods.

Hello shadow beast, I have brought you a candle to extend your reach.

Hello midnight wind, I have brought you a tin to hide during the sun.

Hello distant howl, I have brought you a map so you may find your way home.

Hello invisible one, I have brought you flowers and pollen, show us your beautiful form.

This world is made for monsters.