Modern Day Monsters

Vampires getting drinks with shots of blood at Starbucks. Rumor has it there’s even rare kinds of blood you can add from the secret menu. 

Ghosts that haunt people based on what they’re watching on Netflix. 

Werewolves with friends who make them do ridiculous things when they’ve transformed. “Do it for the vine!” 

Succubus’ who just stay in their PJs all day and find victims on Tinder. 

Mermaid cheerleaders in water polo, distracting the other team with their hypnotic songs. 

Zombies who never need to sleep and spend all their time studying, crushing the stereotype that they’re ‘mindless.’

Harpies working summers at major tourist attractions, giving kids a ride through the air for a buck fifty. 

Shape-shifters dominating the drama club (and basically being little asses about it). 


The Rainbow Nudibranch (Dendronotus iris) is a terrifying beast of hellish fire and infernal flame that resides on the western coast of North America.

There are red ones, orange ones, pink, purple and white ones, and I guess that’s why they’re called Rainbow Nudibranches. But they all look like they’re on fire!

The flames are really branching cerata that allow this large sea slug to absorb all the oxygen it needs. The very biggest individuals can reach as much as a foot long, but they’re usually about a third of that.

Rainbow Nudibranches feed on the tentacles of tube anemones, which are a bunch of creatures that look like sea anemones but live in a tube.

The Rainbow Nudibranch pounces on them and won’t let go until they’ve bitten off some tentacles, even if they get dragged halfway down the tube!

…Images:  Ed Bierman/Patrick Webster