// So here’s some more headcanon junk..


Inklings when they get splatted all warp back to the respawn pad as we know, but how does this happen? Their souls are able to essentially create channels to warp from point A to point B (B being the respawn pad they were assigned to, or whichever is nearest)

Sometimes in teams, you’ll see other inklings create channels to your spawnpad, but you must not cross streams, for that could result in a FUSION if you both collide…

however, coming back to the ability to warp, every inkling has a special core allowing them to warp, if the damage they sustain is enough to break through and damage the core, well it could have some effects on their stream they create..

namingly it could become cracked or even shattered. The warp void is literally that, a void, sort of like space, if your stream is shattered you would be sucked into the void forever, left to float for all eternity in limbo.. if your stream is cracked.. it is possible for souls of the damned to find you and try to break in, taking your place and letting you suffer an eternal life of floating.

i really need to stay off facebook because everyone is being so fucking ignorant with the domestic abuse situation amber heard reported about johnny depp

everyone is fucking calling her a gold digger and claiming she is doing this for attention and i’m like????????????? why would she ever risk her reputation by lying?? she wouldn’t

she is bravely speaking out about this issue and people just assume she is lying what the fuck is wrong with our society? i really don’t get it

people are also saying why didn’t she call the cops sooner and it would be better evidence and i’m like?? do people realize how hard it is to speak out about any kind of abuse at all? it isn’t that easy

people’s ignorance will continue to kill me and make me lose hope in all of society seriously fuck everyone i’m sososososososo done with the whole gold digger argument when she literally has visible bruises

just because johnny depp is a good actor does not mean he is a good person or that he wouldn’t do these things people don’t actually know him

i also saw someone say that if he was abusive he would have been in his twenties with past relationships cause that is when his testosterone is highest?? like seriously?? that is how you’re going to defend him

anyone can become abusive at ANY time

i’m done with the world i need to just stay off facebook 

MHGW Survey!

In order to better figure out what direction the MHGW should move from here on out, we have decided to conduct a fairly brief survey to gather people’s opinions.

While it is completely anonymous, we encourage you to let us know how we can contact you to better address any concerns you might have. If you bring up and issue that we’ve never heard of before and we have no way to contact you, it will be hard for us to do anything about said issue since we won’t exactly know much about it.

It’s also completely optional! While we’d love to have as much input as possible, there are all sorts of reasons why we can’t - or won’t - try to force you fill it out. Just to note - if you take the survey, only one part of it is required, so you can skip any of the other questions as you please.

This survey is completely open, even to people who have never directly interacted with the MHGW. We encourage everyone who is familiar with the MHGW or who has something to say - be it good or bad - to at least look over the survey and see if they think they can help.

While there is no formal time limit on the survey, please try to answer it by June 10th, as the sooner we can act upon your responses, the better! That, and it’s not exactly my plan to check to see if this survey has new responses on a regular basis.

We’d also appreciate this if you reblog this on blogs that you think are likely to have possible respondents as followers. Like I said - the more info we get, the better!

Now that that’s all said and done - have a link, and please, be as honest as you possibly can be!

// So here’s a fun little thing.. here’s my headcanon of what happens to an inkling when they get hit with a disruptor.. it makes them move all slow right? I bet maybe its because their forms are literally melting/they’re having trouble staying solid so they just slosh around like a puddle of gunk almost trying to get around.