Sheldon you lucky guy! Marrying a cute girl who doesn’t mind some cosplay in the bedroom. 😉🔥🔥
I think Shamy is not only Pasadena’s power couple, but I think they can now add King and Queen of foreplay to that list! Sorry Leonard time for a new reign. 😏😂
Thanks to @tbbt.shamy.perfection for reminding me of this! ❤
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"You Need a Bucking Makeover!" (Comedy RP)



”…That’s what horses are made of. Oh sure, we may have brains, a heart, other important organs, yada yada yada… But 95% of the pony body is made of marshmallow. And you know what? It’s not easy making a giant marshmallow with legs look good like me, the great Fleur-De-Lis. I pride myself in being a very good looking marshmallow that others strive to be like. Now you may ask yourself… Where am I going with this? The answer is simple.

“I’m hungry.”

“Oh? What, you think a model like me can’t have an appetite? Screw you, I eat what I want. Nom nom nom Gulp~ Anyways. What I wanted to say is, I pride myself in being a sexy marshmallow, and sometimes I feel generous enough to make another less sexy marshmallow look almost as sexy as me. Almost being the key word, because there really is no other pony more sexy than me.

“But today, I tried my darnest to make an absolute wreck of fashion look sexy, and colt is it one story for the ages. And so begins the narrative of me and Loondancer.”


“Oh my Celestia.”

Fleur casually walked through the streets of Canterlot in her usual get up, that is to say, plot-naked, as she carried a few shopping bags with her magic, before her attention was turned to a pony. A very messy, unfashionable pony.

“What… What atrocity is this!? What… This is just… What are you wearing!? Who are you. Speak before I drag you to a spa!” Fleur exclaims as she sees Moondancer, dropping her bags at the sight of her.


Brand new Fratocrats sketch! ARE YOU FUCKED?! THEN CALL 0800-UNFUCKME TODAY!