Good afternoon, all!

So, we’re coming up to the deadline for the anthology submissions, and I’ve had messages from lot of you requesting an extension. Ideally it would be good to publish this book in late October or early November to help gather interest in our chosen charity, TYWP. That said, I did expect people would need an extension (because I know first hand that sometimes real life happens, and writing often takes the hit for it) so I’m changing the deadline to August 31st.

Obviously the sooner you can get your submission to me, the easier it’s going to be to get the ball rolling, but I also want everyone to be happy with what they’re sending me. I should mention that I won’t be chasing people for their submissions, either. If it gets to September 1st and I haven’t heard from you, I’m going to assume you aren’t interested. That said, please don’t let it come to that if you can? I’d much rather you contacted me if you’re having a problem, although there isn’t going to be very much wriggle room for an extension after. For one or two of you, I could probably make an exception if needed, however.

Once again, I’d also like to request that if any of you have changed your mind and decided you would rather not take part in the anthology, that you please take the time to message me and let me know. A fair few people have dropped out already, but I’d rather know what I’m dealing with. I promise I won’t hold it against you if you can’t or don’t want to take part, so please do get in contact.

Beta reading is a slow process just now, so I’d like to take time to apologise for that. I am doing my best to stay on top, and again, I’m more than happy to help, but I would request patience from you all. Don’t forget it’s just me over here, all on my tod and trying my hardest to keep the project held together :)

In other news, a few people have been asking me about who holds the rights to their work. I realise this is cause for concern, but as I’ve said previously, we are not in any kind of contractual agreement. You own your work. It would be much easier to have you guys sign over first publishing rights to me, but I’d rather not do that because this is just meant to be fun and light-hearted. A way for us to come together for a good cause and raise money and awareness.

This said, I’m asking politely for you not to share your work freely on the internet, or anywhere, for that matter. Not yet, anyway. Ideally I’d say wait until we have a launch date to share snippets or sections (so you can include a pre-order link for the anthology) and wait maybe a couple of months after publication before sharing the whole thing. No one is going to pay for work they can get for nothing, after all. Personally I won’t be sharing my full work for this anthology at all, as I feel like it’s unfair on the people supporting us by paying for the book. However, as I’ve said, I don’t own your work, so you can do what you like. Just please consider what I’ve said and know that my request comes from a place of concern and experience.

Last but not least, I just wanted to go over the submission guidelines once again:

  • New deadline is now August 31st
  • No minimum word count, but a maximum of 7,500 words. If you’ve gone over the word count, please contact me and we can more than likely work something out.
  • Formatting should be single-spaced, 2.54cm margin, and a twelve point serif font. Also, please don’t use “Tab” to indent your paragraphs. If you don’t know how to indent your paragraphs without using the Tab button, just double enter between paragraphs and leave the text flush with the margin. I can take it from there. Because we’re self-publishing, I’ll be doing all of the formatting myself, so please save me a job and make certain you do at least this for me. It’s a big help.
  • When you are ready to submit your final piece, do not send it as a response to another email. Please send me a separate email to
  • The email title should be the title of your story, and your author name.
  • Attach the story as a separate file, and in the body of the email please confirm your tumblr username (so I know who you are) and confirm if you would like to have that included in the foreword.
  • Also attach a separate document with your author bio, and if you’d like to, a few sentences about what original story your piece is based on, and your thinking behind it.

If you’ve already submitted your final piece, I’d ask you do so again, but making sure to follow these parameters. I’m sorry for any inconvenience, but it’s going to make sure I have everything I need from each of you all in the right place, and that’s important :)

Thank you all again for your participation in this! As mentioned last time, I’d really love to gather up some title suggestions from you guys, if possible? I was thinking something along the lines of “Spinning Tales With Used Yarn” but I’m a bit rubbish at titles, honestly. I’d love to hear what you all think!

Don’t be a stranger!

~Lorna xx

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Two weeks ago, we released the first issue of Our Hearts Still Beat, a zine organized to benefit the Orlando queer community, and just this morning we donated the first week’s proceeds to the Center in Orlando! Tomorrow, the second issue drops!

Issue 2 is even bigger, featuring work from 21 creators in 16 pieces (still including illustrations, comics, short stories, and poetry). Every piece was created with the goal of healing and uplifting both their creators and their viewers! This issue will also be the only place to get a VAMPIRE EMMY short, “Pride”!

Just like last time, the zine will be $2 (or pay what you want), and will be available starting July 24th from the Margins store! Every cent made from sales of both issues will continue to go to the Center in Orlando, and you can still get issue 1 right here.

The official release post and list of contributors will go up tomorrow!


SIBLINGS: An Illustrated Anthology is now available for pre-order! 57 artists have come together to celebrate their favourite fictional siblings. From the characters of Harry Potter to Haikyuu!! to (yes, really) HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL, and Ghibli to Game of Thrones, there’s something in here for everyone!

🌟 Preview Art: Minuiko, Keni Chaffee, Fergelyn Baliclic, Courtney Scriven & Cynthia Tedy 🌟

⭐️ The zine is 84 pages, A5 perfect bound, full colour, ships worldwide and is a non-profit project, so all revenue will go towards production costs.There are also limited slots to commission exclusive digital and traditional sketches from curators Andy & Angela with your purchase! Pre-orders close July 31st. ⭐️


Andrea Porretta  -  Andrea Vasquez  -  Andy Lee  -  Angela Tong  -  Anoosha Syed  -  Arielle Jovellanos   -  Audrey Mok   -  Ava Nguyen   -  Bev Johnson   -  Caroline Dougherty  -  Charles Tan  -  Christine Almeda  -  Courtney Godbey  -  Crystal Dawn  -  Cynthia Tedy  -  Daniel Shervheim  -  Deborah Hauber  -  Desiree Surjadi  -  Enduro  -  Erica Chan  -  Fergelyn Baliclic  -  Heikala  -  Hilda Ylhainen  -  Janet Sung  -  Jen Bartel  -  Jenn Strickland  -  Jenny Xu  -  Jimmy Martinez  -  Johanna The Mad  -  Juliette Brocal  -  Katie Huon  -  Kel  -  Kelly Kao  -  Keni Chaffee  -  Kiernan Sjursen-Lien  -  Laura MacMahon  -  Len Nguyen  -  Linus  -  Liv M  -  Lysa Cervantes  -  Marie Lum  -  Megan Fisher  -  Meyoco  -  Michaele Riding  -  Michelle Hiraishi  -  Minuiko  -  Monica Esquivel  -  Noor Rasoul  -  Pauline Joey  -  Sonia Liao  -  Stephanie Pepper  -  Trungles  -  Vika Rizdel  -  Vivian Ng   -  Yeehun 

⭐️🌟 Pre-order on storenvy & follow the official blog for more previews!  🌟⭐️

Chainmail Bikini: The Anthology of Women Gamers (2016) 

“Chainmail Bikini is an anthology of comics by and about female gamers! Forty cartoonists have contributed comics about the games they’re passionate about—from video games to tabletop role-playing to collectible card games. The comics in Chainmail Bikini explore the real-life impact of entering a fantasy world, and how games can connect us with each other and teach us about ourselves.

Alliances are forged, dice get rolled, and dragons get slain! Chainmail Bikini shows that while women are not always the target market for gaming, they are a vital and thoroughly engaged part of it, and are eager to express their personal take as players, makers, and critics of games.

Chainmail Bikini is edited by Hazel Newlevant (If This Be Sin), and features a cover illustration by Hellen Jo and comics by established talents and rising stars including Annie Mok, Jane Mai, Molly Ostertag, MK Reed, and Sophie Yanow.”

Get it now here

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Translation of a comic from one of the official anthologies, “Osomatsu-san Official Anthology: Short Story Collection.” Warnings for toilet humor and general unsanitary references. 

There is a saying in Japanese: “tabemono wo (o)somatsu ni shite wa ikemasen.” It means, “Do not waste food.” Download


Drawing the Line (2015)

A Comics Anthology by Indian Women

“December 2012: tens of thousands of people - women, men, families, young, old, rich, poor - come out onto the streets of towns and cities in india to protest the brutal gang rape and murder of a young medical student in delhi. For days and months, the protests refuse to die down. People demand change, action, commitment to the ideals of democracy and egalitarianism. And they refuse to be silenced. Soon, a new law is put in place. More and more people start to report incidents of sexual assault. 

New conversations, new debates begin: is violence increasing? are we seeing more of it? was it previously invisible? what do indians really think about women? in this bold and brilliant collection of visual stories, fourteen young women respond to the activism and debates on the ground; they negotiate anger, fear, hope, resistance. 

Created in a week long workshop, these stories talk to each other as they powerfully describe the fierce determination of the writers/artists to continue the battle for change.”

By Priya Kuriyan 

Get it  now here

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ANNOUNCING: Tim’rous Beastie

New comic anthology from Iron Circus Comics, accepting submissions Dec 1, 2016!

Tim'rous Beastie is a black-and-white comic anthology about small lives in a big, big world.

This is an anthology by and for those of us who grew up inspired by Redwall, The Deptford Mice, Rats of NIMH, and other tales of brave and imperiled critters defying their size and place in the natural order. We want to not only channel that inspiration into the medium of comics, but to approach familiar themes with fresh eyes.

Featuring fantasy, urban fantasy, and sci-fi, Tim'rous Beastie aims to explore the potential of stories told from a scale that, while still very human, makes even the mundane aspects of human life seem gigantic.

The anthology’s title is Scots for “timid little beast,” and from a line the 1785 Robert Burns poem, “To a Mouse, on Turning Her Up in Her Nest with the Plough (link),” which is also where the phrase “the best laid plans of mice and men” originates.

Tim’rous Beastie will be a joint venture, with Amanda Lafrenais as Managing Editor and Iron Circus Comics publishing and distributing.


Stories of all genres – adventure, romance, horror, etc – about the lives of anthropomorphic intelligent animals. The acceptable level of anthropomorphism ranges from giving voices to realistic animals in their natural habitats to “civilized” creatures who wear pants, build homes, cook meals, and soforth. However, all the animals featured in creator submissions should be depicted in realistic scale with one another. Mice should be mouse-sized, cats cat-sized, and so on.

Think Mouse Guard, not Mickey Mouse.


Pin-ups and prose submissions.

This anthology will exclusively feature comics.

Excessively graphic content.

Like the books that inspired this anthology, we welcome darker themes, however they must be equivalent to a PG-13 movie rating. No profanity, nudity, erotica, or gore.

Proposals from incomplete creative teams.

If you’re an artist without a writer, or a writer without an artist, please find a partner before submitting your proposal.

Fanfic, fan art, or pastiche.

Please don’t submit stories using intellectual property you don’t own, or stories that are clearly referential of such work/take place in the same universe or reality.

Racist/xenophobic allegory.

Tim'rous Beastie will not accept stories that generalize or caricature entire species of animals as the equivalents of or stand-ins for human races or ethnic groups. We would also prefer it if submitted stories avoided the cliche of rats, weasels, snakes, and similar animals being inherently evil by design, and mice or bunnies as inherently good.

Cute mice vs. The World.

We won’t reject submissions with mice as protagonists, but we urge you to put more thought and originality into your stories than Cute Mouse Protagonist vs. Irredeemably Evil Whatever.


Some existing media that inspired or captures the spirit of Tim'rous Beastie:


Tim’rous Beastie will pay a $50 page rate, plus ten contributor’s copies per creator and the perpetual right to buy copies of the anthology for 50% off the cover price for as long as the comic is in print. There will also be a bonus for all contributors if the Kickstarter campaign does well.

Creators’ Rights

Creators submit stories to Tim’rous Beastie with the understanding that, if accepted, they are ceding exclusive first worldwide rights to the story for a full calendar year from the date of publication, and non-exclusive worldwide reprint rights in perpetuity. Intellectual property rights will remain in the hands of the creator. We don’t want your characters or concepts, just your comics.

Production Size

If your proposal is accepted, the final art must be designed to fit standard American graphic novel dimensions: 6.625" × 10.25". What this means for your production process depends on your choice of medium, but the following guides may be useful.

For more information, consult Blambot’s page on the subject.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions about this project which have not been addressed here, you can contact us at or send a tumblr ask. Please read this page, including the FAQ, in its entirety before emailing us or sending a Tumblr ask. Thank you!


Can my submission be grayscale? Or does “black and white” MEAN black and white?

Grayscale is just fine!

Can people outside the United States submit to this anthology?


I am under 18 and/or will be turning 18 when the book comes out, can I submit?

No. For legal reasons we are only accepting submissions from people who are 18+ at the time of submission.

Can I submit more than one story proposal?

Yes, but please, try to keep the total number of stories you submit low, maybe to a maximum of three. We want your best ideas, not every single idea you have!

When will you need the finished pages by?


Can my story have humans?

Humans may be alluded to or depicted as part of the world building, as in they can have an impact on the world the characters live in, but they themselves cannot be characters. This means small Beasties can have things like sardine can beds, teacup bathtubs, and framed postage stamps on their walls. Humans can also have an impact on the plot, much like in “Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH” wherein the events of the story are necessitated by the actions of the human farmers. But submitted stories cannot star these humans.

Can I make my submission about a non-existent fantasy creature?

No. While fantasy elements are allowed (magic, sorcery, the occult, etc), animals must represent real-world counterparts.

WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS. The required submission form and release form will not be made available until December 1st 2016.

Submissions end on January 2, 2017


Hey guys, as you already know I had the honor to do an illustration for this awesome project, “Enough Space for Everyone Else”, a comic anthology about non-imperialistic sci fi stories!


Sadly we are struggling to get funded, so we need all the help we can get to spread the word about this anthology and to get people to pledge! So please, if you can, maybe donate a little, and follow the official social media accounts, reblog and retweet their posts, talk about it on your blog, tell your friends about it!

Official tumblr

Official twitter


Thank you so much for helping us getting this amazing project rolling, and thank you for all of those who already pledged and supported us!


With the “Sweaty Palms” Kickstarter launch approaching (details coming soon!) we thought it would be nice to share more previews! 

In order of appearance: 

| “It’s Kinda Funny” by Claudia Berger | “In the Morning, Just Maybe” by Katy Farina | “The Beast” by Mike Freiheit | “Affirmations” by Miranda Harmon | “The Tunnel” by Sofie Louise Dam | by M. Dlabick | “A Day Like This” by Cathrin Peterslund | “Work Through It” by Stephanie Hovden | by Erin Hunting |  by B. Mure

Sweaty Palms Anthology Tumblr . Twitter . Facebook . Newsletter .


“‘Are you kidding? Of course I bloody miss it. I’m sitting in the room with John, him with me. Believe me, we’re both pretty good editors. We were young turks. We were smartasses. And we did some amazing things. I would love him to be here now, saying, “Don’t bloody do that!” – or, more wonderfully, “That’s great!” So yeah, I really had the greatest writing partner.’”
- Paul McCartney on his missing songwriting with John Lennon [x] [Scanned from Beatles Anthology] ★


Submissions open for the #BlackComicsMonth: Afrofuturistic Anthology!

“Submission Process:

  • Submissions open June 15th and close on July 15th at 11:59PM EST
  • Submissions are open to Africans and African-Americans ONLY.
  • You must be 18 years old to submit to this anthology.
  • Send an email to blackcomicsmonth *at* gmail *dot* com with the subject line “Afrofuturistic Submission”.
  • Your pitch should include a synopsis of your comic, character descriptions, along with art.
  • It should also include a page estimate of the story. (2-10 pages max).
  • Include a bio, pronouns, as well as a list of publishing credits – self-publishing and webcomics count!
  • If you don’t have publishing credits, don’t be discouraged – please submit.
  • Acceptance and rejection letters will go out on or before August 15th, 2016.

What’s the theme of this anthology?
Afrofuturism, of course! Ever notice how black people don’t last long or if at all in TV shows, movies orbooks set in the future? Uh-huh, you know you do. Well, here’s your chance to tell YOUR story!”

For more info visit

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