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This whole thing about 'deserving one another'...I don't get it either. Life is about becoming a better version of yourself everyday, right? we will always make mistakes but then we get the chance to become better and correct them, I always say 'you are not your past', why are people condemning Hak and Yona for something they did 70 chapters ago? also why are people expecting them to be perfect from the beginning? them being so real is what makes them a lovable,healthy ship in the first place!:)

This is pretty much my take on the entire thing as well. I definitely would not say that Hak and Yona haven’t been without their problems both individually and as a pair, but they strive hard to improve and better themselves for themselves, others and each other as a potential partner, and as such I think judging them based solely on past actions is not necessarily the best way to go about viewing them as they are now. I think if we’re going to bring up any past flaws we have to see how those flaws have been addressed or changed as well. Having characters with flaws who strive to improve makes for great characters and ships imo, but I find that quite a few stories with characters that have flaws fall into two traps:

  1. The pairing has an issue that is never really addressed and the two end up together despite this because… well usually because they’re settled as endgame early on and just “are”. Or…
  2. The issue is addressed and seemingly fixed only to be brought back again later on for drama or because the story is dragged out for so long that the issue is needed again just so that something can happen. 

I’d like to think that neither of these have occurred with Hakona (and hopefully won’t) so I have no issue with the way the pair has been written. The two are still working through things together, and that’s the important thing to me. 

anyway if you didn’t know KS is the third most popular media in the manga/anime category on this site, so why don’t y’all put aside that “KS is a small media with a small fandom” shit and recognize that your behavior and your disgusting media are large and prolific enough to negatively impact people, especially those who are easily impressionable, like folks new to tumblr or young teens, and groom them for dangerous situations.

That one time Saito Chiho said Utena is basically Kaze to ki no uta

In that new Takemiya Keiko fanbook, Saito Chiho said that when she read Kaze to ki no uta, she realized that Revolutionary Girl Utena was basically entirely based on it, just repackaged for the afternoon anime audience.

  • A boarding school closed off from the rest of the world.
  • A person who gets cruelly passed around among the powerful elite of the school – and secretly seems to enjoy this on some level.
  • Another person coming in from the outside to break this status quo and “save” the victim.
  • But was this “saving” what the victim wanted, or asked for, or needed?

My mind: blown.

She also says that the predominately male anime staff hired her on as an artist because they were afraid they’d otherwise end up making a parody of shojo manga, which wasn’t their intention.

fma meme: 1/ a scene that broke your heart
               ↳ Episode 4 "An Alchemist's Anguish"

ATTENTION ALL YURI ON ICE FANS: Do you want to show your support for this great anime but don’t know how? Well, Yuri on Ice has been nominated for all of the above categories for the Anime Awards 2016. It’s important to me and I’m sure many others as well that YOI is given the credit it deserves. So go vote at from January 3rd to January 10th!

Animelist: Eye-candy, Fluid animation (movie list)

A list of anime animation where the fruits of the animators’ labor bears fruit and received a noteworthy praise. Although not all became hits, but their art style and fluidity draws in an audience nonetheless.


  • Makoto Shinkai films
    • Garden of words
    • Your name (aka kimi no na wa)
    • 5 centimeters per second
  • Every Studio Ghibli
  • Akira
  • Kara no kyoukai films (aka Garden of Sinners)
  • Red line
  • Fate stay night Heaven’s feel (not released but has promise)
  • Project Itoh movies:
    • Empire of Corpses
    • Genocidal Organ
    • Harmony
  • Ghost in the Shell Arise movies
  • Nerawareta Gakuen
  • Hal
  • Wolf Children
  • Summer wars
  • Koe no katachi (aka a silent voice)

I’m sure there are others that I must have missed, let me know if there’s some that fall under this categorie


Warning: Potential spoilers, potential seizure trigger, violence, profane language

Title: Assachusetts: A Wicked Good AMV

Editor: shorisquared

Studio: Tsunderbird Studios

Audio: Massholes

Artist: Funhaus

Anime: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Re:Zero One Punch Man, Code Geass, Overwatch (game), Thermae Romae, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Black Lagoon, Yuri on Ice, Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!,Ace Attorney, Masaume-kun no Revenge, K-On!, Nisekoi, Kill la Kill, Baccano!, Kuroko no Basuke, Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu, Musaigen no Phantom World, Gangsta, Mirai Nikki, ERASED, Boku no Hero Academia, Shimoneta, Toradora!

Category: Comedy

Awards: Anime Boston 2017 - Best Comedy

Sam is a troll, he would totally stack random objects on Aria while she’s asleep.

Sometimes she gets angry. If she does, Sam would just clap.

Neither of them knows where the trumpet is from.

So I’ve been thinking a lot about yuri anime...

And I’m honestly really happy with the increase in popularity it’s been getting. Still, I feel like so many people are having a hard time finding anime with yuri in it. It’s hard to find a “master list” of all the yuri out there. Believe me, I’ve tried looking for it. So I’ve come to the conclusion that if I can’t find a master list, I’ll make a master list. Now keep in mind that yuri comes in many shapes and sizes (from the undeniable “they are two girls who blatantly confessed their love to one another” to “they maybe hate each other maybe like each other….maybe.”) and what one person calls obvious yuri another may call subtext.


With that said, remember I’m only human and I may forget some anime. If I do, please feel free to let me know! Just keep in mind that I’m going for anime that has more obvious lesbian/yuri couples and characters. If you’re not sure, just shoot the suggestion my way and I’ll be happy to check the series out!


This is how the layout will be. I’ll have 4 separate posts (not including this one), each one covering a different category of yuri. Each anime I talk about will have a picture, a blurb about my thought on the series (if I’ve seen it) and a link to a summary/ episodes. Good? Good. Here we go!

Cannon Yuri

Basically Cannon Yuri

Subtext Yuri

Currently Airing/ Up Coming Yuri


Warning: Potential spoilers, potential seizure trigger

Title: Porcelain

Editor: VideoBeats

Dedicated to: SkyUchihax

Song: Porcelain

Artist: Skott

Anime: Gosick

Category: Drama