While every dog may have its day, one cat’s was way better. We’re talking, of course, about Puss in Boots – one cat that has forever been immortalized.  From literary beginnings centuries ago, when it was known as “Il gatto con gli stivali,” to its French resurrection as “Le Chat Botté,” modern entertainment has taken this classic character more than a few steps forward.

When Dreamworks made “Puss in Boots” in 2011, they made the most entertaining, swashbuckling feline, thanks in part to Antonio Banderas’ voice. Next, Dreamworks approached Jeopardy! to collaborate.

Once discussions fired up, one of Jeopardy!’s writers, Michele Loud, was tasked with orchestrating the category. Putting everything together meant channeling her high school Spanish skills, watching an assortment of Puss in Boots videos, Shrek, and other cartoons to get in voice. Michele said, of the process, “after watching him in action, I realized that he had to talk about how great he was…how no other hero was as great as he. That’s an important part of writing clues for celebrities or characters – you want to capture their voice. It’s part of the research.”

The category materialized, Dreamworks animated it, and thus Puss in Boots had “made it” as many others have upon being memorialized on the Jeopardy! game board.

Without further ado, the great(est) Puss in Boots:


Make sure to tune-in today to catch this feline fencer on Jeopardy!

Don’t label me
and don’t stereotype me.
Don’t put me in your
categories and
quit trying to define
my existence.
I’m not an object you can put inside of a box,
place on a shelf,
and mark to your

I am me,
and although I might be a broken me;
I am still me
in all of my insecurities,
all of my
hopeless dreaming,
all of my
And more importantly,
all of my
I am a wonderful mess intertwined with
and rage
and flaws overflowing;
I am still me.

I do not
fit the
societal standard
that you
or any others want me to squeeze into.
Though you may call me
just another
number in a
crowd of millions,
I am still me.
And I am defined by a
God bigger than the
cages you’ve tried to
push me into.

I am a different kind,
And I won’t be bound by the materialistic views
that come from the eyes of
to this world.
Because the eyes of my God
don’t bind me to anything
His love
and grace
and mercy never ending
upon my soul.

And if I’m going to be entrapped at all,
It sure as hell won’t be by

—  I am a broken, beautiful me. (via caylinali)

#2 The Law of Category:

If you can’t be first in a category, set up a new category you can be first in.

“Everyone is interested in what’s new. Few people are interested in what’s better.”
- ‘The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing’ by Al Ries and Jack Trout 

So you’re late to the game. You’re number 2 or 3 or more. Do you give up and go home? Heck no! You create a new category. Now you are the first in this category and Law #1, the law of leadership applies.

If you’re first in a category, all you have to do is promote the category. You promote the category not the Brand.

7up did this in soda. They didn’t compete with Coke in the cola category, they created a new category where they were first and promoted the category… The un-cola.

Another example is beer. Beer is huge. I’m sure Anheuser Busch is number one. But what about IPA’s (India Pale Ales)? It’s Sierra Nevada. A tiny company, but Big Bud couldn’t touch it in the IPA category.

Here are the steps: Find a new category. Be first. Promote the category.

So I’m not a advertising agency. The guys from the 40s 50s and 60s are still the big guys. I’m not a marketing agency… still too big. Same with digital marketing and social media marketing. Even Facebook marketing or Instagram marketing are too big. But how about Instagram marketing for the pet industry (btw, not my niche… you’re welcome to it). I could kill this. Solve all the problems specific to these companies and then sell the specific benefits of my category. My usp (unique selling proposition) is cooked right in.

So this is part of the answer to why being narrow is smart. Can you think of other ways to create new categories? If so, please share below. 😄🍺 #ijustwantabeer Stay tuned for Law#3 tomorrow.

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