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so i heard that the n/h fandom are claiming that hinata had, like, “pure love” or whatever for naruto, which was allegedly stated in the official databooks. huh, that’s funny, ‘cause always thought it was interesting that hinata’s feelings are the only ones characterised as an “infatuation”, rather than “love” in said canon material. ☕️

oh, and to compare: karin – who many label as “infatuated” with sasuke and is often categorised under that description – actually has the “in love with” tag-line, so… 🤔 not to mention that sakura’s feelings for sasuke clearly have that caption too [as shown above]. you know, since their fandom ironically & hypocritically demean such, trying to reduce her affections to her being a “fangirl”.

source: kishimoto’s ‘the official character data book’ (english title), otherwise known as ‘databook three’.

please just don’t…. compare zutara……. to r.eylo and/or dra.mione….. please………… don’t 

……….categorise zutara…….. under the bad boy/good girl trope ………… just don’t…………..



Had a go at spriting Nikki from Swapnote! Tried drawing her based on her official design (the more frumpy portrait), and drawing her based on Shigatake’s comic (with the turtleneck sweater and no pants).

I’m categorising this under the 16-bit so it’s easier to find next to other arcade portraits and the like, but these portraits were actually made with more than 16 colours - in fact they total around 26 altogether which, compared to Capcom games of the mid/late 1990s, is a lenient number.

Fic Rec List

Hi, sorry for the late reply; uni is eating up my time. 

To be perfectly honest with you, I doubt you have never read the fics listed below since the fandom is kind of small in comparison to others (and you know, death and other assorted things have not helped) but maybe you’ll re-stumble on a fic you loved but can’t seem to find or something. ^^ (Also I admit that I have yet to review all these, since I take a long time to express myself because I am silly that way, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate an author’s work and I shall get to reviewing soon). I’m not sure what you mean by underrated, and drama is kind of lacking in a fandom that is assumed to be crack (which I will never understand because NejiTen is plausible and I don’t see it as a crack pairing), but I shall just rec away:


coda in d minor by metaphorically blue

Summary: She doesn’t look like her father. /And children can’t recognize grief./ /future!fic, sort of Team Gai/

(Notes: This is one of the best next-gen fics/one-shots I’ve seen for this pairing. I have no idea why it’s not more popular; maybe it’s because it isn’t categorised under the pairing but under Lee. Wonderfully written, especially the hints of character parallels and the steady thread of sorrow and confusion weaved into the narrative.) 

scarborough fair by seleneswan

Summary: Remember me to one who lives there; for once, he was a true love of mine. —Neji/Tenten.

(Notes: I’m a sucker for references to nursery rhymes. (All the King’s Horses, anybody?)  Though I may or may not agree with certain sentiments, I liked this well enough.) 

A Night to Die by January Friend

Summary: Neji, Tenten, and a tragic love story played out in the shadow of death.

(Notes: An alternative to the could-have-been-better-written canon we were given. Although I think Romeo and Juliet made their own tragedy instead of having it forced upon them. But then again, I suppose that’s the entire point of star-crossed lovers and choosing destiny over fate.)

The Game  by DrerrRedclaw

Summary: One man dies: chaos, order, and everything in between ensues. Character studies, ShikaTema, NejiTen. Futurefic, expect OOC due to age and experience.

Shelved by BlueGreenApples

Summary: Post-Cannon. NejiTen. Fears of fraility divide them, life lessons will bring them back.

(Notes: I just really like work dealing with life and loss and the nitty-gritty of shinobi life that a lot of fics gloss over, so sue me.)

A Little Rain Your Way by Yugao

Summary: She didn’t get why it was always raining. NejiTenten

(Notes: On strength, weakness, and needing, which seems to be a particularly popular discourse for the NejiTen pairing.)

Beloved by ncfan

Summary: -Neji x Tenten- “What would you do without me?” AU.

(Notes: The author also does nice character studies.)

Pavement by Lacewood

Summary: Neji, Tenten and a chance meeting on a street. The past is behind them, on a growing stretch of pavement


Conversation by crysthur and artheph

Summary: The boys have some introspective dialogue on their relationships. Generic pairings. Short oneshot.

(Notes: Because whipped ninjas are never not hilarious.)

Jewel by Ariel32

Summary: A Cinderella story that neither of them could have predicted would come true. AU NejiTen.

Rainbow by Ariel32

Summary: Their years together are like a rainbow. [NejiTen, some Team Gai]

(Notes: Colour theory is always welcome in my book.)

Of Hashigasms, Shipping Wars and Sasuke’s Sparkly New Ambition by HighQueen

Summary: And the epic unending clash between the Minato and Itachi fanclubs. Because manga chapter 631 was full of all that crack. Featuring Sakura, Sasuke, Hinata, Minato, Kushina, Madara, Tenten, Ino, Shikamaru, the fanboys and more! And a sulking Neji who still hasn’t quite recovered from his traumatic death sequence. Parody. Naruto 631 spoilers. naruhina sasusaku-ish

And that’s it for now! For any other favourites not mentioned, you can visit my profile here


2 to 4 conversion & recolour of a deco closed macbook!! The original mesh was by Marky Boy at MTS for sims 2. I cloned it and made it into a deco object for your sims to have lying around their house. In the zip there’s 2 files, the first one is the decals version and the second is the skinned version. There are a couple missing from the previews. It’s categorised under clutter.

download here

100 followers gift part I - Various TS4 underwater deco objects for TS2.

Here are quite a lot of object conversions, including all the ts4 fish found in base game, game packs and Get to work expansion pack, plus base game seaweed and seaweed extracted from various sims 4 aquariums. Each seaweed is available in two sizes: in huge and original.
Fish can be found under Decorative/Sculpture while seaweed is categorised under Decorative/Plants.

letstalkaboutthegalaxy  asked:

Would you be able to elaborate on how pedophilia is a sexual orientation? (And not a mental disorder?) Would that mean that those who argue for pedophiles being in the LGBT+ community are correct, that pedophilia would be categorised under LGBT+?

This paper sums things up really well, if you can get behind the firewall. 

Pedophilia is a sexual orientation- but as Seto argues, it is a sexual age orientation, not a sexual gender orientation, like LGB+ orientations are. So I don’t think it does make sense to categorize pedophilia within the LGBT+ community, because that community is generally focused on gender identity and sexual gender orientation, not age orientation. 

Pedophilia is a sexual orientation because it fits the general qualifications we think of when considering what sexual orientation is: an identity construct that a person uses to filter potential partners that develops early and is generally consistent throughout life. It can also be a mental illness because it often causes distress and functional impairment. 

Sexuality Headcanons

So @sissicornell​ sent me a lovely ask in which the question was raised, how do I headcanon the sexuality of my favourite children? Well, anyone who keeps up with my blog (does anyone do this?) knows I love all ten of my babies, and would pair almost any of them with any of the others. But I do have some solid favourites, so here we go. 

  • JOSH: Gay. Josh Washington is gay, although he’s not entirely worked it out yet. He’s got a school boy ‘crush’ on Sam which is actually more like a super strong friendship vibe that he doesn’t understand isn’t romantic, because she was the first girl in his life outside of his sisters. On the same note, Josh thinks he’s got super strong friendship vibes with Chris (and Mike), but that’s actually a crush. Josh does, however, enjoy all porn, gay or straight, and is really into sex. If it came to it, he’d probably sleep with a girl if she was offering. Bone Zone. Josh is not out - he doesn’t discuss his sexuality with anyone except his doctors - but frequently ‘jokes’ about being gay.

  • CHRIS: Pansexual. Chris is completely pan, although he doesn’t really know that’s what it is. Chris has experienced feelings for girls, and feelings for guys, and he’s been attracted to a guy he knows was born a girl. He’s perfectly comfortable accepting all of it. Chris is all about just spreading the love with whoever he falls for. He’s more attracted sexually to masculine bodies, but romantically to feminine mindsets, and would probably be open to a polyamorous relationship too, with the right people. Chris doesn’t declare his sexuality but will try to explain it to anyone who happens to ask. His parents know, and get it probably better than he does.

  • SAM: Demi-Bisexual. Okay, Sam would say ‘Bethsexual’. She likes both sexes but she’s very single minded when she’s attracted to someone, and barely notices anyone else around her when she’s crushing on a particular person. Her first crush was Josh, but her first kiss was Beth, who she shifted her focus onto for years. She doesn’t feel the need for a relationship, and she’s also demi - she’s not sexually attracted to anyone until she really gets to know them, and even then you’ll be lucky to be one of her rare sexual crushes. Beth and Josh have both been one. Mike is another. Sam is not out, and if you ask her about it, she politely avoids the subject.

  • BETH: Lesbian. Beth is completely into girls and not at all into guys, and she’s proud of it. When she worked it out, she was confident about her exploration of her sexuality, and quickly concluded (as many of us also know) that girls are fucking majestic creatures, designed to be worshipped. Beth has had plenty of girlfriends - Hannah swears there’s a new one for her to meet every week - but it’s because Sam’s the only girl for her, but truthfully she’s nervous about locking it down. She came out to her siblings, Sam, and her parents very quickly, and then was outed by Hannah to the rest of the group during an argument.
  • EMILY: Heterosexual. Emily is ‘completely straight’, except she’s one of those girls who will kiss her girl friends on the mouth when she’s had a few drinks and never feel weird about it. Do it for the selfie, Emily! She has a few girl crushes she says she’d go all the way for, too. It’s probably Emily’s biggest secret, but she practiced kissing with Jessica before she’d ever kissed a guy. It was right when she started dating Mike in 9th grade, and she really didn’t mess it up. Her and Jess practiced different ways to kiss for more than forty minutes, and they hid under a blanket when they did it, in case Jess’ mom walked in.

  • MATT: Straight, but like a hand drawn line. Matt is leaning heavily towards hetero; he loves women, and he loves the female body, but he’s also had thoughts. Especially in the locker room, when he realises he’s spending more time thinking about the other boy’s bodies than what he can categorise under ‘checking out the competition’. Matt can definitely appreciate another man’s looks and body - he’s not uncomfortable with it, and he’s had a couple of gay experiences when he’s drunk, too (once with Chris, but that’s a headcanon for another time ;O )

  • ASHLEY: Bisexual. Ashley is very comfortably and very openly attracted to both sexes. She is the only one in the group to come out about her sexuality on purpose, and she’s proud of it. She first realised when she was fifteen, when she found herself watching the girl instead of the guy in a movie sex scene. For a time, she thought she might be a lesbian, but Ashley is undeniably attracted to men as well. She often catches herself being attracted to a multitude of people at the same time, which gets confusing, but she is very open to anyone’s affection and would happily pair off with any of her close circle.

  • MIKE: Bisexual. Mike is an uncomfortably and extremely closeted bisexual. Can’t catch him, gay thoughts. Mike owes his fear of coming out to his old-fashioned jackass of a father, who has always hammered home the importance of gender roles and being a ‘real man’. He’s the sort of guy who’d punch you in the mouth for suggesting he look at another man if you were in earshot of any other person within fifty miles, but secretly he’s always been desperate for someone to discuss it with. The person he eventually takes solace in is Ashley, on the night of her sixteenth birthday, when he picks her up from the bus station [x]. Mike has crushed on all his male friends during his time trying to suppress the feelings altogether.

  • HANNAH: Hetero-Polysexual. Hannah is only attracted to men, but she doesn’t restrict that only to men who were born that way. Hannah’s first and only boyfriend was when she was sixteen; he was a trans-boy, and he really broadened Hannah’s previously quite slim horizons. Before this time, Hannah had never been one hundred percent accepting of her twin’s sexuality (although admittedly she tried her very best) but after this brief relationship, it felt as if she’d woken up. She apologised profusely to Beth after this, much to Beth’s shock, as she hadn’t even noticed Hannah being uncomfortable with it because she’d always gone to such an effort to make it seem otherwise.

  • JESS: Straight (road with winding parts for miles). If Matt is a hand-drawn line, Jess is a junction. She’s knows honestly that she’d only want a relationship with a man, but she’s also got a serious number of straight-girl feelings for other girls, if you know what I mean. Level 3 girl crush. Jess loves how soft girls are, and she’s slept with a few along the way at parties. Don’t tell Emily. Do tell Matt and Mike, because they’d love to know, and get involved.
Raclette (ReaderxSoldier:76)

Also on AO3

The team all had different ideas of what to do for New Year’s Eve, rather than sit in a cold cottage far away from anyone’s home, far removed from civilisation. The heat was supposed to be working, but abandoned for nearly six years, the old Overwatch safehouse has seen better days and the central heating was the first to give out. It was a nasty surprise to arrive to, having to break open the ice in the toilet bowl and making various impromptu repairs, but by now everyone has gotten used to it, in a quiet, miserable way.

They’re all sitting in their own corners, doing their own thing, counting the seconds to when they’ll be free of this hell hole, and bemoaning the fact that this is, with a few scattered exceptions, the worst New Year’s they ever had.

Reinhardt is the first to break under the pressure of a horrible holiday.

“This will not do.” he says and stands up with the single-minded passion of a man who will not let his family be sad on a day that should be about joy and hope. He marches toward the kitchen, followed by half a dozen pairs of eyes who can be bothered to take a break from brooding. What he returns with is a tabletop grill.

“My family did this every year on Silvester.” he explains as he plugs the device in. It heats up slowly, and the warmth more than Reinhardt’s sudden enthusiasm sways the team towards that idea he’s having.

“Angela insists it’s a Swiss tradition but she is not here so I will tell you that it is a thing we do at home. We don’t have the proper cheese, but Raclette is all about improvising.”

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✒ Benefit; Sunnah Of Wuḍū Not Many Act Upon | Washing Between Fingers Of Hands And Toes Of Feet (The Latter With Pinkie i.e Smallest Finger) سنة قل العمل بها

عن لقيط بن صبرة رضي الله عنه قال : قال النبي عليه الصلاة والسلام : إذا توضأت فخلل الأصابع

From Laqeeṭ b. Ṣabrah Raḍi-Allāhu ‘Anhu who reported that Messenger of Allāh ﷺ said: “When you make Wuḍū (ablution) then wash through in between the FINGERS.”

● [رواه الترمذي ٣٨ ، صححه ابن خزيمة في صحيحه ١٥٠ وأيضا صححه الألباني في سنن ابن ماجه ٤٤٨]

وعن ابن عباس رضي الله عنهما أن رسول الله عليه الصلاة والسلام قال : إذا توضأت فخلل بين أصابع يديك ورجليك.

And from Ibn ‘Abbās Raḍi-Allāhu ‘Anhumā who reported that the Messenger of Allāh ﷺ said: “When you make Wuḍū (ablution) then wash through between fingers of your HAND and (toes of) your FOOT.”

● [رواه أحمد ١/٢٨٧ وصححه الألباني]

وعن المستورد بن شداد الفهري رضي الله عنه قال : رأيت النبي عليه الصلاة والسلام إذا توضأ دلك أصابع رجليه بخنصره

And from al-Mustawrid b. Shaddād al-Fihree Raḍi-Allāhu ‘Anhu who who said: “I saw the Prophet ﷺ, when he made Wuḍū he rubbed/washed in between his toes with his PINKIE (smallest finger).”

● [رواه الترمذي ٤٠ وصححه الألباني]

'Ikrimah Raḍi-Allāhu 'Anhu used to say: “When you make Wuḍū, START with your fingers by washing through in between them for indeed it is the RESTING PLACE of SHAYṬĀN.”

● [المصنف لابن أبي شيبة]

Shaqeeq b. Salmah Raḥimahullāh (one of the Salaf) said: “I saw 'Uthmān b. 'Affān Raḍi-Allāhu 'Anhu making Wuḍū, he washed between his fingers then said: 'I saw Allāh’s Messenger ﷺ DO what you have seen me doing.”

● [رواه ابن خزيمة في صحيحه ١٥٦]

Imām at-Tirmidhee Raḥimahullāh said: “With the people of knowledge washing through one’s fingers and toes is one of the acts of Wuḍū.”

● [الجامع ٣٨]


Imām Ibn Qudāmah Raḥimahullāh said: “Washing in between the fingers of hands and toes of the feet is a SUNNAH OF WUḌŪ and what is RECOMMENDED is to go in between the toes of the foot with the smallest finger (pinkie) and to BEGIN with the RIGHT FOOT by washing through little toe FIRST and then proceeding to the thumb (big toe) and on the left foot to wash through thumb (big toe) first and then proceeding to the little toe for Prophet ﷺ used to love beginning from the right side first in his ablution.”

● [المغني ١/١٥٢]

Taken from Sh. Badr al-Badr al-'Anazee’s website where he categorised it under the lanbel 'Sunan not many people act upon’.

Posts like this one set me the fuck off and whoever makes them is an ignorant fuckwit who has never stepped a single foot out of the USA or Canada or whatever.

You know why people hate the USA? Because stuff like this always comes from there. This is the most blatant display of ignorance, I swear. White people have no culture? I’m sorry, countries like Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Scotland, England, Ireland, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Hungary, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, etc. have no culture? That’s the biggest fucking joke you could ever make. I need people who think that way to step back and actually learn about European countries before they spew out about whites having no culture or whites not having a real cuisine (which, by the way, chicken and waffles? You realise you’re using Belgian waffles? So you can fuck right off) when “white people food” changes so much from one country to another, hell in my country it changes from a region to another but what the hell would an ignorant idiot who’s never stepped foot in Europe know? 

Categorising white people under one single entity is just as bad as putting all Asians or all Africans or whatever under one single label. The Japanese are different from the Chinese, that’s true, but guess what? Italians are not the same as Danes. People from Russia aren’t like the French. People from Belarus have fuck all to do with Norway. And average white-Americans don’t represent European cultures.

God damn it you people are unbelievably ignorant and disrespectful, 

A really fucking pissed off Italian (and for those who say we’re “not white” and “olive skinned” how about you try looking past Sicily which is one region in a country of 20? I’m sure any northern Italian would love to hear that reasoning.)

ATTENTION ROMANOGERS! The Soldier and The Spy Official Library

Hello, fellow Romanogers shippers!

After having been a member of this fandom for a very, very long time, and after reading almost all the fanfictions this fandom has to offer (which, admittedly is not much, but we still have a long way to go) I decided to make the following blog - a single place for Romanogers fanfiction recommendations.

I was inspired by similar blogs in the Sterek and Olicity fandoms, one of which I moderate, to do this. This blog is an excellent method of filtering fics through an extensive list of tags to read stories of your preference.

This is a new blog, and every Captain needs teammates to see a mission through successfully. Therefore, this blog is open for moderators right now.

Rules for application:

  • You must follow this blog
  • Like/Reblog this post
  • You must know how to use tumblr/work around themes
  • You must have a good knowledge of the Romanogers fanfictions on AO3 or

If you wish to apply, please complete the following form and submit it here to me or to the blog.

Application form:

  • Name:
  • Tumblr username/url:
  • Why do you want to join the blog?
  • How frequently are you available to help?
  • Are you willing to methodically categorise fanfictions under several tag headings, (which is a highly tedious task)?

Don’t hesitate, go apply now!

Lots of love,

Sakshi XO