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Analyzing Books...

There are quite a few of us out there in the TSC fandom that write fanfic and/or aspire to publish our own works someday. I got this question from @mzelie --the thing is: I’m interested in knowing how people digest their readings you know? Especially people who intend to be writers For example: when you read a book what do you analyze in it and how?

I’m tagging these people who might be interested in this post because they are really smart and we’ve talked or analyzed together before. @jamesherxndale  @notyourmomsnephilim @thepurplewarlock @jtkofs @aida-gon @fangirl-writes-poetry  @upagainstabookcase @mostawesomepineapple

But, this is a really long post—be forewarned. I do include my own analysis of LoS and elements of other TSC books.

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