“It’s hard to describe my own style. I think it’s probably quite eclectic. Even in high school, I wore men’s suits. I was always in men’s jackets, men’s pants, which I’d get my mum to adjust. Ultimately, it’s about great tailoring, but I love the mix of masculine and feminine, playing with traditional men’s silhouettes.”
- Cate Blanchett

Silences and glances, captured in pictures 📷 - Ed Lachman - The genius behind the lens 📹

Carol photograph was one of the most acclaimed last year and rightly so. Ed Lachman used his talent to interpret the unspoken emotions and feelings in the film. 🎬/ Ed chose to shoot Carol in super 16mm camera, to give more 50’s atmosphere, also he used the colors to describe the feelings in scenes and characters, and reflections in glass to show the isolation of Carol and Therese. ☔

He was also inspired by the street photographers of that time as Ruth Orkin, Esther Bubley, Helen Levitt and of course, Vivian Maier, all very talented women. 👭

The visual art of Ed Lachman, made that Carol be a film that really seems to have done in the 50’s, a simply exquisite work. 🎭🎦🎨

The creator of the masterpiece - Todd Haynes 🎬🎥

Choosing Todd as Director of Carol, was quite successful, this man is the only filmmaker that can actually transport us, to the 50’s, he showed it with his film from Far from Heaven. Todd has a great sensitivity to understand the stories of women. The understanding he had with Cate, who worked with him in “I’m Not There”, made an exquisite film call Carol. 🌹💖

Besides that he persuaded Rooney to play Therese❕❕😍😍 all elements came together to create this beautiful film. 👍👌

The story of Carol and Therese, has inspired many women to fight for their happiness and above all, be themselves without fear… LOVE IS LOVE 🌈 💕


But I’m not alnoe this year 🙈

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