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Friends and fans I need your help. Please spread this around so that everyone can see stealing work is not ok.
During Pax South this past weekend there was a booth by @glitchgear was offering a new “prototype” Borderlands psycho mask. However it turns out that it is one of mine and they are were videoed claiming it as their creation and how they plan on mass producing it.
First off no I didn’t ever give them permission and no I don’t have a license with Gearbox to make psycho masks. Gearbox has featured me and my props on their website countless time. I was the cosplay community badass several months ago in the Gearbox forums featuring my work. Plus Gearbox actually hired me to make Psycho masks for them last year for Pax East and Twitter giveaways. I am known for my Borderlands cosplays and my masks especially are unique in my artistic representation of the psycho.
As you can see from the photo there is no mistaking my look. I started this build back in December 2012 and you can still find all of my walkthroughs on the Replica Prop Forum. The Borderlands cosplay community has been great banding together on this and I love them so much! I am not a big company mass producing these. Each and every one was made by hand because I have pride in the finished product. Any of you that have seen my masks in person know exactly what I am taking about :) All I want is for Glitch to apologize for the situation and to leave my work alone

These guys may have a license to sell Borderlands gear, but they have no right to steal art and recast it as their own. That is the only argument here that matters. Help keep the community honest.

Feel free to find them on
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Twitter @glitchgearinc
Instagram @glitchgear

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