Not sure yet how to deal with this, but I thought I’d share a rant. We lost a dagger on stage in Reno. Sometimes things go missing. No biggie. However to read someone bragging about stealing it really makes my blood boil. Some might argue “Alice is rich he can afford a new one”. That’s not the point. Losing the dagger set off a chain reaction. I spent an entire day in San Francisco looking for a suitable replacement rather than tending to my many other jobs. I ended up hacking up a sword we already had and sharpening it to make it work. It wasted a whole day. Not to mention it UPSET ALICE. Why would his fans steal from him he asked? What if someone grabbed his Errol Flynn sword? That’s literally used on stage, and is irreplaceable. It is just beyond me to understand someone’s logic in attending a concert and grabbing anything that doesn’t belong to them and thinking it’s really cool to post about it. Anyway, if you are the one in question who stole this, you need to understand that A) I know who you are; B) you’re lucky I haven’t called the police; C) you’re lucky I haven’t called your JOB; D) I haven’t publicly shamed you on Alice’s network. You can also expect a lifetime ban from backstage. Anyway I’m not asking for an angry mob to go after someone, no harm needs to be done to this guy, but he does need to understand that stealing is wrong and freely admitting to stealing for cool factor makes you really really uncool. So, if you were me and you had this guys info what would you do? Would you let it go, make an example of him or really go after him? Discuss. And no violence folks! #fans #whenfansgobad #rocknroll #tour #travel #thief #theft #stolen

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