now apparently the #1 complaint about Lightning Returns is that “Lightning continues to be too stoic and solitary and boring.”

first of all, try playing the game, because the whole point of the game is that if you can’t accept all the things about yourself, even the things you don’t love, even the things that make you weak, you can’t save other people. this game was Lightning on a mission to save everyone on the planet and in the end, the last soul from the dying world that needed her help was her own. like, the whole deal. come on.

second of all, I know for a fact that if Lightning was a male character, people would find her aloofness and solitary nature cool and chill and they’d be into it. like with Cloud when he managed it, like with Squall, like with all these gritty reimagined versions of Batman. when it’s a guy it’s fine. the criticisms people are giving her character are the same criticisms I hear about any female character who exists unapologetically whose plot doesn’t revolve around a man. “she’s too stoic and solitary.” you mean she’s not cute for your pleasure, actually.

basically people (coughcishetdudescough) seem to be quite angry that Lighting Returns was a video game starring a woman, focusing on a woman, that featured no romance for the protagonist whatsoever, didn’t mention the desire for it, didn’t apologize for not catering to the male gaze as a character. Lightning exists for no one but herself. her strongest connection to others is her sister, and then her friends. she is not looking for help, she is not looking to be saved, she is not looking for redemption. Lightning Farron can save herself.

Lightning reminds me on a daily basis that when people say “girls can’t do that, they’re only girls”, it’s because they have no idea what a girl can do or be.

Lightning reminds me daily that there is nothing only about being a girl.

Nicole Reviews Things: Final Fantasy XIII- Lightning Returns

Here is my review of the recently-released and more recently-played through Lightning Returns, the highly anticipated finale of the FFXIII trilogy. Beware; thar be major spoilers here.

So I’ll break this down since as all the FFXIII games are, it was hella complicated and this review is going to be stupidly long. We’ll do characters, plot, gameplay, and sidequests. Then for the hell of it, I’ll write out the timeline.

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