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“All current art is fake. Nothing is original.”

Cate Blanchett makes another grab for Greatest Living Actress status, playing 13 different roles in Julian Rosefeldt’s Manifesto, coming to Tribeca 2017 this month.

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It has been a year since Barn Mates had aired in the U.S.(sadly I live in Asia, but still gonna celebrate this official date)

I remember when snippets of the episode were leaked months before airing and there was a heck ton of theories about them(Lapis and Peridot).

It has become my third favourite episode next to Mr. Greg and Giant Woman, but why?
Because this is the first time Lapis and Peridot had actually interacted so much on screen, this is the first time I saw Peridot say such significant things like:
“This place, doesn’t exactly feel like home yet. You’re alone, no one could possibly know what that feels like! Oh wait, I do! “ 
and “ We’re the same, except! you don’t have to be alone..”. (this is actually my fave Peri-quote)
It was glorious, though kinda sad since Lapis decided to break Peridot’s precious tape recorder and tell her to leave, but Lapis in the end listens to Steven and give Peridot a chance hence she saves both of them from the Roaming Eye.

also if you’re curious:


Trapped in the circle that was called fate, destiny, life. It was the way things went, the way of the world, the course of time. It was inevitable although she wished it was not. How things were, how things should be, how things would always be – for them.

i was so lucky to be paired with @cate-deriana ❤ ❤ for the @ichirukibigbang collab! just reading the summary of her story really excited me and now it’s done! i hope i did your fic justice cate, it really touched me   ❤ (and i’m so sorry i took so long sometimes)
everyone else, i hope you enjoy our work! nwn!!!


Cate Blanchett plays 13 different roles in Julian Rosefeldt’s Manifesto.

Tour-de-force: a term so overused that we need an undeniable acting performance to renew its meaning for cinema. Cate Blanchett has just given us one, going all-out in Manifesto. Already respected as one of the best actresses in film, Blanchett raises the bar even higher by playing 13 different roles in Manifesto, embodying some of the most influential and emotional artist manifestos in history.


Carol (2015) poster by Jordan Bolton, made by recreating original objects from the film. 6th poster in the ‘Objects’ series.

Reversible poster inspired by the role reversal that takes place between Therese and Carol over the course of the film.

Prints available on Etsy and Amazon

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Some cool new set photos for Thor: Ragnarok, as well as some conceptual art too!

Thor is fighting a zombie, which shows that Hela is gonna be sending him to a not so ‘lively’ place. Speaking of her, we finally get to see her from the front and she looks awesome! I feel as though she’ll be stepping in for the physical embodiment of Death, Thanos’ love interest, simply because of the realism. If the Soul Stone isn’t with Heimdall, expect Hela to have something to do with it.

The gladiator shots look awesome too, and those alien races look great! Nice to see some diversity similar to what Guardians of the Galaxy did, introducing weird yet believable extra terrestrial characters.

I’ve got some Black Panther and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 photos and concept art on the way too. Keep a look out!