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QueenCate Meme: @ariml’s Fave drama performance: Katharine Hepburn in The Aviator

It’s one thing to play on screen someone who has lived and breathed, someone people have an image of and regard as an icon, but it’s another thing entirely to play her in the very medium in which she has become so revered. The truth is that I don’t think I would have attempted such a feat for anyone other than Martin Scorsese. Marty and I talked about it a lot. He didn’t want me to do any kind of burlesque or cabaret act in recreating her. He wanted something deeper. He wanted me to observe her mannerisms and her gestures and her screen persona, and try to capture the truth of her personality and something of her extraordinary energy. -Cate Blanchett on playing Katharine Hepburn

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QueenCate Meme: Fav drama performances: (1/?) Blue Jasmine

It’s fraught with peril. They gossip, you know, they talk. I saw Danny. Yes, did I tell you? He’s getting married. A weekend in Palm Beach means I can wear… what could I wear? I can wear the Dior dress I bought in Paris. Yes, my black dress. Well, Hal always used to surprise me with jewelry. Extravagant pieces. I think he used to buy them at auction. It’s so obvious what you’re doing. You think I don’t know. French au pair.