cate is adorable

how can one woman be so hot

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and so regal 

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practically one of the patron goddesses of acting

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and yet

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and let’s not forget her newfound standing as 

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In conclusion:

Cate Blanchett is Queen. Love her.

in case you haven’t been paying attention

…or are just now joining the party (better late than never, I guess), here’s a crash course on the citizens of Delorenze.

ZELDA ROY: Esteemed arts critic and radio host with an affinity for “vintage” clothing and holding onto anger for a completely healthy amount of time; great at parties

BRIAN “CATE” MERCATOR: Zelda’s longtime best friend; suave; loved by the town; in unspoken relationship with Barlow; called “Cate” by close friends

VALERIA LENNOX: June’s younger sister; thorn in Zelda’s side; has a flair for the dramatic bordering on life-threatening

DR. S. BARLOW: Doctor of unknown specialty; Brian’s close “friend”; stupidly noble at inconvenient times; likes paisley too much

DAISY MERCATOR: Cate and June’s adorable two-year old; Zelda’s goddaughter; again, adorable

JUNE LENNOX-MERCATOR: Zelda’s deceased best friend; Cate’s wife; town sweetheart; endearingly melodramatic (for the most part)

HORACE APPLEBOTTOM: Founder of Applebottom Feeders, suspicious history of dead wives; most definitely not Zelda’s father

KENNETH G. FABIO: Untalented director of the Delorenze Playhouse; doesn’t appreciate talent when he sees it; because he is untalented

RAPHAEL BARTHOLOMEW: Obituary writer and town records keeper; shares office with Zelda; timid; has a comprehensive knowledge of cliches

MARGARET ROY: Zelda’s grandmother; now living in Disney World; definitely not hiding anything

GARY ROY: Zelda’s grandfather; living with Zelda’s grandmother in Disney World; hates technology and wearing pants

JOAQUIN THE TURTLE: Zelda’s one true and loyal companion in these dark times

ANASTASIA EDGARTON: Cabaret Social Committee Chair; nosy; susceptible to blackmail

LORI WITHERS: Head cashier of Delorenze’s slightly better convenience store; Horace Applebottom’s final fiancee; pleasantly apathetic

EMERICK ARGAL: June’s stranger with weird shoes; manipulative

LINDA BATEWELL: Cabaret Tourism committee chair; unpleasant

BERNADETTE GLENCOE: Original member of the BeeGees (the cat lady group, not the disco stars)

BERNICE GROSSMAN: Original member of the BeeGees (again, the cat lady group, not the disco stars)

BETTY GREENE: Original member of the BeeGees (NOT A GIBBS BROTHER, OKAY?!)

CAIUS WILBURN SELBY: Cabaret leader during the Revolution; easily manipulated (like everyone else in this town); also dumb

MARVIN WHITLEY: Undeserving owner of town video store; rude; mean to children

MARSHALL MARSHALLS: Proprietor of Everything But the Kitchen Rink roller disco; hates leggings; loves Robin Hood

“ELSA” FABIO: Kenneth G. Fabio’s wife; constantly being cast in roles too young for her; also constantly not being faithful to Kenneth

ANNE ROY: Zelda’s mom; promiscuous; dead

DAVIS BILLINGSLEY: Former Cabaret leader; mediocre piano player; assassinated by delinquent teenage boys

ROBERT FARRAWAY: “Bobby the-the-the Jimmy,” Jimmy Stewart impersonator; writes sad poetry about his dog

SALLY WERTH: Award winning baker; that’s really all anyone knows about her

GERARD JONES: Reigning champion of “Dress That Thomas”; weirdly obsessed with period clothing; unfortunately deceased

JERRY JONES: Works in the educational services branch of the Cabaret; brother of Gerard Jones; “willing to be bribed” at this point is just a given

ISAIAH COOLEY: Gas station attendant; mysterious

OLLIE: Pizza delivery boy; pure of heart; one of the first casualties of the epidemic

WARREN DELORENZE: Founder of Delorenze; maybe a bit crazy; loves anthropomorphic animals; but who doesn’t