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Oh, that’s been a real bore. She’s like, “Chris, please, I don’t know how to approach this scene. I don’t know how to walk. I don’t know how to talk properly. And the accent.” So that’s been exhausting having to kinda teach her. *laughter* No, I’m in love with Cate. My wife is too, so I can say that. *laughter* The fearlessness, she’s just insanely funny and smart and talented. It’s sort of too good to be true. Kind of like, what’s the catch?

When she came on set, she was talking about villains and how she’ll walk totally different than what you’ve seen.  And I thought, “Oh, I wonder what she’s gonna do.” And I had a sort of image in my head. Then she came on and I was like “Wow, that’s what you do if you’re Cate Blanchett.” That’s why she is who she is. It’s so far from anything I’ve seen before and as intimidating and scary as it is interesting. You have an empathetic view, feeling toward her a lot of time, from what she’s doing. You’re kinda like, “Ah, she’s got a point maybe.” And then you’ve gotta remind yourself, she’s trying to kill us all.

She’s worked really hard at the start of the film, or pre-production, saying, “What does she really want?” What is it that Cate can relate to here and say, “I get what she is and her frustration, or what’s driving her.”

—  Chris Hemsworth (Well, you’re working with Cate Blanchett in this film. What have you been able to teach her about acting? *Laughter*)

Oh, I’m in love with Cate.  You know, my wife is, too, so I can say that [laughs]. The fearlessness.  … she’s just … insanely funny and smart and talented. Sort of too good to be true—kind of, like, what’s the catch?

When she came on set– Tom was talking about this yesterday, we were talking about villains. What could people do different, and so on, and what have you seen? I remember thinking ‘I wonder what she’s going to do.’ And I sort of had an image in my head, and she came on and I thought ‘Oh wow, okay. That’s what you do if you’re Cate Blanchett.’ And that’s why she is who she is.

—  Chris Hemsworth
Cate Blanchett on 'Carol' and Rooney Mara

In an exclusive interview with deadlinecom, Cate talks about the Oscars, Cinderella, Carol & Rooney Mara. Below is an excerpt: 

It’s hard to believe that it has been a year since she became a first-time Best Actress winner after winning in 2004 for her Supporting role as Katharine Hepburn in Martin Scorsese’s The Aviator. She’s not resting on her laurels, though. “It’s about as big as it gets,” Blanchett said. “It was huge, glorious and wonderful, and you never forget it, but you also in a strange way have  to forget it and move on. And that’s why it was so wonderful to go in and do Carol and go back to the theater and think, ‘OK, what’s next?‘”
Carol is one of those things that is “next.” She started shooting the film opposite Rooney Mara right after the Oscars for director Todd Haynes, who guided Blanchett to one of her six Oscar noms as the Bob Dylan-like figure in 2007’s I’m Not There. She says she met Mara for the first time when she came to present Blanchett with her Outstanding Performer Of The Year award at the tribute I hosted for her at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival last February. She’s excited about the 1950s-set film about a department store clerk who falls for an older, married woman, and she loved working with Mara. “She is really a good egg,” she said. “That was a really beautiful experience, actually. I mean, coming back to work with Todd, having done the Dylan film with him and then working on such a different endeavor was really fantastic. But Rooney’s great. She takes her work seriously but doesn’t take herself necessarily very seriously. She’s also got a really great non-sentimental radar. So she’s not interested in being liked, but she’s interested in revealing stuff.”

via Deadline

Photo by Brian Douglas