Blue suits in the New Spain.

Regardless of social position or economical background, sky blue seems to have been quite popular back in the 18th century New Spain (a.k.a. Mexico): from silk and velvet to simple cotton, from elegantly minimal to deeply decorated, and of course the most humble one, blue is a great colour for menswear if any of you decide to have a New Spanish persona. (P.S., please do!)

Images from top:

  1. “De chino cambujo e india, loba”, 1763, Miguel Cabrera.
  2. “Portrait of the Viceroy Don Fernando de Alencastre Noroña y Silva, 4rth Duke of Linares, Marquis of Valdefuentes”, 1717, Juan Rodríguez Juárez.
  3. “Portrait of an unknown Spanish or New Spanish gentleman”, ca. 1770, Anonymous.
  4. “De Español e India, Mestiza“, 1763, Miguel Cabrera.
  5. “Portrait of two unknown New Spanish children”, ca. 1760-70, Anonymous.
  6. “De Español e Yndia, nace Mestiza”, 1770, José Joaquín Magón.
  7. “Portrait of Gerónimo Antonio Gil”, late 18th century, Rafael Ximeno y Planes.
  8. “Portrait of Don José Antonio de Zalvide-Goitia”, ca. 1780-90, Miguel Jerónimo Zendejas de la Peña.