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literature preference generalisations

catchy title!! i know!!!!


  • would die for at least one character from the iliad
  • has read the secret history and has a very strong opinion on it
  • terrified of the languages their favourite texts are written in (but hates ancient greek more than latin)
  • probably has an incredibly messed up sense of humour
  • won’t stop talking about how much gore is involved in their favourite tragedy

old/middle english:

  • seem terrifying but actually just very confused
  • have a favourite jumble of letters that is pretending to be a word
  • once looked at a rune and cried from either happiness or devastation
  • argues about pronunciation but then realises it doesn’t really matter
  • knows a lot of history
  • band together in groups because they know they’ll never find people that like chaucer as much as they do


  • the greatest people you will ever meet…and the worst
  • pretend like shakespeare isn’t their favourite playwright and fails miserably because they know all the words to their favourite soliloquy
  • probably enjoy acting
  • have a strong opinion on the wars of the roses
  • gay

shakespeare (yes buddy, you get your own):

  • extra gay
  • cry thinking about how much their fave play means to them
  • theatre snobs but also annoying theatre kids
  • incredibly dramatic

18th/19th century literature:

  • probably all INFPs
  • “i like big books and i cannot lie”
  • have a favourite austen book and will defend it to the ends of the earth
  • watch more period dramas than is good for them
  • all have frail hearts so get spooked out by gothic literature


  • the gayest
  • cries about john keats on the regular
  • will quote long passages from their favourite poem so violently you’ll have to ask them if they’re okay,,,,, they aren’t
  • once tried to become ‘at one’ with nature but got scared by a fallen leaf so had to take a three-hour nap
  • all of them have their favourite fact about lord byron and bring it up constantly whether it’s appropriate or not

victorian literature:

  • pretends they hate dickens but would die for great expectations
  • love cities and the country equally
  • won’t shut up about how much they love the rain
  • have a very special place in their heart for christmas
  • threaten to kill people with a single books because they’re the same shape and weight as bricks
  • have cried extensively over tennyson and arthur hallam 
  • don’t know where oscar wilde quotations end and they begin

twentieth century literature

  • very confused
  • love the 20s a bit too much
  • probably wish they were french, unless they are french in which case they wish they were living in america
  • call every war ‘The War’
  • prepared to fight hemingway’s ghost at any given moment
  • secretly love dystopian ya and high fantasy
  • won’t stop saying ‘The American Dream’ because it’s relevant to everything, apparently

disclaimer: highly distorted by my own literary knowledge (which is minimal outside of the west) so apologies for that. feel free to add on

Analysis of "Vogel im Käfig" and why it's about the beginning of life in the walls.

Catchy title, I know. Warning: this post is super long and repeats “the next part” very often since this isn’t an English essay and I couldn’t come up with anything better.

Let’s start with the title: Vogel im Käfig means Bird in the Cage.

The song starts off with “The inner wealth of people is colorful like light that shines through colored glass. The comfortable daily life is like warm candlelight” which could describe life before the day Wall Maria was breached.

However, the next part is “The wide, green earth. The rich, beautiful water. The grand nature still cares for it’s children”. This part I find a bit weird, since the first two lines sound like something out of Armin’s books. Back to the first part of the song (wealth, comfort) and it suddenly makes a lot of sense that this is about when the walls were just built and people were forced to live in them. Yes, forced.

The next part supports that idea: “Hopefully we’ll understand it someday. We walk to the other side of the horizon. Hopefully we’ll understand it someday. We walk with strong steps”. If we continue with the theory that this is really about when humanity just started living in the walls (the name of the song would support it), then this means that the humans forced to live inside the walls didn’t know why. They must’ve known about the titans, so did they believe that they could be beaten before they entered the walls? It would make sense, considering the constant annoyances Eren and other characters have that the people live in fear of the titans. Maybe it used to be different.

The next part sounds a lot like what some members of the Survey Corps say a lot: “Everything that’s alive will die one day, whether or not we’re ready to die, the day will come”. Putting this together with the next line makes it sound like a lot of people didn’t want to live inside the walls, even though they were told it would be safer there.

The next part is “Is that the angel that flew from the dawning sky? Is that the devil that crawled from the rock crevice?”, which could also represent the doubts that people had about the walls at first.

Next is “Tears, anger, sympathy, atrocity, peace, chaos, belief, betrayal. We will fight against our fate. We cannot give in to our fate”. Once again, if this song is about life when the walls were just built, this part is about people trying to rebel against being birds in a cage, with a list of things they felt when they were told to live there.

Finally, “With sadness and determination* in our hearts we show the will to continue. No one should stubbornly be robbed of their life”. *Entscheidung in German means decision, but in this context it’s more like determination. This was the part that was played when Eren’s mother was eaten. While it does go with the whole wall theory I’ve been talking about (robbed of their life = robbed of their freedom), it also shows Eren’s feelings. He wants to avenge his mother and kill all the titans so that people are no longer killed by them. He was sad, but determined.

That was way longer than I thought, wow. If anyone has any other ideas, feel free to add them to this post.

6 things you didn't know about Jordi Alba

Chess fan

“I love playing it and I keep doing it with my father. It makes me think and that’s why I think it’s great that is thaught at schools”.

Sleeping 12 hours

“I can sleep for 12 or 13 hours. At night I do it from 12am to 9am and I have a nap of 2,3 or 4 hours at midday”

Salad mad

“Salad drives me crazy. I eat it for lunch and dinner… I can’t at breakfast but I am happy with a salad, some chicken and some rice. I drink about  3 litres of water a day”.

Driving licence

“I’m working on getting my driver’s licence. Did theoretical exam few years ago. Practising now, hope to get it before the summer! (he said in 2013 but in 2016 he claimed that he will make it soon)


"I like rumba and "flamenco”. 


“I love the Spanish TV show "La que se avecina”. I can watch the same episode five times and I keep laughing".

Coney Island, Cyclone, and Chaos

Steve grabbed the baseball cap from on top of his dresser and made his way to Bucky’s room. He knocked on the door quietly. “Hey, Buck… ready to get going to Coney Island?” Steve bent the hat anxiously in his hands, nerves already getting to him about what they were going to do. It was kind of silly for him to be so nervous about it. After everything he had done since the last time he had ridden it? It would probably feel like nothing.

Still, he couldn’t get rid of the nerves as he paced in front of Bucky’s door. In his defense though, it wasn’t just nerves, there was also an excitement in it all. He was getting the chance do something normal with his friend. Something that might help Bucky remember more about himself.