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“Sorry, Danny Phantom can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, ‘cause he’s dead.”

“Tucker, give me the phone.”

The Ballad of Star Butterfly Lyrics

Who is the maid with buttercup hair?
Who sleeps on moonbeams and dances on air
With tears made of honey, and a heart full of bunnies,
Who’s infinite virtues are no near and far,
It’s Mewni’s own sweetheart our dear Princess Star!

And under the shimmer of rubies and pearls,
Lies hidden a fierce and adventurous girl!
The forces of evil that lurk in the night will cower in fear when this shooting star Ignites!

Weaving magic like a born spell-caster
And reaking havoc like a natural disaster,
She rocks her Narwal Blast and Warnicorn stampede!
She’s gonna earn her crown so hail to the queen!

‘Cause she’s a rebel princess, she’s the best!
She’s a ball of lightning in a hot pink dress!
She’s a thunderstorm through the night,
She’s our shooting star and she’s lighting up the sky!

Shooting Star shining in the night so bright,
She started to attract a pair of envious eyes
The villain rose up from behind the jester’s cross,
She drove him away but didn’t know what she had lost

Glossaryck and her book of spells,
How could she know Ludo would take them for himself?
She confessed to her parents, all full of dread
The King and Queen exchanged a look and this is what they said
This is what they said…
This is what they said..

‘We will keep your silence for you,
From the citizens of Mewni and the High Commission too
To keep the peace we will play the game’
Royal secret from royal shame
Royal secret from royal shame

Royal secret, one last to tell
A princess under true love’s spell!

Who is the boy in the Earthly attire?
The prince of the princess’s deepest desire
I don’t need to show it (I think we all know it!)
But just to be certain I’ll say it again!
Star Butterfly is in love with her best friend!
(And his name is Marco Diaz.)
Forever more!

(Spoilers for GotG2)

Headcanon that a few of the 300 songs on the new Zune are actually the soundtrack from “Footloose”.

Peter is never really sure if this is an absolute coincidence and the Zune already came with those songs on it or if Yondu, in fact, somehow, miraculously, managed to find the songs somewhere and uploaded them into the Zune… 

… But he still smiles like a loon whenever one of those songs comes up, vaguely remembering himself as a child, rambling to Yondu and the others:

Even heroes back on Terra dance and it’s great - Kevin Bacon did, too! There’s nothing silly about dancing!”  

“Ya just want us to get to dance, Quill.”

“Is it working?”

“Not one bit.”


“What was that?”


“Ya wanna get eaten or what?”


Another one of these chats, huh?
  • Nishinoya: *muttering under his breath*
  • Daichi: what?
  • Tanaka: *smirk*
  • Daichi: wHaT?
  • Tanaka: ...
  • Nishinoya: *sharp intake of breath*
  • Daichi: It'S NoT eVeN a ReAl SoNg!
Hamilton act 1- all you need to know about  the songs basically

alexander hamilton: the one everyone knows, also bastard isn’t said in the context that you’d think ( but it still kinda is since alex was a fucking bastard)


my shot: if somehow you didn’t catch ‘’im not throwing away my shot’’ part dont worry they’ll repeat it. a lot.

the story of tonight: yo my dudebros we’ll tell our kidz about how tonight we started muthafuckin revolutionnn ayeee

the schuyler sisters: WORK …… and peggy

farmer refuted: DONT SKIP THIS SONG ffs its like the most iconic diss track ever

you’ll be back: for some reason this will probably be the first song that you’ll listen to after listening to the whole soundtrack ( probably bc jonathan groff has a voice of an angel and its catchy af)


winters ball: yo my dudebros let sing  about the l   a    d   i   e   s

helpless: and then he shakes your hand and says be true……. LOL THE FORESHADOWING

satisfied:one of my 4 fave songs in this musical.

story of tonight reprise: if alexander can get married theres hope for our ass after all+ raise a glass to freedom… something you’ll never see again

wait for it: the other fave and one of my all time favorite songs ever

stay alive. YOU TALKED SHIT ABOUT MY DAD ( i mean general oops) STEP THE FUCK UP BITCHHH

ten duel commandments: its literally ten duel commandments lol idk what u were expecting

meet me inside: ‘’ dont call me son’’ honestly all i can think about is you’re not my dad vine 

that would be enough: alexander pls calm ur tits im pregnant 

guns and ships:  knowing all the words of this song but not being able to actually rap them is an agony

history has its eyes on you: a really deep, meaningful song i cant even try making a semi-funny comment

yorktown: WHEN YOU KNOCK ME DOWN I GET THE FUCK BACK UP AGAIN ( also put this on while exercising u will feel like you are going to battle 100% guaranteed)

what comes next: a w e s o m e      W   O   W

dear theodosia: again such a beautiful song but also u can kind of look at it as alex trying to one up burr in ‘’ who loves his kid more’’ if u really wanna 

non-stop- one of the best songs in the musical, sort of a mess but like good ‘bohemian rhapsody’ type of mess ( also THE OTHER 51)

Suspect: Part 5

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 2.2K
Warnings: Swearing, fighting, angst

A/N: I was intending to have Reader and Bucky converse in this one, but it ran longer than expected! Sorry, definitely in the next one.

Feedback is always appreciated. Let me know if you want to be added to the tags list.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

“Aw, c’mon, partner,” Dale coos through the door, but you were hardly listening. As quietly as possible, you were searching the bathroom cupboards for something that you could use as a weapon, “Don’t make me knock down this door,”

You ignore his taunts, and try to gather yourself. Any second he was going to force his way into the bathroom, and you had to be ready. 

“Fuck,” your voice so low it was barely audible. There wasn’t anything you could use, not even a nail file. You’re going to have to fight the old fashioned way. Positioning yourself in front of the closed door, you take deep breaths, trying to calm your nerves and still your shaking fists.

“Y/N,” Dale’s voice turned from fake charm to frustrated and blunt, “I really don’t want to kill you. So come on out and I can give you the pitch,”

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Probably sound like a madman, but hear me out

Each character’s song represents them, through and through. (I’m just doing the 6 from the GPF because know most about them (except maybe Otabek but like … we don’t know much about him #littlescreentime)


This got hella long.  TL;DR: the YOI creators knew where they were going with their characterizations and managed to convey this through each of the program’s music

Details under the cut.

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mysticalreadingnerd  asked:

Baby deer, your drunken one night stand is planning to annihilate your image. Be careful! This isn't a threat from the #literalgit camp, just a warning because I care for you Jmeas.

James: Now you’re calling me baby deer too!? 

Sirius: It’s catchy right?

James: Not at all.  You think I’m scared of Lockhart

Sirius: I hope Cockface comes for James so I can kick him in the nuts.

“Is That Even a Word?” (Jay Park)

Requested by anon

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    “So then we have to add the garlic, lemon juice, chicken broth, green onion, and some salt,” you said, checking over the list of ingredients one more time to make sure you hadn’t missed anything.

    “Got it,” Jay said, and you grabbed the wooden spoon to stir the ingredients into the shrimp in the pan as he added them.

    “Damn, this smells good,” Jay said, watching as the green of the parsley speckled the food.

    “Yeah,” you agreed, giving the pan another stir.

    Soon you were spooning the sauce into a large bowl of pasta while Jay held the pan and you breathed in a deep smell of the food. “Wow.”

    “Yeah,” Jay said. “Let’s eat.”

     Twenty minutes later, you sat back from the table with a very, very full stomach. “Wow. That was scrum… licious.” You cleared your throat, considering what had just come out of your mouth.

    “‘Scrumlicious?’” Jay repeated. “Is that even a word?”

    “Well, I was gonna say ‘scrumptious’ but then I changed it to ‘delicious’ but then it was kinda too late,” you said sheepishly.

    “I see,” Jay said. “Well, I think I’m gonna keep using it. It has kind of a nice ring to it.”

    You laughed. “I guess it does. Hey, how was your food?” You winked at him and he laughed.

     “Positively scrumlicious.” He only managed to keep a straight face for a few moments before he burst out laughing and you did as well.

    “I mean, it is kinda catchy,” you admitted.

    “All right, it’ll be our thing then,” Jay said.

     You laughed. “All right then.”

So if Ryan in Minecraft LP’s and King!AU’s, is called the Mad King.

Then would Ryan in GTA LP’s & FakeAHCrew!AU’s be called…The Mad Kingpin?

(eh? Eh? credit to mallius for the amazing Ryan King! & FakeAH! art)