Lucky you guys! I bring you another Sherlock fanfiction written by puh-puh-poison! Have funnnnn~~~ (spoilers)

Can you hear me?

“Hello?…Hello?… I know you’re there!” He shouts at the sky. He chuckles at himself, shakes his head and smiles. “She, uh, my therapist, she said that it would be good for me to, uh, talk to you…” He looks up at the blue sky, dotted with white clouds. The sun shines high in the sky. The wind nips at his exposed skin and ruffles his hair. “Uh, you can see I-I haven’t, I cant, I’m not the same without you.” He let out a humorless laugh. “You’re probably picking me apart up there, diagnosing me, like I’m one of our old victims. Actually, I’ve, I’ve continued being a detective consultant. I’m-I’m not very good at it, but Lestrade keeps calling me to help, so I must be alright, of course it might be out of pity.” he laughs. “Anyway… I-I moved, out of Baker St… couldn’t stay there w-with all your old experiments. You never did tell me what to do with all of that, Mrs. Hudson took a lot of it to a school. I.. moved back to my old place. B-but, I still cant do anything.” Tears blur his vision. “I cant eat, I cant sleep, I cant even get myself to shave.” He rubs at the tears that escaped. “Why? Why did you do it? We could have figured it out! I could have helped you! We-! I-!” his voice cracked, his body began to shake as he tries to with hold from sobbing. “you,” he says shakily, “were , no, no, you are my friend, my best friend. And I love you.” He whispers. He took three deep breaths, dried his face, and then stood abruptly. With one last glance at the sky, he turned and stiffly walked away.

If he looked behind him once, he would have seen his friend, but would have thought that he was a hallucination and dismissed him. “I’m sorry, John, I’m sorry for all the hurt, but I did it to protect you.”

“Mr.Holmes,” a woman with a nasally voice whispers. Casually he places money in her cup. “Bless you, sir.” Quickly he snatches the folded parchment that was strategically placed between her fingers that were wrapped around the can, then walks away. He unfolds the parchment and smiles. “Touche” he murmurs.

“did you hear me?

           -John Watson”

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