ROMANTICISING ROMANCE ; strawberries, white lace, sunrises, sugar-lips, kisses, cigarettes, love stories, flowers, pastels, coffee, soda pops, chocolate, broken hearts. a mix for the girl who desperately wished for love.

                               ❝ i do not desire mediocre love, i want to drown in someone. ❞

i. emmylou, first aid kid // ii. sweet child o’ mine, jasmine thompson // iii. landfill, daughter // iv. live tomorrow, laleh // v. wings, birdy // vi. angels, the xx // vii. angels (above me), say lou lou // viii. best shot, birdy & jaymes // ix. lolita, lana del rey // x. not about angels, birdy // xi. elastic heart (piano version), sia // xii. la la la, jasmine thompson // xiii. hearts without chains, ellie goulding // xiv. nightcall, london grammar

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Mun prompt: If you had to cast the active characters of this roleplay as a figure from Greek Mythology who would everyone be and why? (Answer however you would like! Aesthetic, moodboard, whatever! This is just for fun)

  • Adelaide Burke – Athena
  • Alecto Carrow – Mania
  • Alice Fortescue – Artemis
  • Amos Diggory – Cronus
  • Andromeda Black –  Alectrona
  • Bartemius Crouch Jr. – Hermes
  • Bellatrix Black – Eris 
  • Cassius Mulciber – Ares
  • Dorcas Meadowes – Themis
  • Emma Vanity – Nike
  • Evan Rosier – Hades
  • Fabian Prewett – Apollo
  • Florence Fawley – Harmonia
  • Gideon Prewett – Dionysus
  • Greer Wishart – Circe
  • Greta Catchlove – Kotys
  • Isabelle Marceau – Persephone
  • Lily Evans – Iris
  • Lucrezia Zabini – Aphrodite
  • Marlene Mckinnon – Pheme
  • Mary Macdonald – Hestia
  • Micah Bones – Erebus
  • Narcissa Black –  Polyhymnia
  • Nathaniel Avery – Poseidon
  • Nikolai Selwyn – Zeus
  • Rabastan Lestrange –  Chaos
  • Remus Lupin – Pan
  • Rosalie Selwyn – Hemera
  • Selene Avery – Hera
( Hogwarts. )

Era la tan temida semana de exámenes y faltaba poco para que empiece el examen de aquel día, por lo que Catchlove se encontraba sentada en la biblioteca dando una ultima revisión a sus apuntes, asegurándose de recordar todo, puesto aunque realmente la rubia no buscaba terminar trabajando en algo donde se era requerido tener todos tus exámenes Extraordinario, pero de todas maneras buscaba el tener buenas calificaciones para poder enorgullecer a sus padres, noto que alguien se acerco a la mesa donde ella se encontraba.— ¿Necesitas el libro? —consulto sin observar al opuesto no quería distraerse del párrafo en el que se encontraba.


21 jump street undercover teen girls au  [ship aesthetics]

“Miss Catchlove! Miss Vance! First day and already passing notes, wonderful reputation you’re setting up for yourselves.  Would you mind reading it out to the class?”
“Are you sure, Miss… uh, I didn’t even catch your name?”
“Yes, absolutely.”
“Um, fine… It says “Fuck this shit.” and I’ve drawn a really cool dog. He’s wearing sunglasses.”
“Detention, both of you. After school.”

September 1st

Sheer coincidence blesses Greta to be the girl Barty meets upon entering the compartment of the carriage he’s stepping into. He’d managed to disentangle himself from the Ravenclaws he’d found himself hemmed in with upon leaving the train, only for Greta Catchlove’s semi-glowing visage to be the first thing he sees stepping into the carriage.

Stupid, simple, naive Greta Catchlove. It was a wonder the girl hadn’t yet found herself in an accident that left her horribly disfigured in the medical wing. And most likely discombobulated instead of terrified. She was the type of person he found himself detesting the most. And potentially most ludicrous of all- the girl was likeable. The absurdity.

There had actually been a brief phase in fourth year when he’d thought her naivete was in fact a deceptive pretense that hid her true intentions from the rest of the school. That phase of thought had passed quickly.

A dry voice in the back of his head tells him to contemplate stepping back out of the carriage without another word and waiting for another one. He barely even considers it.

“… Is this seat free?” Barty asks instead.


Harry/Ginny - It’s Snowing