character teaser; greta catchlove

ink smudges cover the back of hands. fumbling to raise a wand, holding it tighter as it feels like a foreign instrument in her hands. skinned knees and dirty hands from trying to keep up with the boys. uncaring of how she appears to those around her. resentment flowing through her veins towards the wizarding world and all who are a part of it. notebooks upon notebooks filled with poetry and prose. rumors following her through the hallways, sparking lies of arrogance causing her to reject her place as a witch. strong words on a forceful tongue. fascinated by muggle culture, the top student in muggle studies classes. floral printed blouses paired with shredded jeans. the untouchable girl. 

year: sixth
house: ravenclaw
suggested faceclaims: victoria moroles, christian serratos, ana de armas

ROMANTICISING ROMANCE ; strawberries, white lace, sunrises, sugar-lips, kisses, cigarettes, love stories, flowers, pastels, coffee, soda pops, chocolate, broken hearts. a mix for the girl who desperately wished for love.

                               ❝ i do not desire mediocre love, i want to drown in someone. ❞

i. emmylou, first aid kid // ii. sweet child o’ mine, jasmine thompson // iii. landfill, daughter // iv. live tomorrow, laleh // v. wings, birdy // vi. angels, the xx // vii. angels (above me), say lou lou // viii. best shot, birdy & jaymes // ix. lolita, lana del rey // x. not about angels, birdy // xi. elastic heart (piano version), sia // xii. la la la, jasmine thompson // xiii. hearts without chains, ellie goulding // xiv. nightcall, london grammar


Ladies from The Golden Years 

Lost Stars|| Dec’75|| Greta & Ted

It was christmas and he was stuck at hogwarts. Usually he went home but his parents had to visit an aunt of his who hadnt been keeping well so he had decided to stick around hogwarts thinking maany people would be around. Oh, how he was mistaken. he had never seen hogwarts this deserted before and he wasnt sure how he felt about it. Greta Catchlove was the only person who had stayed back and whom he actually knew. He dreaded to imagine how awkward the dinner conversations would have been. He had his doubts that she had stayed back because of him. Apparently, that is one of the duties a best friend has? he wasnt really sure because she just laughed it off and teased him if he did ask. ‘ I hope you know that the whole world doesnt revolve around you, Eddy.’ Still, he had his doubts.

After hunting her all over the place he finally returned to the common room “ One hour and no sign of her. Why did she even stay back if she had to hide from me.” he grumbled before his eyes landed on the arm chair where this small figure was curled up in a blanket, all warm and cozy. “ Where have you been? I have been looking all over and you curled up in front of the fire? Is that hot chocolate?” he asked as his eyes landed on the mug in her hand, “ You are mean, Geee, mean. I was so worried about you!” 

H U F F L E P U F F  G I R L S ;

                           Known for their kindness & fairness,
                     their enemies never anticipate their R A G E.
                  N e v e r underestimate a badger ( babe ), love.
                    –– She can snap b o n e with her sharp teeth.


21 jump street undercover teen girls au  [ship aesthetics]

“Miss Catchlove! Miss Vance! First day and already passing notes, wonderful reputation you’re setting up for yourselves.  Would you mind reading it out to the class?”
“Are you sure, Miss… uh, I didn’t even catch your name?”
“Yes, absolutely.”
“Um, fine… It says “Fuck this shit.” and I’ve drawn a really cool dog. He’s wearing sunglasses.”
“Detention, both of you. After school.”

Wizard Rock EP of the Month Club review: Catchlove “Wake Up Harry” March 2008

The catchy named Catchlove delivered the third installment of the EP of the Month Club for March 2008 with his release “Wake Up Harry”. Jace… er, Doug, well whatever name you know him by had already released one full length “Where Do We Go From Here” after going solo after an acrimonious split from his previous band Talons and Tea Leaves that was wrought with intrigue, drug abuse, international art theft, and a wide array of paternity suits.

OK none of that really happened. Except the art theft. Maybe.

Anyways, emblazoned with unicorns at the corners of the cover, because who doesn’t love unicorns, “Wake Up Harry” kicked off with it’s title track, immediately hitting the listener with some staccato piano and distorted guitar and multi-layered vocals. The song recounts the day that Harry learned he was a wizard and features some nice lead guitar lines throughout the tune.

The next song “The Diary” starts the opposite way, with a quiet acoustic guitar and cello melodic line as Doug recounts how Riddle’s memory slowly took over Ginny’s life as the song’s tempo and intensity pick up. More layered vocals are on tap, as they tend to be a Catchlove signature, and more orchestral instruments join up in the background to take the song out. “Dontcha Know” is an uptempo pop rock song about Harry’s feelings for Ginny, complete with crunchy guitar rhythms, bringing the feeling of the EP back up after the previous song.

Peter Pettigrew (That Rat)” thankfully doesn’t raise the aspect of eating Wormtail like The Marauders EP did, and the guitar playing reminds me heavily of an Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls tune, which isn’t surprising given how Doug & Christian used to play together and I’m sure there’s some influences from each other left over. “Legacy of the Fallen Wizard” is a fun tune that sounds like it should have been performed by a minstrel band, complete with dancing fiddler and raised mugs of butterbeer - and the end of the tune lets us know the wizards were singing to Dumbledore’s memory in the Leaky Cauldron.

The next tune up “Never Coming Back” brings back the distorted guitars, but unfortunately it also sounds like the vocals were recorded a bit too hot as they sound distorted as well. Still, the song is a strong one about Harry leaving Privet Drive for good, and is followed up by another rocker in “If This Wand Could Talk”. However, there’s something about this song that just doesn’t sit right with me, it’s discordant & dissonant at times in ways that sound a bit too out of place.

Headed to Hogwarts” brings in some good ol’ fashioned rock n roll piano, and also brings back the closing gang chorus from “Legacy of the Fallen Wizard” in a nice callback. The tune also features Molly Weasley’s famous line to Bellatrix in the Final Battle, which is repeated more than a few times. The EP closes with “We’re The Students of Hogwarts”, which is a wrock filk of “Kids In America”, an older track from Kim Wilde that’s been covered by everyone from The Jonas Brothers to MxPx to the Foo Fighters to… Catchlove. Here the students are represented by gang vocals on all the “nah nah nahs” thoughout the song, ending the EP on a fun & bouncy note.

Wake Up Harry” was a solid contribution to the EP of the Month Club, even if I was hoping for a redux of “In Which Our Hand Claps Defeat Lord Voldemort” that we never got. The release had it’s ebbs and flows, but had pretty good song pacing & sequencing. To be honest, I was never a fan of the mix itself (it’s muddy all the way through and over-layered at points) but the songs themselves are catchy and well written.

After this EP, Doug released one more album simply titled “<3″ which I cannot seem to find anywhere online anymore, save for a few tracks on his old MySpace page. If you have a copy, please share your thoughts on that final release with us!

Up next: Gred and Forge “What Witches Want” April 2008


Harry/Ginny - It’s Snowing