ROMANTICISING ROMANCE ; strawberries, white lace, sunrises, sugar-lips, kisses, cigarettes, love stories, flowers, pastels, coffee, soda pops, chocolate, broken hearts. a mix for the girl who desperately wished for love.

                               ❝ i do not desire mediocre love, i want to drown in someone. ❞

i. emmylou, first aid kid // ii. sweet child o’ mine, jasmine thompson // iii. landfill, daughter // iv. live tomorrow, laleh // v. wings, birdy // vi. angels, the xx // vii. angels (above me), say lou lou // viii. best shot, birdy & jaymes // ix. lolita, lana del rey // x. not about angels, birdy // xi. elastic heart (piano version), sia // xii. la la la, jasmine thompson // xiii. hearts without chains, ellie goulding // xiv. nightcall, london grammar

H U F F L E P U F F  G I R L S ;

                           Known for their kindness & fairness,
                     their enemies never anticipate their R A G E.
                  N e v e r underestimate a badger ( babe ), love.
                    –– She can snap b o n e with her sharp teeth.


Harry/Ginny - It’s Snowing