I think the thing that struck me most about Empress of Mars was how the Doctor… had basically no hand in the resolution.

In fact, you can make the argument that he actually made things worse because he brought things to a point where it all came down to a simple ultimatum of forced coexistence or needless slaughter of both sides.

“It’s a simple choice, Iraxxa, the oldest one in the book. We must live together. Or die together.”

How this scenario would have ended is debatable, I personally don’t think it would’ve ended at all favourably, as you can’t force coexistence between two sides who are hostile and don’t really understand each other. Likewise, the scenario here is similar to the likes of Nightmare in Silver where you’ve got millions of Cybermen awakening and the only choice is to blow up the setting - which is an oft-used trope that this episode quite nicely plays around rather than plays to. Hundreds of Ice Warriors are being awakened and the Doctor is prepared to use the Gargantua beam to ensure they all get buried - as he says at the end, this has always been his problem: “Thinking like a warrior.”

But we don’t know how things could have gone if that scenario had played out because Catchlove shows up and attempts to kidnap the Empress in order to pilot the ship back to Earth.

And this is what the resolution hinges on.

The Doctor and Bill are, at this point, just observers to the events that are playing out according to the actions of the side characters. It’s fascinating because we’ve not had an episode where that happens for a long time.

Series 10 has very much had the Doctor and Bill in the foreground as the ones driving each story, as she’s the new companion, obviously, and that definitely has come at the expense of more developed side characters - which is an acceptable trade-off because it’s allowed them to do a lot more with Bill, but I think it was good to have an episode with a bit of a different character format.

Then Colonel Godscare shows up in the lift and executes Catchlove (who had effectively made this the only way possible to deal with him), saving the Empress and enabling the situation to play out in a way that brought about a positive catharsis for both the Victorians and the Ice Warriors.

A man who was experienced a botched hanging for cowardice and desertion finds his courage and a new purpose, serving in an alliance between humans and Ice Warriors (and Alpha Centaurans!)

I love episodes like The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood where there’s positive relations between two species, but they always seem to end in a way that circumvents a proper alliance forming - like the Silurians having to go back to sleep because humanity “wasn’t ready” for them to reemerge, due to it being set in the modern day and we can’t have every episode going forward have Silurians wandering around.

So it was really refreshing to have an episode where an alliance is actually formed, but then it also goes one step further and ties into a major piece of continuity from forty years ago, all the way back to the Third Doctor’s era.

And we end with the beginning of the Martian Golden Age, with Alpha Centauri’s greeting to the stars and worlds beyond.

“Welcome to the universe!”

Empress of Mars hit all the right notes for me. It wasn’t “best episode ever” material or anything, but it wasn’t trying to be - it was a very Classic Who-esque story with a surprisingly unique conclusion and a return to having more of a stronger focus on side characters, who I thought were largely handled well.

By the moons, Mark Gatiss, I honour thee.

(Oh, and Bill holding Friday’s hand in peacemaking solidarity was wonderful!)

ROMANTICISING ROMANCE ; strawberries, white lace, sunrises, sugar-lips, kisses, cigarettes, love stories, flowers, pastels, coffee, soda pops, chocolate, broken hearts. a mix for the girl who desperately wished for love.

                               ❝ i do not desire mediocre love, i want to drown in someone. ❞

i. emmylou, first aid kid // ii. sweet child o’ mine, jasmine thompson // iii. landfill, daughter // iv. live tomorrow, laleh // v. wings, birdy // vi. angels, the xx // vii. angels (above me), say lou lou // viii. best shot, birdy & jaymes // ix. lolita, lana del rey // x. not about angels, birdy // xi. elastic heart (piano version), sia // xii. la la la, jasmine thompson // xiii. hearts without chains, ellie goulding // xiv. nightcall, london grammar


Ladies from The Golden Years 

not much

there’s not much to say
and there’s not much that
can be put down in
a letter
we managed to
love one night;

there weren’t
any fireplaces,
there wasn’t
or snow

it was in
a normal room,
with normal

normal walls

it was
an accident,
a good one,

now there’s just
the smell of the
cab and
the lonely voice
of the lady on his

Caminaba por el parque que se encontraba cerca a su casa. Era su día libre por lo que no tenia mucho que hacer, las tareas domesticas que eran su responsabilidad ya estaban cumplidas y Alyssa había salido a algún lugar; por lo que le parecía mejor salir un rato a tomar aire que quedarse encerrada en el departamento. Pronto cerca a los columpios del parque noto a una pequeña niña llorando y nadie se acercaba a ver lo que ocurría, por lo que la hufflepuff se acerco a la menor-— ¿Que ocurre? —le pregunto a lo cual la niña lloro mas fuerte “¡Estoy perdida no encuentro a mis papas!”, una mueca apareció en el rostro de Catchlove, la cual se acerco a la primera persona que vio.—¡Hey!, disculpa, ¿no has visto a alguna pareja buscando a una niña?


Name: Gwenog Jones
Age: 22
Hogwarts: Hufflepuff
Occupation: Beater for the Holyhead Harpies

Story So Far

  • Born in a small town on the edge of Snowdonia, Gwen’s lived in Wales all her life, and is incredibly close with her family. Two older brothers, a sports journalist mother, and the wide expanses of the Welsh countryside made Quidditch an absolute must in her childhood. She took to it like a duck to water, as the saying goes, and was picked as a chaser in only her second year at Hogwarts, although she progressed to beater the following year when she found she had a proclivity for hitting things aggressively with damn good accuracy. She was scouted for the Harpies almost straight out of Hogwarts. Her brothers got season tickets from her so they could show up for every game if they chose to.
  • A halfblood with a muggleborn for a father, she’s always led a very integrated life with the muggle world, as it was his choice to work for a Muggle company, rather than within the wizarding world. This has given her a healthy respect for equality between all blood-statuses, as well as an idea of how to use technology. She’s very adept at it, and as a result all her social media is very up to date though she is conscious of the fact that there are occasions on which she probably overshares.
  • Her aptitude for technology does reassure her though, that should she ever need to make an early departure from a Quidditch career – which is not unusual, it is after all a rather violent sport – she feels safe that she could make a career for herself in the media if she set her mind to it. That’s only a backup plan in her mind. Already she’s hoping to Captain the Harpies one day, though she’d not be against taking offers from different clubs if something better turned up. She doesn’t like thinking ahead like this, though. Hers is not so much a world of what ifs, and she doesn’t plan too far ahead if she can help it, seeing no point in worrying too much over the possibilities of the future.

Personality Traits

+ friendly + determined + outgoing

- thoughtless - easily distracted - restless


Greta Catchlove: friend; schoolmates

Ludo Bagman: quidditch rival; frenemy

Thorfinn Rowle: dislikes

Gwenog is portrayed by NATHALIE EMMANUEL. She is currently TAKEN.
.¸.• they don’t have to know •.¸.

Había logrado que la joven rubia que eligió con anticipación en la fiesta, entrara a la habitación de Frederick. Había muy poca luz y habían bastado apenas unos pocos minutos cuando él logró hechizarlo para que se quedara dormido. Sabía que debía haber alguna forma para modificar sus sueños o sus memorias, pero la verdad era que no había tenido interés jamás en el colegio para aprender magia tan avanzada. 
Lo suyo era destruir mentes y cuerpos, no moldearlos a su antojo.

Luego de que dejara ir a la chica, que había corrido asustada en la calle fuera de la mansión, se tomó un momento para pensar su próximo movimiento. Lo más sencillo sería volver a su propia casa, a su habitación y reunirse de nuevo con Kassandra. Antes lo habría hecho sin pensarlo. Era una noche más, con una chica que no era desagradable y que seguramente sabría satisfacerlo.
Pero desde que Catchlove estaba en su cabeza, por alguna razón no podía actuar simplemente siguiendo su instinto. 

Se apareció fuera de la casa de la rubia. No estaba seguro si tenía o no hechizos protectores, pero más de una vez los había burlado sin derramar una gota de sudor. Sin embargo, decidió enviarle un mensaje, una nota hasta su ventana, atada en una pequeña roca que hizo levitar hasta el alfeizar. 

A select few Gryffindors, Ravenclaws, and Hufflepuffs celebrating the beginning of their final year at Hogwarts.

“Here’s to an amazing final year at Hogwarts. May we leave an everlasting impression on that bloody school.”-Potter


Taken by an enchanted camera. August 1977.

( San Mungo. )

Todo atinaba a que en un par de días mas Greta seria dada de alta puesto ya su cuerpo se encontraba un 90% curado de todos los golpes y heridas que había recibido el día del ataque en el ministerio y sin dudas el moverse no era un problema para la rubia ya que no le dolía tanto (puesto que cuando hacia movimientos bruscos si que sentía un dolor en sus extremidades) como cuando recién había ingresado al hospital mágico, inclusive ahora podía salir de su habitación, no era requerido que se quedara en cama todo el día, cosa que tenia a Catchlove mas que contenta. En aquellos momentos se encontraba caminando a la cafetería del lugar, moría de ganas de un emparedado cuando tropezó con otra persona. — Disculpa, no me fije donde pisaba, el olor de la cafetería me llama  —bromeo. 

The black lake shenanigans

As agreed, Rody and Greta met in the halls. He was holding a container and a knife for cutting off the weeds in the black lake, because nobody was particularly fond of using a wand underwater at that time of night. He threw Catchlove a ridiculous black hat and waved his hand, clutching another one just like it. Upon seeing a confusing look on her face, he rolled his eyes and explained it away with the fact that any nocturnal expeditions had to feel badass, and a maximum amount of black clothing was the way to do it.

They tried to be quiet and wary of their surroundings, but it still caught them as a surprise when they heard another student clearing their throat behind their backs. They slowly turned around, realising how many wrong conclusions could be drawn from seeing two students with black hats and a knife, making their way through the halls after the curfew. Before subjecting himself to any wild accusations, Rodolphus put his hand up and rolled his eyes.

«We’re going to get a potion ingredient from the lake, not kill a bunch of First Years, okay? Besides, why would we need a knife for that, right..?» he asked the last question quieter and rhetorically, looking at Gretta. On the off-chance that the student was going to go and get them in trouble, he decided it was best to make them an accomplice. Besides, the more the merrier.

«Anyway, wanna come with?»

Lost Stars|| Dec’75|| Greta & Ted

It was christmas and he was stuck at hogwarts. Usually he went home but his parents had to visit an aunt of his who hadnt been keeping well so he had decided to stick around hogwarts thinking maany people would be around. Oh, how he was mistaken. he had never seen hogwarts this deserted before and he wasnt sure how he felt about it. Greta Catchlove was the only person who had stayed back and whom he actually knew. He dreaded to imagine how awkward the dinner conversations would have been. He had his doubts that she had stayed back because of him. Apparently, that is one of the duties a best friend has? he wasnt really sure because she just laughed it off and teased him if he did ask. ‘ I hope you know that the whole world doesnt revolve around you, Eddy.’ Still, he had his doubts.

After hunting her all over the place he finally returned to the common room “ One hour and no sign of her. Why did she even stay back if she had to hide from me.” he grumbled before his eyes landed on the arm chair where this small figure was curled up in a blanket, all warm and cozy. “ Where have you been? I have been looking all over and you curled up in front of the fire? Is that hot chocolate?” he asked as his eyes landed on the mug in her hand, “ You are mean, Geee, mean. I was so worried about you!”