Marauder’s Headcanon #11

Some Remus Lupin things:

-He was sure that he was going to be sorted into Ravenclaw, like his dad. He had been told all of his life that he was bookish and clever, traits that he thought could only belong to Ravenclaw house. When the hat told him that he wasn’t bookish by nature, but by necessity, he started arguing with it mentally, but in the end the hat got it’s way.

-He was the mastermind of the Marauders. While James and Sirius normally brought the ideas to the table, Remus was the one who made them work. For example, when a slap-happy 3 AM James suggested that they release hedgehogs into the great hall at dinner, Remus asked how many. James, after a moment, told him ‘like at least twenty’. Remus proceeded to plot and plan until he had managed to steal no less than 150 hedgehogs from McGonagall’s office, and then somehow wiggled out of detention for it.

-He loved physical contact. He would hold Sirius’ hand constantly, or prop his feet up on Peter’s lap, or sit with his shoulder and tight pressed against James. He was constantly touching someone, and he had no concept of personal space.

-In first year, the Marauders discovered his love of chocolate, and it became a running joke to tease him with it in more and more ridiculous ways. One morning towards the end of the year, he woke up to find that the wall behind his bed had been papered with old honeydukes wrappers. Remus rather liked it, though, and it ended up staying up for all their years at Hogwarts.

-When the Marauders confronted him about being a werewolf, he denied it, obviously. And when they kept pushing, he tried to leave. Sirius grabbed his arm to stop him, and Remus turned around and punched him square int he nose. That was when the Marauders decided that Remus was not someone to cross.

-When they were in third year, Remus started to notice that he wasn’t like the rest of the marauders. James fancied Lily, and Peter kissed a new girl just about every week, and took a different one to hogsmead every time there was a visit. Sirius flirted with all the third year girls- especially Marlene McKinnon because it made her mad- constantly, but Remus never noticed anybody like that.

-Except towards the end of third year, he started to notice his mates like that. During the Christmas holidays, which the Marauders all spent at his house, he noticed that he liked the way James whooped when he was on a broomstick, the way his cheeks would flush in the cold. In February, he realized that he was jealous when he watched Peter kiss Emmaline Vance behind the greenhouse on valentine’s day. In March he found himself hating James when he talked about Lily, because he couldn’t help but admire the way Lily’s hair flew about in the wind, or the way she would leave little notes for him in his books when she borrowed them, and his heart would drop out of his chest when she kissed him in the cheek. And at Easter holidays he began to notice the way Sirius’ eyelashes sat against the curve of his brow, the way his dark hair fanned out across the pillow, the way his hands looked when they danced across piano keys, the way he held his quill between his teeth when he was thinking, the way his dark eyes shone when he teased, the soft way he would toy with Remus’ hands at night when they shared a bed, unable to sleep, the recklessly free laughter that would burst out in peals.

-As they started fourth year, he found that he didn’t hate it when James mentioned Lily anymore, and he only rolled his eyes in exasperation when he found Peter kissing Greta Catchlove in the boy’s bathroom. But when Sirius pulled Marlene’s hair, or told Alice that her butt looked good in that skirt, or blew teasing kisses at Emmaline Vance in charms, he saw red. And when Sirius would climb into James’ bed instead of his on the sleepless nights, or put his head on Peter’s lap, Remus would feel so jealous that his heart would thud far too fast and a flush would come to his cheeks.

-And he hated it.

-Especially because after The Prank, his feelings didn’t change. But he was so angry at Sirius, so, so angry because how could he? Remus had trusted him. And he had tried to reveal the secret to Severus Snape, of all people. Remus was so angry and so hurt that he pretend Sirius didn’t exist for a month, and then straight up refused to speak to him for another five.

-And then one day Sirius burst into tears in the dormitory.

-As mentioned before, no one really knows what happened that night, but the next day Remus was holding Sirius’ hand again.

-In fifth year, Remus’ symptoms got worse. He was darker and moodier around the full moon, his senses would sharpen so that simply walking past the great hall or the potions classroom made him feel sick to his stomach because he could smell everything, and his ears would ring from any sharp, sudden sound. Sunlight would give him terrible migraines. In cold weather, his joints would get so swollen and stiff that he had to walk with a cane for the weeks around the moon.

-Of course, being a fifteen year old with a cane wasn’t enjoyable, and neither were the looks he got for it, so he would push himself to walk without it.

-In an effort to help, the Marauders would walk with their arms wrapped around his waist, allowing him to lean against them and share some of the weight. He knew what they were doing, of course, but they were so sweet about it, and Remus’ heart skipped a beat every time Sirius said, “We’ve got to make sure everyone knows you’re taken, Moony” so he let them do it.

-In October of fifth year, Remus told Sirius that he was demi-bisexual in the owlry late at night. Sirius grinned at him lopsidedly and then kissed him. From that night on, Remus considered Sirius his boyfriend, though he didn’t formally ask until they were alone in the three broomsticks during a November hogsmead trip.

-It became a regular thing for the Marauders to sneak down to the shrieking shack with him and stay until he started to turn. One day in Januray, they told him they had a surprise for him and that they would meet him there. When he arrived, he found a large black dog, a stag, and a rat waiting for him.

-The next morning, he came to under a blanket,the Marauders sitting in human form a few yards away for him. He burst into tears at the sight of them, because for the first time in years he hadn’t had to spend the night alone.

-Summer after fifth year he got an urgent floo message from James at 1 in the morning, babbling about Sirius being hurt. Remus worked himself into a panic because oh god, oh god, oh god, Sirius was hurt. When he flooed in the next morning with his parents and saw Sirius lying on the couch, bruised and bandaged, hair half-grown back by sheer force of will, he was so overwhelmed with relief that he simply grabbed him and kissed him, not caring who was watching.

ROMANTICISING ROMANCE ; strawberries, white lace, sunrises, sugar-lips, kisses, cigarettes, love stories, flowers, pastels, coffee, soda pops, chocolate, broken hearts. a mix for the girl who desperately wished for love.

                               ❝ i do not desire mediocre love, i want to drown in someone. ❞

i. emmylou, first aid kid // ii. sweet child o’ mine, jasmine thompson // iii. landfill, daughter // iv. live tomorrow, laleh // v. wings, birdy // vi. angels, the xx // vii. angels (above me), say lou lou // viii. best shot, birdy & jaymes // ix. lolita, lana del rey // x. not about angels, birdy // xi. elastic heart (piano version), sia // xii. la la la, jasmine thompson // xiii. hearts without chains, ellie goulding // xiv. nightcall, london grammar

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GRETA OR AMELIA?? I'm so torn because they're both so lovely

oh, man. you really can’t go wrong with either one of them. with greta, you’re bringing in someone who’s such a strong yet scared character - that self-loathing is such a powerful and interesting dynamic i’d love to see on the dash. but with amelia, there’s a sense of bravado and confidence i’d love to see in play. not to mention that both of them have very strong and complex connections with characters that are already in play - so really, i’d just say pick whichever one you feel more connected to!

( San Mungo. )

Todo atinaba a que en un par de días mas Greta seria dada de alta puesto ya su cuerpo se encontraba un 90% curado de todos los golpes y heridas que había recibido el día del ataque en el ministerio y sin dudas el moverse no era un problema para la rubia ya que no le dolía tanto (puesto que cuando hacia movimientos bruscos si que sentía un dolor en sus extremidades) como cuando recién había ingresado al hospital mágico, inclusive ahora podía salir de su habitación, no era requerido que se quedara en cama todo el día, cosa que tenia a Catchlove mas que contenta. En aquellos momentos se encontraba caminando a la cafetería del lugar, moría de ganas de un emparedado cuando tropezó con otra persona. — Disculpa, no me fije donde pisaba, el olor de la cafetería me llama  —bromeo. 


Ladies from The Golden Years 

Dedalus counted the sickles in his wallet, which were not enough for comfort, and weighed his options. Sure, he could try to cook something resembling lunch, or go to a friend’s, or snack until Benjy got home and made a proper meal, but he was already standing in front of the Leaky Cauldron - so might as well. In all honesty, his inaptitude for cooking was far from being the reason he’d decided to have lunch there, especially since it was quite late for that, but that didn’t really matter. The pub was almost empty, since it wasn’t exactly lunch time, which Ded was thankful for, but once he approached the counter it felt like all eyes were on him. Even so, not even a bartender was around, probably hidden in the back playing cards.

“Hello?” Dedalus called, hoping that either no one would come and he’d be able to run off, or that his actual reason to be there would. “Person in need of food here. Well, not in need, I would survive if I didn’t eat right now, but -” Now he was just yelling a ramble. “Hello?”


Sejam bem vindos a mais um ano letivo em Hogwarts East High. Para os alunos, uma boa volta as aulas e um em especial lembrete para aqueles que estão terminando sua jornada conosco que aproveitem o máximo nossos recursos para a garantia de um futuro extraordinário. Para os funcionários, que continuem com seu desempenho pois são a garantia de excelência do colégio.



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here’s my third bby, because I have problems, but couldn’t resist anyway. the general stuff:

Well, if it isn’t EVELYN CATCHLOVE, our favorite MAGICAL PORTRAIT PAINTER. Most people think that SHE is IDEALISTIC and SELF-ASSURED, but they can also seem pretty ANXIOUS and PERFECTIONIST. Sometimes people call them the RAY OF SUNSHINE. Sure, they’re a MUGGLEBORN, but they consider their NEUTRAL affiliation to be their real defining feature. Be careful, there is more to this AGE year old than what meets the eye

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Under the cut you can check out all the players that have been accepted for their roles. Congratulations!  Please take a look at the instructions at the bottom of the page. For those who haven’t been accepted this time around, don’t be discouraged! Send me a message if you want more feedback on your application and I would love for you to re-apply in the future! Congratulations again to all of you and Welcome to Darkness’ call!

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                       hello my friends, i’m mila, stuck in cet ( gmt+2 because summertime and so and so ) and this is my child jules and i still haven’t written a bio but here you have the most import things about her  ━ if you wanna plot or smt just like this and i’ll fly into your IM’s or you can also hmu i’m down for everything !!

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 greta catchlove ( ft. @catchaloves )

Alice walked into the Leaky Cauldron, her spirits slightly
down because of drama at the Auror department. Another
dead comrade, another life lost, when was it going to stop?
She figured she’d grab a night cap on the way home and
stop by and say hi to Greta. When she entered the bar the
place was almost deserted not counting a few stragglers
who were thankful to be left alone. Alice approached Tom
a small smile on her lips as she asked about Greta’s 
whereabouts. He simply pointed to the back and Alice
gave a thankful nod before following the dark, dimly lit
path to the kitchens.

The sound of a melodic voice drifted from the kitchens,
strangely familiar in the way that it echoed past her. When
she arrived at the kitchens, she was surprised to find her
little blonde friend was the source of the beautiful song.

‘ Greta ! I had no idea you could sing ‘ Alice exclaimed
excitably giving her a small round of applause. 

A select few Gryffindors, Ravenclaws, and Hufflepuffs celebrating the beginning of their final year at Hogwarts.

“Here’s to an amazing final year at Hogwarts. May we leave an everlasting impression on that bloody school.”-Potter


Taken by an enchanted camera. August 1977.

congratulations, kacie - you’ve been accepted as greta catchlove! i’m so happy that you decided to apply for greta again this time around, because she is definitely one of my favorite characters that i’ve written for the group and you took such good care of her. when i was reading your application, i could already feel the conflict that weighs far too heavily on her - as it feels like she’s carrying the entire world on her shoulders. you described her perfectly when you said that she’s practical with her feet planted firmly on the ground - and that learning she was a witch was the curveball in her life. i also can’t wait to see how the tension between her and hestia works itself out, because i know there’s so much history there between those two characters. welcome once again to the group! please take a look at our new members checklist over here. make sure to create and send in your account within twenty four hours, and i hope you enjoy your time at allurehq!


        Greta Catchlove was honestly about as intimidating as
        a chihuahua nipping at your ankles. That was the worst
        thing that someone could be in the middle of a war. So,
        she had eagerly jumped at the chance to learn to defend
        herself better when Amelia offered. But, now that she was
        standing in the honestly creepy looking spot that Amelia
        had told her to meet her at–she was beginning to have her
       doubts. She soon heard the CRACK of someone apparting
       nearby and walked towards the sound to investigate with
        her wand lighted. Greta couldn’t help but to think this was
      eerily like the start of one of those horror films she’d watched.

                She swallowed before speaking hopefully, “ Amelia? ”