Finnick Odair Imagine: Heavenly Savior

Request: anon

Prompt: Spoilers ahead. The reader is an angel who saves Finnick from being ripped apart by the lizard mutts.

Warning: N/A

Disclaimer: I do not own THG.

Pairing: Finnick x Reader

A/N: I hope you all enjoy the imagines that are coming, I’m trying to finish them up! This is told from Finnick’s POV. Also, it mentions Heaven, but I’m not enforcing beliefs on anyone. It’s just for the imagine. Enjoy, loves!

Finnick felt himself being torn apart by these beasts, these mutated, unnatural beasts made by the Capital. Just before he was about to give into the white hot pain, he saw a figure, step in front of his vision and hack at those monsters. Such majestic moves came this young woman. She hacked at the monsters and kicked them.

Blood stained her (y/h/c) hair and her face, but she still had a stone cold expression on her face as she finished killing the last of the lizard mutts. She took Finnick in her arms, her strong infinite, unable to compare to those of men, and flew him away, the gentle sound of her…wings? lulling Finnick to sleep.


He woke up on a bed, feeling much better. There was no more dry blood in his hair, and no warm sticky feeling on his torso. He saw himself bandaged, repaired, new again, but he was so tired. His headache a bit, but not enough to hurt too bad. He saw someone sit in the chair next to him.

She was beautiful. Striking, yet soft. Natural, yet unnatural. She had a warm smile on her face, yet her eyes still seemed cold. Everything about her seemed to contradict something else.

“Hello, Finnick,” Her voice was as smooth as silk, but it still had an edge to it. Finnick made himself snap out of it. He was about to get up, but she gently pushed him back down onto the bed. Her wings fluttered a little bit, as if they were adjusting themselves.

“Who are you?”

“I’m an angel, a literal one. I came in to save you from those lizard mutts.” Finnick didn’t know what to say. He gave up on any form of hope long ago, as if he could no longer dare to hope, all of it had been diminished in one single blow by Snow. She took his hand in his. “You look sad? Why must humanity always be so sad?” It was more of a question to herself than him, but nonetheless, he answered it.

“We’ve been oppressed, but I’m not sad. I’m shocked.”

“That you were saved. You’re a hero, Finnick Odair, you deserve to be saved.” She said.

“Would I be able to see my friends again?”

“The ones on earth or the ones in Heaven?" She stated, looking at him. A pang of hurt hit Finnick. Why did you have to mention that?

"Both.” He replied, curious to hear what she had to say. She just smiled, as if she was going to reassure of him that all of his friends were safe, which was probably just a lie.

“Your friends here, they’ve defeated Snow. He’s to be executed. I’m sure you’ll see them very soon. Those in Heaven, they’re happy, Finnick. Safe, sound, protected.” She looked at him in the eyes. “Madge says hi. She misses you every single day.”

Finnick felt a lump in his throat. Madge was okay. She was somewhere better, somewhere more deserving of her. “It’s time to go, Finnick. You’re friends are waiting.”


Before he could call out to the angel again, she was gone.

At least, everyone was safe.