Talk to your teacher to ask what you missed. They might be able to give you copies of any handouts that you missed. If you only missed some minor work, you might not have to catch up at all!

Find out when the work is due. Some teachers will give you lots of time, while others won’t. If you only need to study and don’t have any work due, then there’s no real rush.

Talk to your friends and ask if they have any notes they could share with you. They might also be willing to have a study group with you to help (which would benefit everyone involved).

If you don’t have anyone willing to share their notes, try websites like Sparknotes.

Remember not to neglect any current work while catching up on the missed work. Try to find a balance between the two.

Set aside some time each day to work on what you missed. You don’t need to cover everything that you missed in one day. Spread the work out and it won’t seem like such a burden.

Prioritise the work by separating the most and least important work. Here’s a guide and printable to help with prioritising work.

Take breaks when you’re studying. Try using the pomodoro technique; I have a guide here.

Make sure that you’re getting enough sleep, and eating well.

Reward yourself when you’re done.

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Are Ravnica tabloids abuzz about the dinner between the brooding mysterious Guildpact and his beautiful but dangerous woman companion, only to have this probate rendezvous broken up by a hunky Boros busting in to the dinner by force, starting an argument and leading the mysterious woman to storm off and the now spurned Guldpact to lead the Boros back to his private Sanctum? Seems like the sort of scandal the tabloids would eat up.

‘It’s Nothing, Forget About It,’ Insists Guildpact

Trouble in the Sanctum, Sources Say

You Won’t Believe #7 – Details Inside!

Q: Working back to back, do you have time for yourself?
Q: What do you do?
CUMBERBATCH: None of your business. (laughs) I just have down time. Sorry, I didn’t mean that aggressively as it came out; that was supposed to be a joke. But yeah, it’s private and I enjoy that.
Q: Giving that much intensity on screen how did you recharge your batteries, how did you balance
CUMBERBATCH: Going back to your question as well as this, I am really good at switching off and I can prioritise and that’s really the secret, is just really knowing how to not get blinded and just focus on what’s right in front of you. And then when you are not working, not to worry about the other things and you could be working with just switch off. So the things that everyone else does to do that are very helpful.
Q: When you get back from the set in the evening, do you manage to switch off?
CUMBERBATCH: Yeah, you have to. You have to sort of wind down a bit in order for your metabolism to sort of slow and you can actually get the rest that your body needs because obviously your mind is racing but you could be out of sync with how exhausted your body is because of the clock you are on. Yeah, it’s really important just to disengage from all of that.
Q: It’s difficult to learn.
CUMBERBATCH: No, it’s really not. You just close the door on the world physically and literally and imaginatively as well and you can just get used to your own company, and you just focus on something very calming. It’s not about you giving and the energy going outwards but the energy coming back to you. It can be anything, it can be meditation, you could be watching a film, having a drink, as long as it doesn’t involve dependency, you can kind of choose whatever place you like.
Q: Do you get along well with this technology?
CUMBERBATCH: Pretty well. I mean I have the same kind of user panics and frustrations as everyone else does. I would love to be at the stage of understanding technology where I feel I could create it as well as use it and I think that will be one of the prevalent anxieties of the modern age to be honest.
Q: You have had rave reviews and there’s a lot of Oscar buzz around the film, so how important was it to be nominated?
CUMBERBATCH: It would be amazing, but to be honest, it’s so premature it would almost be futile to talk about it. I understand why it always happens at festivals and the beginning of the year but I just got my suit back from last year’s Oscars, from the dry cleaners. (laughter) It literally just happened folks, let’s calm down a bit and there’s lots for films to see before we start going, Oooh, blah, blah. I think the most important thing is that any kind of buzz creates an interest in the film which means people will see it hopefully and it will have an audience with Harvey behind it no matter what and that means the Alan Turing story will get to a broader audience. And that as a storyteller, is all I am concerned about. And if I have done a good job as well as him, that’s great.

Books and cupcakes January book photo challenge | day 24
I will read this to my kids…

I will read these series to my children or I’ll read alongside them whilst they read them. I can’t wait for this - I know that they’re going to adore these series. I’m excited for my children to grow up around books. Ahhhh, beautiful! :)