catching up~

There, on the other side of the kitchen, in the far corner, faint and hovering near the wall was a tiny yellow dot.


If the distance between the dots in the hologram Lance held near his palms represented millions of lightyears…

“…We’re so far away.”

- the amazing hance fic ‘Playing Catch'up’ i highly recomend!

i love brooklyn nine nine’s subversion of the typical “we’re not so different…you and i” reoccurring antagonist/protagonist trope that it has with doug judy/jake peralta. like instead of the “we both take the law into our own hands and have a twisted sense of morality” comparison that happens in more Serious shows it’s kinda like “these two dudes have really similar senses of humor and get along really well…just one of them’s a criminal and one’s a cop” it’s just an incredibly light-hearted new take on a tired trope and i love it

There are two kinds of people in the world
  • Person A: 4kids dub is the worst thing to happen to anime, it ruins everything and is a disgrace to the original content.
  • Person B: *through the tears* this is the third pun and fourth shade the show has done in five minutes and everyone is drinking hot sauce cause they can't have alcohol, this dub is a gift from above.

ok this is like gonna be a huge reach but like hear me out on this one:

in the scene where lance is talking about the paladins in escape from beta traz.

this is literally one second before he starts talking about keith:

this is meanwhile he’s talking about him:

and this is one second after he finishes talking about him:

see some similarities?? well it’s pratically the exact same expression. they freaking….animated that bit while he was talking about keith on purpose to make him!!! look fond!!!! i see u all @ animators

Guess who just got murdered~

Some sketches for my favorite dorito shaped demon, rest in pieces lol