catching spiders

Marauders vs Spider
  • Peter: *squeals and climbs the first available furniture or person* that thing is bigger than my animagus form!!!
  • Sirius: You chose the wrong living room ceiling, mate. *gets out wand* incendio! Shit, missed. Incendio! Incendio! Incendio! Stop MOVING!
  • Remus: *sees spider* *conjures a cup and some paper* *catches spider and releases it outside* *salutes as it scuttles off*

seventeen + killing the spider

will kill the spider: scoups, woozi

will catch the spider and bring it outside: joshua, wonwoo, minghao, vernon

will scream until you kill the spider: jun, seungkwan

will make you catch the spider and bring it outside: jeonghan, dokyeom, dino

will try to make friends with the spider and name it gertrude: hoshi, mingyu

Where are you, and I’m so sorry
I cannot sleep I cannot dream tonight
I need somebody and always
This sick strange darkness
Comes creeping on so haunting every time
And as I stared I counted
The Webs from all the spiders
Catching things and eating their insides
Like indecision to call you
And hear your voice of treason
Will you come home and stop this pain tonight
Stop this pain tonight
Don’t waste your time on me you’re already
The voice inside my head

Creepypasta #1013: Helping My Sister

Length: Short

I’m used to my sister calling me at all hours needing help. She’s a single parent, with a young daughter, and she doesn’t cope too well. So far she’s called me to catch a large spider in her kitchen, to comfort her when she had an argument with her best friend, and to lend her money when she totalled her car. But what she wanted tonight, this is just weird.

She was crying and begging me to come over because her daughter was drawing supernatural pictures. I’ve seen several of these things and they don’t look supernatural to me. They’re just pictures of stuff a child of Alice’s age would draw, one shows what I suppose is a dog or a cat with a tail and a huge grin. Another shows a house with a chimney and smoke coming out of it. Another shows what I guess is a portrait of my sister, with exaggerated big eyes and hair. Nothing unusual. Colourful, cheerful pictures.

Except that every single one has been scribbled over in deep angry black lines. The pencil has slashed tears in the paper in places.

“I hate to say this,” I tell my sister, “but this isn’t supernatural. It looks like Alice is having some anger issues. Maybe she needs a therapist.”

“No,” says my sister. She walks into the lounge and gets Alice’s latest picture, this time its obviously me, smiling, with vicious black lines all over my face.

I go into the lounge to ask Alice why she’s so angry. But Alice doesn’t appear to be angry. I see Alice sitting on the couch. I see the paper she’s drawing on stacked up on the edge of the table, and I see the picture she’s working on. This one appears to be a picture of a fairground, with a rather lopsided rollercoaster. The picture itself is obviously complete because the black lines are being scribbled so fast onto the picture that it is a wonder the pencil doesn’t break.

But the thing was that Alice isn’t touching the pencil.


Most people probably haven’t heard of it, but Sunless Sea is this amazing story-driven game that honestly defies description. It takes place on a sea beneath the earth, where people, devils, quasi-sentient apes, tribal fungi, and more interact, trading in souls, dreams, and memories, all watched over by the enigmatic and perhaps eldritch gods of the sea. In this game, so far I have:

  • Killed a wandering mountain
  • Benefited greatly from ritualistic cannibalism
  • Learned secrets by drinking the memories of a long-dead ape emperor
  • Brought revolution to a city of mirrors
  • Entered into an unrelated fortress of mirrors and colors to retrieve a secret stolen from dream snakes
  • Taken my first officer to a castle known as “where fools go to throw away their future” to relieve him of his burdensome humanity (hey, he asked)
  • Negotiated a peace between rats and guinea pigs
  • Understood the holy nature of postal work
  • Walked along the shores of the place where all things lost forever come to rest
  • Murdered an immortal man
  • Made a pact with spiders who catch men’s minds in their webs instead of flies
  • Slept with a sea phantasm
  • Lost my mind
  • Sailed into… space heaven? I think it was space heaven.

And this isn’t the half of it. It’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea because the game is very slow paced and requires a large time investment to get any depth into, but I just wanted to share something I’ve enjoyed greatly the past couple weeks.

Arachnids (Peter Parker x Reader)

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AN: I just wrote this at 2am and it was funny at the time.

“Y/N! Help me!” You hear Peter’s panicked shouts and immediately begin to worry as you rush to his room.

You knew he was Spider-man, so you obviously thought the worst. Had Doctor Octopus found out Spider-mans true identity, now attacking Parker for revenge?! Did Norman Osborn come here to end Spider-man once and for all?!

You sprinted to his room (you were obviously worried for him because you never sprint), and pushed open the door. You were relived to see that there was no villain in sight. 

Instead you find Peter standing on his bed with absolute fear in his eyes, as he frantically points to the ground. You look to what he’s pointing at and see a spider the size of your hand, crawling around on his bedroom floor. 

You laugh hysterically, bending over to try and catch your breath. Spider-man was scared of spiders! You were never going to let Parker live this down. The situation was hilarious, until it started to move towards you, making you remember that you were petrified of spiders .You screamed and jumped next to Peter on the bed, both of you holding onto each other for dear life. 

“Why can’t you get rid of it Parker? You’re the Spider-guy! You’re basically a bug anyway!” 

“Spider’s aren’t bugs Y/N they’re arachnids!” This caused you to roll your eyes.

“That’s besides the point. How is Spider-man afraid of spiders?!” Peter ignored your comment and screamed, wrapping his arms around you as the spider started to move towards the bed.

May comes rushing in hearing all the commotion. However, once she see’s the situation in front of her she sighs. “Teenagers.”

Possible Hidden Talents

Peter- can chug a literal gallon of chocolate milk and keep it down
Kurt- can do a backhand spring and back flip in one
Warren- can fucking rock the drums like no one’s ever seen.
Jubilee- can totally tie a cherry stem in her mouth in two seconds flat
Jean- can paint her fingernails using her toes
Scott- can actually sketch really well (especially pictures of Jean)
Hank- can piss upside down with perfect aim
Raven- can stand and twirl on the very tips of her toes like a ballerina
Ororo- can balance anything. Literally anything. Give her four rocks, a book, a pencil, a shampoo bottle, and a paper clip and BAM, a tower is made. With the rocks on top.
Logan- can actually fish really well and reel in trophy worthy bass. If he’s in the right mood, that is.
Alex- is the master of somehow catching spiders with his bare hands without getting bit, kindly releasing them.
Betsy- can take a drink of whatever and squirt it right out of her eye. Or eyes, either way.
If Warren is drunk enough, and you ask him in just the right way, he can sing Russian and German opera as if he was a God, shocking the team into silence with his surprisingly deep and accented singing voice, rolling them Rs so deep it gives you goosebumps.
(Not all Warren but @angel-is-alive-i-promise asked me to tag her XD thank you for the love)

“We put our eldest Sister through a new regimen of physical and mental conditioning, and suited her up with modified Protector equipment of my design.”

Big Sister: Combines the strength of a Big Daddy with the ADAM-draining abilities of a Little Sister. They are armored, deadly, and can survive out in the ocean, but are also able to drain ADAM from corpses to power Plasmid abilities.

Along with dashing and slashing attacks, Big Sisters may wield genetic abilities like Incinerate! and Telekinesis. Big Sisters are incredibly agile and can jump up to perch on walls like a Spider Splicer, catching their target unawares.

Track: Big Sister on The Move