catching spiders

happy friday the 13th yall! just some reminders:

  • be sure to mind cracks in the side walk (only organic ones matter, the straight separating lines dont count) 
  • black cats are tremendously lucky, but you should be kind to one just for the hell of it
  • dont look in mirrors today. 
  • if you see ladders obstructing walkways, going underneath it is indeed passing through a portal  but it just leads to a separate dimension where everything is the same except a lot more people have been named Frank. Don’t recommend. just walk around it
  • Don’t make eye contact with the suspiciously normal looking people manning said ladders. theyre Franks. 
  • be sure to make your midday tea and stir counter clockwise with a knife 
  • usually youd have to catch a spider in your home and release it outdoors in order to receive a free answer to any question, but today all spiders will give free answers to questions you didnt know you had, but in obnoxious riddles, and it’s more hassle than its worth. avoid
  • it is perfectly valid to levitate in your room for 10 hours while shouting ancient hymns in an unrecognizable language and then pass out and not remember any of it. you are valid 
  • say hello to any ghost or ghoul you see today! its only polite
  • however, if you see a doppleganger of yourself, you must follow it, but from a distance. dont let it disappear from your sights before youve had a chance to spot the one difference between you and it and please do remember that slight changes in hair length is usually just the wind moving it in a strange way.
  • if your doppleganger approaches you, then you’re the doppleganger this year. run
  •  if you happen to catch a glimpse of your reflection and the movement seems off, dont panic! the system will be lagging a bit, nothing serious 
  • candy will be extra sweet today so if you’re into that then by all means 

ok keep it sexy, keep it classy, and most of all have fun 

The spider catches the bee and the bee stings the spider. Both are dead, with the bee’s stinger still in the spider.  This is a great example showing why honey bees die after stinging something only once. Their stinger/venom sac are attached to other organs inside the bee, so when the stinger’s barbs lodge into something, everything gets pulled out, potentially including gut, etc and leaving a gaping hole in the bees abdomen. (From Here) 


That one time Yuzu did a partner dance with Adelina Sotnikova to “Love Story” by Francis Lai at the Sochi Gala (along with the rest of the invited skaters) and he shied away from her open back by about an ice rink’s length. Such politeness. #gentlemanYuzu

FFXV x KH Headcanons That I Have But Probably Won’t Doodle Part 4

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

  • You know how sometimes in FFXV when you’re out in the woods next to animals that won’t attack you, you end up hitting one by accident while you’re fending off MTs?
        • AN ANAK CALF
    • He uses a Megalixir on it… Gladio is ready to End Him for wasting that on a stupid-looking giraffe cow!!!!
    • (Ignis: “Prompto, Noctis, go distract Sora while I take some of the mother’s meat to cook for dinner. I’ve come up with a new recipe, and the secret ingredient is ATTEMPTED INFANTICIDE.”)
  • While we’re talking about Sora and killing things– he doesn’t like to kill bugs. That puts him at odds with Noct and Prom on multiple occasions. Those two are the embodiment of those Internet memes depicting people burning their houses down to kill a single crazy-looking insect. Meanwhile Sora is over there feeling guilty about accidentally stepping on a snail
    • A talking cricket capable of reading and writing lived in Sora’s hoodie for like two years okay HE HAS A SOFT SPOT
    • Yes Sora is that guy to catch a spider and let it outside
    • Yes Gladio has killed bugs that Sora wanted to save while he scrambled around trying to find a paper towel… because yeah. He doesn’t want to touch that creepy crawly with his bare hands, even if his motives are Pure
  • Sora is able to see Gentiana and Carbuncle without the use of a camera
    • Cue the bros using Sora’s Actual Sixth Sense to their advantage by having him guide them to make silly poses with the invisible deities
      • Noctis can’t believe Gentiana plays along. What a good sport.
    • Sora checking his phone during one of Carbuncle’s visits and beginning to giggle uncontrollably
      • Noct: “How tf did he get your number”
  • Since Sora is a couple of years younger than everyone else (I headcanon him as 17/18 when he first comes to Eos), Ignis and Gladio are Very Protective of him
    • Honestly it’s like Sora has four big brothers
      • Gladio is floored by the fact that Sora is more or less a self-taught swordsman
        • He still helps train Sora because technique is important
          • He swells up with So Much Pride when he catches Sora using a move he’d taught him during training on an MT
        • Gladio is so excited to take Sora to try his first meal of Cup Noodles
          • Sora ends up being a bit of a purist; he doesn’t like meat or veggies– just ramen and broth.
      • Ignis is baffled by nearly everything Sora does and how nonchalantly he does it
        • This kid can jump nine feet in the air and even executes a fussy little flip when he does it wtf
          • Oh, well. At least Sora can pick those fruit over there by jumping and reaching so no one has to climb the tree and risk a broken neck
            • (Noctis: “I didn’t break my neck, Specs– I sprained my wrist!!”
            • Ignis: “Which wouldn’t have happened if you’d been more careful.”)
        • Sora is dared (hmm by whom?? I wonder…….) to prank Ignis by putting a rogue ingredient into the stew one night.
          • He and his cohorts (you know who they are) watch Ignis do a taste-test nonchalantly 
            • Who am I kidding they are totally obvious as they try to stop themselves from laughing
              • Dunno why you’re laughing, though, boys– that’s your dinner you’re sabotaging
          • Ignis is obviously disgusted by what he tastes. He stands there for a moment… and then he fumbles around in his pack for new ingredients
          • You bet your ass Ignis salvages the stew. In fact, it actually tastes better than before?? “I’ve come up with a new recipe, and the secret ingredient is ATTEMPTED SABOTAGE.”
            • Don’t ask Sora what the rogue ingredient was, Ignis. He’s not from around here and wouldn’t really know a Lieden pepper from a Duscaean potato
              • Prompto caves and tells him
        • The next day… how strange… it seems that Ignis only made enough dinner for himself and Gladio to enjoy… looks like it’s time for Toast for the Culinary Saboteurs
          • Ignis drags it out for a bit before giving the boys their share.
      • Noctis reminds Sora of Riku a lot.
        • Yes, by that I mean he tries to have a cool exterior but is actually a Giant Goober
        • Noct fishing while sitting at the end of the pier with Sora, long after the other bros have lost interest and wandered elsewhere
          • Long talks about friends and hopes for the future
          • Noctis feeling a little guilty because Sora seems so… comfortable with the burden of protecting not just one world, but a whole bunch.
            • Meanwhile, Noctis is reluctant to accept a king’s responsibility. He never asked for this. He just wants to be… normal.
              • Sora eventually admitting to having doubts about why the Keyblade stayed with him, and quietly wishing for the day to come that the worlds won’t need a single Keyblade master.
                • Turns out the two of them have more in common than Noct first thought.
          • Noctis trying to reel in the DEMON FISH from the VR game and Sora is in such a panic and so desperate to help that he PUNCHES THE MONSTER FISH IN THE FACE and BREAKS EVERY KNUCKLE IN HIS RIGHT HAND
      • Prompto and Sora are BEST FRIENDS and honestly IT HAPPENS SO FAST
        • Prom gives Sora some photography lessons and lets him loose in Galdin Quay
          • He ends up with a memory card full of cat photos of various angles and degrees of blurriness
        • Somehow a local reporter overhears Sora talking with Prompto about his intention to take a photo with every single Kenny Crow statue in Lucis and ends up having a little article published about him. Just seems like one of those slice-of-life stories that the media would eat up
          • They use one of Prompto’s photos of Sora and Kenny for the newspaper!!! It’s on like the 85th page nestled into a corner, but he’s!!! Officially!! A published photographer!!!
          • In the long night, there are several instances that find Prom and Sora on a hunt near a Crow’s Nest they never had a chance to visit during their road trip. Taking a photo is a matter of obligation at this point
            • Prompto scrolling through the Caw, Kids! It’s Sora Crow! folder and tearing up as he starts from the first photo and scrolls forward. By year seven of the long night, Sora’s smile as he stands under Kenny’s wing doesn’t reach his eyes
  • Starscourge!Sora headcanons that aren’t completely miserable??? Look at them, hanging out above the angst cut????
    • It eventually gets to the point that Sora’s left eye glows in the dark like a nightlight
      • Prompto finds himself using the glow of Sora’s fuckin’ daemon eye to try and read the map after his flashlight’s battery dies
        • omfg
        • It’s just so absurd that the two of them burst out laughing
        • It’s the first time either of them had laughed in a while. It felt… nice…
        • Gladio pressing a hand over Sora’s eye when they’re trying to sneak up on a daemon because it will give them away
        • Prompto’s response is to give Sora an eyepatch he swiped from the clinic for their next hunt
          • Sora: “I always wanted to be a pirate as a kid. Who says dreams don’t come true, even in this horrific post-apocalyptic hellscape”
          • Also Sora: “Srsly Gladio I can see better in the dark with this eye maybe don’t”

Head into the misery dojo if you dare under the cut

Uh-oh. It is.

  • Pls don’t think about Sora desperately trying to break into the Crystal after he discovers that it’s dragged Noctis inside of it.
    • The Keyblade’s strength depends on the heart of its wielder. He should be able to cut through this! He can cut through anything!!!!
    • It takes a very long time before Sora or any of the Chocobros leave that chamber. 
      • Yes they stay there for days hoping beyond hope that Noct will come out
  • During the long night, Sora becomes a daemon hunter and a team leader for a group of search and rescue teams
    • His first retrieval mission ends… badly. The people who’d sent the distress signal were long gone by the time Sora and his team got there
      • One of the kids was in mid-transformation after being afflicted with the Starscourge…
      • Sora can’t land the fatal blow. He goes outside and throws up while Dave finishes the job
      • Search and rescue missions are a source of extreme anxiety for Sora after that… but he has to try and save as many people as he can
  • Sora tries not to think about Riku, Kairi, or any of his friends beyond Eos. It hurts too much. He tries to put his Wayfinder in a shoebox in his apartment to avoid its constant reminder of what he’s lost… but he just can’t bring himself to part with it
    • He wishes he did when he takes a nasty spill into a ravine during a solo mission two years into the long night. Smashes his Wayfinder into pieces.
      • He’s too injured to climb out of the ravine, too. He gives up after a couple of attempts and just gathers up the pieces of the good luck charm that he can. He just lay there in a heap and watches the stars
      • Prompto, Ignis, and Gladio hear about Sora’s disappearance and team up for the first time in almost a year to find him
        • They make it in time. Lots of potions and a piggyback ride to safety courtesy of Gladio see our dorkupine boy right
        • Prompto notices Sora throw something in the trash before leaving the clinic and finds the Wayfinder pieces. He knows what the charm represents and how devastated Sora must be that it’s been irreparably destroyed.
          • He gathers up the pieces, puts them in a pouch, and leaves it on the table in the kitchen of Sora’s tiny apartment. He leaves a note, too: I know they haven’t given up on you. So don’t give up on them.
            • A few days later, Sora gives Prompto, Ignis, and Gladio each a piece of the charm. So that all of us will find each other, in the end
              • Noctis takes a piece of the charm with him to the throne
Peter Parker having a Premature-born Sister ‖ Headcanons

Request: HCs for peter having a premature little sister that is like a year younger than him and he is protective of her please (anonymous)

Warnings: I gave the sister a name so it’s not reader-based, sorry my loves + this is a shortie

A/N: I went to my mom for most of my research on this and I kept asking questions on babies and stuff etc etc but she lowkey thinks I’m pregnant now😂

Originally posted by mamalaz

  • When Peter’s little sister was born, she was a mere 2 lbs and her skin was a faint shade of blueish purple
  • Peter was only 1 ½ years old (though he could talk) when his sister was born
  • Peter didn’t understand why his parents’ were upset once she was born
  • (Peter was told the baby had to stay in the “magic healing egg” until she “hatched”)
  • His dad took him to the hospital every night, pointing out which incubator held his little sister

“When will she hatch, dada?”
“Soon, my boy. Then we can take her home.”

  • So it was finally time for the new addition to the Parker family to come home
  • Peter was very excited, his little legs bouncing up and down the whole car ride to the hospital
  • Peter’s parents’ couldn’t decide on a name for the baby girl
  • “Olivia.”
  • “You want to name her Olivia, Pete?”
  • “Yep. Olivia. O-L-I-V-I-A.”
  • And so it was Olivia Rose Parker

  • Fast-forward to the present, Peter is 16 and Olivia is 15
  • Olivia didn’t have many birth defects, but she was stuck with losing her hearing at random times
  • Olivia had taken on the Parker inheritance of intelligence, she had moved up a grade and was in Peter’s year
  • This kinda annoyed Peter, he liked being the “smart one”

  • If it wasn’t obvious Peter’s taking his late dad’s job of being                       o v e r p r o t e c t i v e
    • Poor Livvy 
  • The night before Olivia started school at Midtown High, Peter took her and May and set some ground rules
  • Peter may have been a bit dramatic
  • Olivia couldn’t:
    • have guys over (if she did she had to keep her door open)
    • have her first kiss (poor baby aw)
    • post “skimpy” stuff on insta/snap
    • etc etc you get the jist
  • May instantly felt bad for her niece, Peter was pretty protective
  • So whenever Peter was out saving the world, May would let Livvy sneak a guy in for study dates etc etc
    • Bonus points to May for being the greatest fuckin aunt ever

  • At one point, Flash Thompson had a crush on Olivia 
  • Peter was BEYOND irritated
  • F: “I can’t believe you’re Penis Parker’s sister. You’re way too hot.”
  • Though Olivia may have had a slight crush towards Flash as well
  • Forget what I said before, THIS irritated Peter to no end
  • “I don’t like Flash, he’s nowhere near good enough for you.”
  • “Oh shut up, Peter. it’s not you who has to like him.”
    • damn livia do you want some crackers with that salt
  • So one night Olivia snuck out of May’s apartment to meet Flash
  • Peter’s spidey sense caught her and he followed her with his suit on
  • Olivia met Flash under the “Lovers Tree” at the park
  • When conviently Spider-Man swooped in!11!!1

F: “Oh, Spider-Man! Um, I don’t think there’s a crime around?”
P: “Surprise bitch, its a crime to go out with this young lady right here.”
F: “I-it is?”

  • That night ended with Peter knocking Flash out and dragging Livia home
  • Obviously Flash got the message
  • But it didn’t stop him and his posse from cat-calling at Livia
  • One time Olivia lost her hearing while they were doing this and everyone thought she just wanted the attention :((
  • Peter would go OFF
  • If he wasn’t in school you can bet your ass Flash and his friends would’ve been on the ground real quick
  • So Peter would take a very confused Olivia and once again drag her home

  • What also annoyed Peter was that Ned and Liv were also best friends
  • Peter was like what abt me guys :/
  • Ned would always come over to “study with Peter” but hang out with Livvy
  • Once Peter got really suspicious
  • Cuz Olivia and Ned were getting pretty friendly
    • but it’s cool it was just a prank bro
  • So he waited until  Ned left and snuck into Liv’s room

“Hey Livvy do you like Ned?”

“Mkay, just checking -_-”

  • Because how awkward would it be for his sister to be dating his best friend
  • actually not that awkward, Peter was just dramatic

  • Once when Olivia was walking home from lunch, there was a big car chase going on nearby
  • Livia lost her hearing then
  • The car was going at least 90 mph
  • Olivia crossed the street but couldn’t hear any of the cars honking
  • She felt the hood of one of the cars graze her jeans
  • Luckily, Peter was there to save the day
  • At that moment, Liv regained her hearing
  • Turns out Peter was doing his daily rounds around Queens

“Thanks for saving my life, bro.”
“Anytime, sis.”

  • And let’s be honest Peter could be the most irritating brother ever, but he was a real softie to Olivia
  • Because they had a bong stronger than love :)
  • Peter would always swing in his Spider-Man suit to go get Liv coffee on nights when she’d stay up studying
  • When Livia lost her hearing, Peter would make funny faces to cheer her up
    • He even lowkey learned sign language to teach it to her
  • When Livvy was sad she’d crawl under the covers of her bed
  • Peter be like “activate big brother mode”
  • So he’d crawl under the covers with her and stroke her hair while he sang
  • He’d sing the song his parents’ always sang to them when they were kids
  • Basically they were the brother sister goals you wish you were

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Day One

Summary: You have a crush on Peter, but Peter has eyes for someone else. Will you ever get the boy of your dreams or will you have to remain friends and move on?

Characters: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,116

A/N: Well, I was inspired. Get ready for a new series. I don’t know how long it will be, but this should be fun. I love feedback, and as always, enjoy.

It was finally Homecoming Week at school and you were actually excited for it. You had already talked to your friends, Ned, Michelle and Peter, about dressing up for the different days. You had become close friends with those three throughout your freshman year, and you were thankful for that. You were especially thankful for Peter because he was probably your closest friend out of the three because you both lived in the same apartment complex. You always planned movie nights at each other’s places every Friday evening when there wasn’t a big exam the following Monday. You both probably had way too many inside jokes that annoyed Ned and Michelle when you both would laugh at what it would be to seem nothing. Everyone thought that you and him would be a great couple, but you always denied it because Peter was infatuated with Liz Allan, who was a senior, the smartest girl in school and the prettiest, even if you did have a slight crush on your best friend.

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Peter couldn’t be Spider-Man, May thinks to herself, he’s scared of heights.

Still, here he stands, his eyes as wide as the lenses of his mask and wearing a familiar red and blue suit. May knows this stance, she knows this expression plastered on his face and is expecting the predictable, following words : I can explain. But she can’t look past the suit, her throat dry as she thinks about the fact that Peter’s scared shitless of heights. For a moment, May entertrains the idea of going with whatever excuse Peter would come up with. She thinks that anything would be better that admitting that Peter - dear sweet Peter, her nephew, her charge - is the webswinging vigilante that the whole of New York seemed to be worshipping.

Which to May sounds ridiculous because he’s just Peter. Boring, old, geeky Peter who works on building the Death Star with his best friend on his downtime. A regular teenager whose only real struggle should be homeworks and whether girls like him or not, not fighting flying supervillains or going to Germany to fight Captain America. Peter gapes at her, lost for words and May is torn between crying, yelling or passing out. She settles for staring back, at war with her own thoughts. Raising a genius on her own is hard enough - she remembers crying when Peter, having just started middle school, didn’t need either of hers or Ben”s help with his homework - she doesn’t think she’s equipped to raise a vigilante on the rise.

Please, say something.

She blinks and looks up, finding Peter staring back at her, his mask clenched in his hands and the expression on his face, a mix of hope and expectation. May realizes a second too late that the words had left his mouth ad weren’t part of her thoughts. She blinks again, as if she blinks once more, the suit would disappear and Peter would be wearing one of his lame science-pun shirts instead. May clears her throat and plasters a smile on her face. Judging by the frown on his face, Peter isn’t fooled.

“I need your help with the grocery bags, downstairs,” and damn, if she isn’t surprised by the calmness of her voice.

May-” he starts, taking a step toward her;

“Groceries first,” she interrupts, her smile sliding from her face as she notices his frown deepening, “We’ll talk about.. this later. One thing at a time, Peter.”

She ignores the voice whispering that she’s running away from her responsibilities and walks away from Peter’s bedroom. She stops by the frontdoor and lets out a breath, keeping tears at bay as she runs her fingers through the hair, trying to ground herself.

“One thing at a time,” May repeats to herself, trying to convince herself that her entire world hasn’t come crashing around her.



Am I doing this right


I had been trying to timelapse the milky way for a week. Everyday I went out, set up, and either fog popped up or to much cloud cover spoiled the evening squashing any attempts. On this day, the forecast called for clear skies until midnight, then partly cloudy until 4am. I jumped at the opportunity. The skies never really cleared up though, just small pockets of windows. This was my first attempt at a full holy grail timelapse from sunset to sunrise, with the milky way making it’s appearance in the middle. I ran out of juice with two batteries, and had to make a ninja battery change at 4:30am, but other than that, I only had a few hiccups during the ramping. I did collect quite a few bug and spider bites though, and I somehow managed to catch every new spider web in the face on the way out. lol Typical Ozarks. This was shot from what’s called the Eagle’s Nest.

During chapter 141, we can see how Hinami seems to be surrounded by fine lines, which are reminiscent of the threads of a spider web:

The symbol of the spider web has appeared on several occasions, in which there are always butterflies trapped on them

and thus knowing that Hinami’s kagune resembles the wings of a butterfly, turns her in the butterfly trapped in the spider web of Juuzou/Furuta.

On the other hand, spider webs are traps specially designed by spiders to catch their prey, so that they are unable to escape

Representing thus the spider web of chapter 141 Furuta’s trap, who has expressed that ghouls are the bait in his plans, which are somehow related to the figure of Dragon.