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EXO’s reaction to meeting their ideal type at a fansign

EXO’s reaction to catching you smoking weed

EXO’s reaction to you drawing them

EXO getting drunk (reaction)

EXO’s reaction to catching you snooping on their phone

EXO’s reaction to you flirting your way out of a ticket

EXO’s reaction to finding out you’re in a rock band

EXO’s reaction to you failing at using Chopsticks

EXO’s reaction to you rapping

EXO’s reaction to you telling them you’re having twins

EXO’s reaction to you asking them to do aegyo and then kissing them

Dirty/(M) Rated

EXO’s reaction to getting a booty pic from you

EXO’s reaction to you seeing them naked for the first time

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First time doing this, bear with me.

Pardon me if this has already been done:

-Simon is super protective of Baz near fire

-He knows that Baz can take care of himself, but darn he just can’t help himself

- Baz making tea, Simon insisting on taking over. Doesn’t want him near the stove

-Baz suspicious of Simon, he can make his own damn tea

- Simon catches Baz smoking, and freaks the heck out

- Finds his pack of cigarettes and promptly throws them away

- Hovers near Baz at a get together with a fireplace

- Baz soon catches on and starts messing with fire just to freak Simon out

neil falling asleep on top of andrew is one of my favorite things ever like

  • it doesn’t happen that often
  • neil knows andrew doesn’t particularly love physical contact, many times he isn’t in the right mood for it and neil ofc respects that
  • but sometimes after really intense practices with their pro teams and being away from each other sunday finally arrives and they spend all day at home
  • they drink coffee and smoke and catch up
  • sometimes neil does most of the talking, other times none of them feels like talking so they just sit there quietly, and other times andrew is in a really good mood and they speak about everything and anything
  • those days, the days neil notices andrew is in a remarkably good mood, are neil’s favorite sundays
  • peace surrounds them and neil feels so relaxed he can’t help but smile at the thought of how his life has improved out of nowhere
  • well not really out of nowhere but thanks to the foxes
  • and of course thanks to andrew
  • but anyway one sunday, a good sunday, neil and andrew are watching a movie
  • they’ve spent all day eating and being their cute selves and they’ve even gone for a drive around town
  • after dinner they decided to watch some tv and that’s how they ended up watching tangled
  • neil is a disney boy no one is going to convince me otherwise
  • neil is really sleepy but he likes the movie way too much to miss it so he fights with all that’s in him not to fall asleep
  • he is so focused on the screen that he doesn’t realize at first that andrew’s sight is fixed on him
  • he grins
  • “staring”
  • andrew looks at him blankly and just says “shut up”
  • neil laughs fondly bc his not boyfriend is an idiot
  • he can’t help it but stare back at him and suddenly he gets even more sleepy and can’t fight it anymore
  • he whispers “can i lie on your lap?”
  • andrew thinks about it for a second before saying “whatever”
  • neil gets closer and whispers in the man’s ear “is that a yes or a no?”
  • “yes, josten”
  • neil doesn’t hear any sort of doubt in his voice so he moves to lie across the couch with his head on andrew’s lap
  • he doesn’t want andrew to get overwhelmed tho so he doesn’t hug him or anything, he just puts his palm on top of andrew’s thigh
  • that gesture silently says “i love you”. 
  • andrew puts his hand gently on neil’s neck
  • i love you too
Imagine #110

Imagine you catch tom smoking and you hit him round the head for it when he said he would quit

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a Force of Nature

In which Ginny pitches a no-hitter and then some other stuff happens too:

He thinks loving her is like trying to catch smoke with your bare hands: elusive, frustrating, useless. There is no way anything can happen between them, but it doesn’t stop him from looking at her like she’s Christmas morning personified. She is a force of nature and he’s the casual bystander that was either too stupid or too proud not to realize the inevitability of what was coming his way.

He ignored every warning sign: the phone calls, the easy conversation, the inside jokes, the near gravitational pull they had for each other whenever they went anywhere with the team. Mike would always be found either sitting with Ginny, going with her to the bar, or at the very least keeping a close eye on her whenever she ventured more than 10 feet from him. He has an almost pathological awareness of her, it’s like the damn air shifts around him whenever she walks into the room, like he’s a compass and she’s true north.

Camaraderie and closeness between pitchers and catchers is normal and to be expected. On the field, it’s an ostensible game of two against one, the pitcher and the catcher against the hitter, the rest of the team is there for support and only necessary if the hitter wins. Baseball fields can be up to 400 feet from the catcher’s box to the outfield but he majority of the action happens in the 60 feet and 6 inches between the pitcher’s mound and home plate. In order for the pitcher and the catcher to do their jobs there needs to be trust, a rhythm, an understanding.

Mike hadn’t been lying when he’d told Baker that he’d never seen a rookie like her before, that she was far and away one of the strongest people he had ever met in his life. The annoying thing is that he always feels like he should have stopped speaking two sentences back almost every time they interact, or even any time he talks about her. He had definitely not meant to tell her that she blew him away, he had wanted to keep that tucked somewhere safe and protected, but it came out anyway. He certainly had not meant to go on such an intense rant about her on TV, but he feels overly protective and if he could make her life easier, make all the overly critical talking heads take her a little more seriously then it was his responsibility to do so.

It just so happened that he was ass over tea kettle in love with her as well.

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story of my life

Chapter 7

A/N: I know that certain events that I have taking place at the Indy OTRA show actually happened at different ones.  But this is fiction.  Big thanks to my dear friend Alex, @niallandharrymakemestrong, for her ideas and help on this one.

Kacey called every ticket outlet to try and get tickets to the sold out One Direction concert in Indianapolis.  Nothing.  She called her agent to see if she could pull some strings. Nothing.  As a last resort, she turned to e-bay.  Unbelievably, she found two pit tickets and meet and greet passes up for auction.  The notes explained that the seller’s teenaged daughter had been getting in all kinds of trouble; getting caught shoplifting and sneaking out of the house at night.  The last straw was catching the girl smoking weed with her boyfriend.  Mom and dad, going for the ultimate punishment, grounded her and put the prized tickets that they had held for a year up for sale.  When Kacey found the auction, there was only a half hour left to bid.  The highest bid was up to $3000 for the pair.  Determined to get the tickets, Kacey signed in and placed a maximum bid of $4000.  Within seconds she was outbid by someone willing to go higher.  With ten minutes left, Kacey placed another bid, this one outrageously high.  She watched nervously as the bid climbed steadily.  Chewing her thumbnail, she saw the total hit $9000 with two minutes to go.  Oh please, please don’t let someone snipe her at the last second.  She had typed in an even higher bid and was ready to hit the enter key as the last seconds ticked off.  Time was up! She had won the auction.  She was trying to imagine the surprise on Harry’s face when she showed up at the meet and greet.  All for a mere $10,000.  Her accountant was going to have kittens but it would be worth it.

She messaged the seller to inquire whether she could pick up the tickets rather than wait for mail.  Fortunately, they were located only about 40 miles away in southern Indiana and Kacey made arrangements to meet them the next morning.  Whooping for joy, she ran down the hall yelling for Laura. 

“I got some! We’re going to see Harry!” she shouted over and over again.  Laura indulged her by jumping up and down and shrieking with her but silently wondering how she was going to keep her best friend calm for the next week and a half.

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