catching fire premiere berlin


Josh Hutcherson and I. He was so sweet. The premiere was absolute hell and the cast were obviously late so they ran into the theater without stopping to sign or take pictures so my siblings and a few people we had met ran to the back of the theater to catch the cast on their way out but Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth ran to their cars and immediately left and a third car followed so I assumed it was Josh until all of a sudden everyone was screaming and he was walking up the line taking pictures and singing things. We had been waiting 4+ hours in the cold so we really appreciated him taking the 15 minutes to do that and as the car pulled away he rolled down his window to wave goodbye to us. 

After I took the picture with him I said “Thank you you’re adorable!” and he got this big goofy grin on his face. During this there were adult men behind me and my sisters and my little brother (who is 8 for the record) pushing us up against the barricade fence thing to get an autograph literally squishing us so the security guards had to tell them to back off and Josh said “Pushings not cool” or something along those lines (I’ll have to ask my sister again since she was the one who heard it) and when that didn’t work my dad (whos job history includes being a Marine, a bouncer at a club, and a cop in LA) starting pulling people off of us. Some guy tried to pick a fight until he realized how big my dad is and backed off.

Let me tell you about Humanity

and why yesterday was probably the best day in my entire existence. 

So yesterday I went to the German Premiere of “Catching Fire”, just to be there, maybe get a look on the stars and all that. And I was standing so far at the end. I’ve been walking around all day in these incredible heels and when I was standing there I just wanted to shave them off, and it was so fucking cold, I shivered the whole time. 3 or 4 times I already thought about just going away, to just leave cause I thought, yea well they won’t come to me anyway, but I kept standing there, froze my arse off. Until I noticed a girl and a boy right in front of me, looking at me, talking about me. And I really thought, what the hell is your fucking problem okay, but then the boy came to me, fukcing stood in front of me and asked me if I wanted to have one ticket because they had one too much. I froze, I shivered, I asked him if he was mocking me, but he just said ‘No, we have one card too much" and if I would want to buy it for 40€ and then I almost cried because I haven’t had so much, I had like 6€ in my wallet and I told him, that I don’t have so much, and he was like, yea no it’s okay and gave it to me anyway. I gave him all the money I had, and all the time I just was shaking so badly. And then I moved over the fence and walked with them over this enormous stage, past all these cameras, and everyone was looking really sharp and dashing I looked like fucking lumberjack with leather jacket. I couldn’t fucking breathe and when I met these both again on the inside I asked them why me, and the girl said “You looked so lonely out there and you had such a lovely presence, and this is all just about the gesture” and then I sat in the cinema and the stars of the movie came in. Josh, Jennifer, Liam and a few more and I had such an awesome view. And yeah, that’s the story of how I watched Catching fire more than a week before it officially started, and I still can’t really believe this. And these both, they made me so happy, because they were so selfless and, Oh god, I could cry again. 


Whoooo the Catching Fire premiere in Berlin was crazy! It started out with a lot of annoying hosting (seriously, I usually like the guy, but you got the feeling he wasn’t quite a fan) and a lot of waiting, but then all the actors, director, producer etc arrived, being the nicest people in the world!

Liam, Josh, Jen and Elizabeth were really spending a lot of time giving everyone autographs and posing for photos and it all with a smile (even though some of the guys in the audience were screaming, I’d been afraid they wanted to murder them. Well well, good old German shouting^^; )

All in all I’m still sad I didn’t get tickets, but it was fun and awesome seeing them live :) Can’t wait for the movie now

Today, it was the catching fire premiere in berlin, germany (pics are coming)! I wasn’t there but it is my country, jennifer, josh, liam and co. were in the same country as i am! That’ gread. I will see the film at 23rd november with ‘hunger games’ and my sister (in the german cinemas it’s coming at 21st nov :) ). And jennifer looked fantastic (and elizabeth - of course - to ;) )! So now, good night every one (11.05p.m. in germany) :D