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“This time around we made Peeta’s character much more masculine,” Ms. Summerville said. She laughed as she recounted meeting Josh Hutcherson, the actor who plays him, and saw how athletic he was.

Using jackets and more structured pieces that amped up his already muscular physique, she accentuated his rapid maturation between the first and second films, and hinted at the emotional and sexual allure that drew Katniss to him initially. Ms. Summerville used a lot of subdued greens in Peeta’s wardrobe “because Katniss’s favorite color is green,” she said, “so subliminally, he’s always trying to woo her.” (X)

One night only…. Girl on Fire!

I wanted to imagine what it would be like if the Capitol advertised the tributes during the victory tour as if they were happy, sexy people, putting on a show like the Moulin Rouge. I based this concept on Rene Gruau’s posters for the famous cabaret. 


Capitol Costume Competition at Marylebone, UK, 03/16/14.
Why can’t I have this kind of event in my country ? 

Jennifer Lawrence & Francis Lawrence on ‘Catching Fire’ Costumes:

Francis Lawrence: Yeah. Well, sometimes practicality gets tricky. The wedding dress was pretty impractical. Jen was falling a lot in it.

Jennifer Lawrence: Yeah, the wedding dress was incredible, it’s stunning and unbelievable. I’m not good with big dresses, and stairs. I didn’t know that until afterwards, I wish I would have known! [laughs]

Trish Summerville Nominated for Designers Guild Award

Nominees for the 16th Costume Designers Guild Awards, which celebrate excellence in film, television and commercial costume design, were announced today, and Trish Summerville has been nominated for Excellence in Fantasy Film for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire! The winners of the seven competitive awards will be revealed at the gala on Saturday, Feb.22 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.


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  • The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Trish Summerville
  • Oz: The Great and Powerful – Gary Jones, Michael Kutsche

Catching Fire costume designer Trish Summerville shares some of the inspiration behind the costumes of Catching Fire.