catching bumps

Keith knew it was common knowledge for the body temperature to drop during sleep; however, when he woke up to shivering limbs and chattering teeth, he figured this was different.

When he sat up and had to blink back dizziness stemmed from a splitting headache, he all but confirmed the worst: he was sick.

But, time didn’t stop for illness, so he pried himself off his bed and dressed for the day. Twice he was forced to stop when his vision began to swim, but he would brace himself against a wall and take in slow, measured breaths until he could see and think clearly.

While slipping into his jacket, he stepped out of the room and bumped into Lance.

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ariwtflol  asked:

Klance, 13 for the prompt thing!

Sorry I didn’t respond sooner, I fell asleep lol. 

13. Hey, just look at me. Breathe. 

Lance did not do elevators. He did not do the dark. He didn’t do small, confined spaces. And he certainly didn’t do all three of those things combined. 

So when the elevator to the pool (the only way to the pool, or he would  have one hundred percent taken the stairs) shuddered to a halt, the lights blinked out, and he found himself in the pitch blackness with only Keith for company, Lance instantly started to panic. 

“Quiznak,” Keith grumbled next to him. How was he being so calm? “Okay, we need to see if there’s an emergency hatch or something. 

Lance struggled to breathe, his chest tightening and his fingers lifting to dig into his scalp. “R-Right,” he stammered, his voice coming out in a harsh whisper. “Emergency h-hatch.”

Keith didn’t seem to notice his anxiety, instead stepping to the side, arm brushing Lance’s, and assumedly running his hands over the interior of the elevator. “Wanna give me a hand here, Lance?”

He couldn’t. He couldn’t. The walls were closing in and he couldn’t think and he couldn’t see and he couldn’t focus. His knees shook and Lance forced himself to the ground so that he didn’t fall, the cold metal floor seeping through the skin on his knees and into his bones. 

Lance was vaguely aware of Keith shouting his name, kneeling in front of him, but he couldn’t concentrate on anything but the drowning feeling in his chest. Keith left and Lance wasn’t surprised. He dragged his nails over his head hard, trying to focus on the pain, focus on the pain and not on the elevator, not on the harsh sobs that had started to spill from his lips. 

A red light flickered to life over the door, an emergency light, some foggy part of Lance noted, and then Keith was there again, face lit dimly and eyes concerned. His hands were cool when they lifted to press to Lance’s face. “Hey. Hey, come on. Lance. Hey. Just look at me. Breathe.”

He fought down the urge to claw at his chest, instead locking gazes with the paladin in front of him, matching their breaths, pulling his hands away from his head and clutching at Keith’s wrists instead. Slowly, very slowly, he calmed down, breath hiccuping and fingers digging into Keith’s skin. 

“You’re okay,” Keith was saying, his voice soothing, when had it become so soothing? When had he gotten so close? “We’re okay. We can get out of here, okay Lance?”

He nodded, numb, and tugged on Keith’s wrists, pulling him in. His face turned a thousand different shades of red when he remembered that they were only wearing swim trunks, but he couldn’t bring himself to care. Keith was warm, solid, alive, and the sensation of him hugging Lance took away some of the panic that he had buried in his throat. “I’m sorry,” he croaked out. 

Keith ran a hand up and down his bare back, fingers catching at the bumps of his spine. “It’s okay,” he assured him. “You’re claustrophobic. I wish you’d told us. I don’t…quite know how to deal with these kinds of things.”

Lance shook his head and clung to Keith’s shoulders, trembling. “You’re doing f-fine,” he promised. “Th-Thanks.”

Keith pulled back and squeezed Lance’s biceps gently. “Does the light help?”

“Yeah. Yeah, I’m…I’m okay now.”

Pushing to his feet, Keith held out a hand. Lance took it and allowed himself to be pulled upwards, barely half an inch away from Keith. He flushed and looked up to avoid the paladin’s gaze, and blinked. “There’s an emergency hatch in the ceiling,” he noted. 

Keith followed his look and grinned. “Nice! Now how do we actually get to it?”

Lance glanced back down at his teammate and gave a sheepish smile. “I have a couple ideas.”

Security Check

Yoongi X Reader (Fluff)

Yoongi has never been a fan of the airport, especially when it comes to novice travelers holding up the security line. But when he sets of the security scanner himself, your little vacation takes a turn for the unexpected before you can even reach your destination.

A/N so I found the first ¾ of this written and saved on my desktop way back from, like, early 2015. Turns out I was, am, and forever will be absolute Yoongi trash yikes. Forgive the typos as always.

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Valentine’s Day Love Languages: Physical Touch

If you weren’t a particularly religious person before, Matt Murdock’s introduction into your life sure had you reconsidering. Not necessarily because Matt himself was a God-fearing Catholic, but more so because you personally needed to find God and shake his hand for doing damn fine job on creating your boyfriend.

After all, not everyone could land themselves a miracle in the form of an intelligent, loyal, handsome sweetheart with backside to kill for.

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ID #62342

Name: Carolyn
Age: 21
Country: USA

I’ve always been intrigued with the idea of a pen pal. I’m looking for someone to talk to, send traditional letters or email, and form a genuine friendship.
I’m a feminist and very open-minded to other’s differences. Currently, I’m in college pursuing a psychology degree, then plan to apply for a PhD program for clinical psychology.
I love all sorts of music. I mainly listen to EDM, but you can catch me bumping to rap, R&B, rock, and metal.
I’m an avid reader, writer, and drawer. I have a talent for realism portraits.
If you just want someone to listen to you, I’d love to be your pen pal. I enjoy hearing other’s experiences and adventures, along with sharing mine to you as well.

Preferences: 18+

Prompt: Holtzy fanfic where the reader gets hurt by one of Jillian’s inventions she’s working on and it’s all cute and fluffy? Xx

“Come to bed.” Your lips graze Holtzmann’s ear, your fingers gripped around her collar. She’s been working on her ‘latest and greatest’ project for days now. You’re convinced she’s gotten four hours of sleep total in the past three days.

“Give me another hour.” She’s completely absorbed in her work, you’re somewhat surprised she even heard you. You groan in annoyance and slight concern, freeing her from your grip and moving to sit on the stool beside her.

“Ya know, Jill, sometimes I wonder if you’re a ghost.” She snorts, lifting the contraption up towards the light to examine something closer, “That would explain why you never sleep.” You watch her for a moment and then mutter mostly to yourself, “And why you never seem to touch me anymore.” Her glasses fall off of her face, and she reaches to catch them, bumping something in the process. There’s a bright purple spark and you’re knocked back off of your stool and thrown against the wall. Stars appear at the edge of your vision, which for some reason makes you laugh. Little stars dancing around your apartment, that’s not so bad for a Thursday night in with your girlfriend. Although, you’re not so fond of the high pitch ringing in your ears.

“(Y/N)! Oh, god, are you okay?” Holtz’s face ripples in and out of your vision, you blink a few times in confusion, it’s hard to understand what she’s saying over all the ringing in your head “HELLO? ABBY, I THINK I BROKE MY GIRLFRIEND.” Your eyes slip shut and you feel something shaking you, “NO, NOT IN A SEX WAY, JESUS, ABBY.” You squint to see Holtz panicking, “Can you hear me? Look at me, babe. Look at me, oh my god, damn it please be okay.” Her voice sounds so frantic and strained. You want to be okay for her, in fact you think you are.

“It’s okay, Holtssssssss-woman,” Your voice is all slurred, and you giggle at your bad joke, “Get it? Cus you’re my gal pal?” She cups your face in her hands as your vision slowly starts to clear and the ringing fades away. “Better.” You mumble tiredly, frowning when you see tears pooling in your girlfriend’s eyes.

“You scared me,” She whispers, pressing her forehead to mine. You’ve never seen her so vulnerable before. Her hands are trembling and clammy against your skin.

“I would never ghost you, Holtzy.” You say with a weak smile. She presses a lingering kiss to your forehead before wrapping her arms around you and holding you on the floor.

“I’m sorry.” Her voice is wrought with guilt.

“It was an accident.” You both sit in silence for a long moment. You’re a little afraid to move, knowing your whole body will probably ache for days from the impact. It’s nice to just lean into her and focus on the soothing feeling of her fingers playing with your hair.

“You really think I don’t touch you enough?” You furrow your eyebrows in confusion, trying to figure out what she’s referring to. OH, that. You begin to explain that that was just a joke to catch her attention when she begins to speak in a very nervous tone, “I mean, I know I’ve been working a lot lately and I don’t mean to ignore you, I uh, I just get so wrapped up in projects sometimes.” She rambles on, “And I ummm, I really care about you and of course I want to spend time with you, spend lots of time with you I just, I uh…” She trails off and you watch her, doing your best to hide your amusement. God damn, you were so lucky to have her in your life.

“Maybe I can be your project every once in awhile.” You say, watching a small smirk appear on her lips.

“I think that’s a reasonable compromise.” She leans in, brushing her lips gently against mine. You lean into the kiss, slinging your arms loosely around her neck. She nips gently at your bottom lip, eliciting a soft moan from you. Abby comes storming in at that precise moment.

“Holtzmann! You said it wasn’t a sex thing!” She groans, walking right back out the door before either of you can say a word to her.

Darkness In You

Written by – gothamimagines

Date posted - 12th October 2015

Request - Could you please write an imagine where you’re one of the cheerleaders on the bus. And when Jerome comes in and freaks everyone out you are silent and don’t scream at all. He take interest in you and takes you with him. He try’s to get you to speak or scream or to make any noise but instead you keep quiet which makes him even more interested

A.N. – I changed the request slightly as it turns out the anon asked for the same story from another writer, so to be fair I shook things up a little. So the request is only a outline.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

You hated traveling, it was one of the worst things in the long list of things you hated about being a cheerleader.

The only reason you were a cheerleader was because you wanted the extra credit it would get you for the after school activity. You hated most of the girls you had to work with and trusted them even less.

You’d been dropped purposely several times causing bruises and sprains, they’d tried everything they could to get you to quit, but instead of quitting you did the next best thing…you got revenge.

You dropped people in return, tripped them mid routine and purposely mistimed catches. Causing not only bumps and bruises but breaks too. They came to see you were ruthless and began to leave you alone.

You sat at the back of the bus alone, dead centre on the long backseat when all hell broke loose. The bus jerked forward, and screams filled the air as a red haired man entered the bus, gun in hand.

You sat frozen, completely entranced by the man before you.

You watched him walk up and down the bus. The way he span and dancing with excitement, his laugh, those eyes. He was mesmerising, he spoke but his words fell on deaf ears as you watched him.

The cries and sobs of your fellow cheerleaders filled the bus as he waved his gun around, but not a single sound left your mouth.

His eyes fell on you, they searched your face but found no trace of tears or fear. He smiled at you and your breath hitched.

“Well hello, what do we have here?” He slid into the seat next to you watching you intensely. You kept quiet, your brain unable to form words as you watch him.

“What’s your name?” He whispers but you still don’t speak, not trusting your voice.

“Hmm, the silent type huh?” He stood up and walked away leaving you feeling disappointed.

He suddenly spins theatrically and holds his gun flush between your eyes. A few of the girls around you scream in terror, but you don’t even flinch. He smirks down at you and your lack of reaction. He gazes in your eyes, looking for something. He smiles widely, whatever it was he was looking for he seems to have found it.

He pulls his gun away and reaches him hand towards you, he grabs your chin and pulls upward making you stand.

“Come with me” you can’t make out if its a question or a demand but you don’t care, he grabs your hand and pulls you down the bus.

“Y/n don’t!” You hear a shout behind you. The redhead freezes and turns with a bright but wicked smile,

“Y/n? Is that your name gorgeous?” He cups your cheek, stroking his thumb over it. He winked quickly as he turned and continued to pull you towards the door of the bus.

He pulls you outside, spinning you around and pushing you back against the bus. Your heartbeat increases at his close proximity. You ignore the other men outside of the bus

“So you don’t scream, you don’t cry, you don’t beg for your life when face to face with a gun….you are just a creature of mystery Y/n…there’s no fear in your eyes, nothing” he giggles, you can’t help but smile in return.

“The question is why? Why aren’t you scared Y/n? Do you know who I am?” You nod lightly, he waits for you to speak. You take a deep breath and swallow the lump in your throat

“You’re Jerome Valeska, you escaped from Arkham Asylum. The GCPD are looking for you” A look of pride fills his eyes that you knew him.

“And as to why I’m not afraid, I honestly don’t know. I know I should be sitting in that bus screaming and crying with the rest of the girls but…I’m just not scared” you frown to yourself as you try to think of a reason for your lack of terror in the face of a bunch of psychopaths.

“Well I think there a little bit of darkness in you gorgeous, I can see it in your eyes, the same thing I see in mine when I look in the mirror and thats why you aren’t afraid” he reaches and strokes your cheek “and I’d love to find out how deep that goes” he laughs manically, his eyes dancing with excitement.

“Jerome, let’s do this!” One of his fellow inmates shouts. Jerome sighs and rolls his eyes. He pulls you around the front of the bus

“Stay right here” he instructs before entering the bus once more with a hose.

Everything flashes before you as you hear the approaching sirens. Jerome appears outside again, popping his head around the front of the vehicle

“Get behind the bus” he shouts at you, you quickly shuffle behind the bus out of sight of the police

There’s screams from the bus, the shouts from the police and gun fire all around, you squat lower at the sound.

“Light em up!” You hear Jerome shout, you see him appear at your side.

“Well gorgeous I’m afraid this hasn’t gone to plan” he spits out glaring towards to direction of the GCPD

“So I’m afraid for now, this is where we say goodbye” you frown at his words not wanting him to go

“While there’s a chance some of your cheer - buddies may live and say I took you, means they’d look for you”

You felt sad, you had an instant connection with him, crazy or not. And you wanted to know what he meant when he said that he saw darkness in you.

“But I don’t want you to go” you whisper more to yourself than to Jerome. He grins wildly

“I said ‘for now’ ” you smile up at him. He grabs your face and slams his lips to yours roughly leaving you breathless

“I’ll come back for you, tell them I was planning on kidnapping you if they ask. I’ll see you soon gorgeous” and with one last brief kiss he was gone.

You felt the bus move against your back leaving you trapped before the GCPD, you throw your hand up at the guns pointing at you.

“Lower your weapons! She’s one of the kids” they rush you towards the cars, away from the body on the floor and the flames.

You were bombarded with questions from the cheerleaders and the police

“Y/n! Oh my god!”, “Are you ok?”, “Did he hurt you?”

You reassured everyone that you were fine, just dazed.

The latter part was true, you were dazed. Your mind reeling from the memories of Jerome’s lips on yours. You stomach filled with butterflies as you remember his promise to come back and him promising to see you soon.

You smile to yourself as you scan the crowed, hoping to catch a sight of red hair in the chaos around you. You sigh heavily, turning away from the scene, whispering into the wind.

“Hurry back handsome”

[ Jared extended imagine ] Hurricane.

Original imagine: Imagine: Appearing on the ‘Hurricane’ video for all the hot scenes with Jared.

Written by: A.Wölf.

Notes: NSFW. 

You might want to play this in the background: [ X ] (Obviously) ;)

{ Anon request }


-Hi, i’m Jared. - The blue eyed man said offering me his hand.

-Hello. Y/N. - I said shaking it.

We sat at one of the tables in the coffee shop he asked me to meet him at.

-I got your headshot and acting resume. I wanted to meet you in person to tell you what the video i’m directing is about, cause it’s a little… intricate.

-I understand. - I said taking a sip of my coffee.

-Do you have any experience doing sex scenes?

-Not really.

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lightvvvoods  asked:

a good thought: magnus and alec smiling into kisses, maybe even laughing out of pure happiness

what a beautiful thought

somewhere months from now, after dates have come and gone until magnus has lost count of them. somewhere in the middle of alec’s things slowly piling up in every corner of magnus’s loft, but magnus hasn’t exactly dropped the topic of alec moving in just quite yet. instead he just sits on the couch sipping a coffee and looking out over the way alec has slowly almost accidentally woven his way into magnus’s space, sitting curled up with a blanket, reading a book with the afternoon sun turning his eyelashes golden.

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anonymous asked:

Could you maybe do a George one shot thing? Where y/n and The Twins are both in the same year in Gryffindor, but are well known for being enemies and hating one another (especially George and y/n)? They have similar personalities, but always go out of their way to make the others lives as difficult as possible, and are often found arguing or causing some kind of scene and annoying eachother? But then George and y/n end up in detention and somehow end up finding out they like eachother? 😝😝

Here it is! Will try to post the next one soon and thank you for all the notes on my last one! x Really hope you like it and yeah, I included a bit of fluff at the end!! x Enjoy! 

It was a the rain today that made a big lot of Hogwarts students take care of their homework in the Great Hall instead of outside today. You were amongst them, brooding over an assignment professor McGonagall had given to the Gryffindors before. Just when you felt like you could finally concentrate properly, loud voices drowned most of the talking that was going on at the Gryffindor table. “New, original Puking Pastilles, fresh out of the kitchen! Who’d like to test them?”, George Weasley shouted and wandered around, jokingly offering everyone one of his novelties that he kept in a small wooden box. “Maybe swallow one yourself so we won’t have to endure your blabbering anymore”, you said just loud enough for him to hear. Some of your friends turned around and giggled, passing glimpses at George, who was now joined by his twin brother. They laughed patronizingly before stopping next to you. “Trust me, we have had enough of them already”, Fred said. “Besides” - he put the box into his pocket - “We don’t even need Puking Pastilles anymore. Looking at people like you will do as well”, George finished his brother’s sentence. Fred seemed to be quite surprised at his statement but nevertheless, he roared with laughter a second later. The Weasley twins were usually being rather witty and clever than plain rude, but when it came to you, they had no mercy. Your rivalry was famous, for both Weasleys and you had tried to embarrass, ridicule and pester each other countless times. There was just something about them that annoyed you to death, but still, you had to admit that their wit kept you busy. Some were snorting when they heard what George said and turned to you. He had countered very well, indeed. The twins were still smirking, whereas you couldn’t help but blush a bit. You looked at them darkly as your brain searched for a thing to say next that would rout them somehow, but you were interrupted by Angelina Johnson, who called the twins eagerly to discuss the next Quidditch practice. With a giggle, George turned to you and gave you a winning smile. “What a lousy prick”, you muttered again, just loud enough so he would hear you.

It had been a hard day; after three more hours in the afternoon, you finally returned to the Gryffindor common room around early evening time. First thing you did when walking into the Common Room was checking the ceiling – Fred and George had set off enlarged spiders on you once and eversince that had happened, you always kept your wand steady to avoid getting a brutal shock like in those days again. Everything seemed to be fine, though, so you put your wand into your pocket again and walked toward the girl’s dormitory as you saw the twins coming down the stairs. Something about George’s evil grin that appeared on his face as he spotted you made you furious and, to your own pleasure, brought out your cunning. He walked right past you – a terrible mistake of his – and bumped your shoulder. In return, you quickly stretched out your left foot. George Weasley fell and stretched out his arms just before his face hit the floor, but nevertheless, there was a loud thump that made pretty much everyone look around. Fred stumbled slightly but he was able to keep his balance. George’s face was almost the shade of his hair. “Oopsie, so sorry, Georgie”, you said teasingly and quickly got away with a chuckle before he the twins could return the favor.

The next day started off quite well since you had breakfast with your friends; furthermore, your schedule today would be more or less pleasant. But what you didn’t think about was that it was practically Fred and George’s turn to hassle you, so what happened in the afternoon actually left you speechless. You were walking down the corridor when something hit your cheek strongly. Within a matter of seconds, it doomed to you what was happening. “Merlin’s beard, I-“, you muttered, but something hit your cheek again. This time, you were able to catch what had bumped you so harshly, but as you opened your hand, your eyes widened. It was a big, fat beetle, but as you stared at it, it doubled. More and more insects and nasty, weird looking slugs were appearing on your hand and sliding down your arms into your clothing. They just kept evolving, even as you tried to drop most of the animals on your hand. Some were making their way to your shoulder already and you turned around several times, trying to shake them off. “What the-“, you wept and stopped to pull out your wand. As you tried to remove a slug from your arm, it only enlarged. Now, people were starting to notice you, skipping and turning around hastily, crying out from time to time. And when they started to laugh, you got so furious you just squashed some of the animals crawling on the floor with your foot. Desperately, you tried another spell on the animals and to your relief, it worked. You shook off the last slug sticking to your arm before angrily turning around. Fred and George were standing behind a pillar, laughing so hard their voices went silent. “You stupid, disgusting little gits!”, you shouted and ran toward them, pulling out your wand. Both didn’t stop laughing. With a brush of your hand, you removed your (now) tousled hair from your face and glared at both of them. And as they still didn’t stop laughing, you seized your chance and aimed at George. “Y-Your face when you s-saw them”, George snorted, gasping for air. A second later, a bird made of fire evolved from your wand and poked George in the face. “WHAT-“, he cried out, looking painfully startled, before shielding his face with his arms. Fred was trying to help him, but George had already raised his wand at you. Before he could do anything, though, he was pulled back by a figure in a black robe. People around you seemed to be more silent than before; some even left the scene as quickly as possible. “What have we learned about using spells on the corridor, Weasley?” a monotone, sunken voice asked him from behind. George did not answer. Professor Snape was grabbing his shoulder tightly as he made the bird you had conjured disappear with a single flick of his wand. “Impressive, Miss (Y/L/N), very impressive. Not appropriate to use on a corridor, though, you should know. Detention, both of you, this evening, 6 o’ clock, my office.” he stated, barely moving his thin lips. “But, Professor, he teased me-“ - “DETENTON. Haven’t I made myself clear already? Maybe taking 20 points of Gryffindor will do.” Snape violently let loose of George’s shoulder again. “For each one of you, obviously”, he added and left again in a stiff walk. “Great job, idiot”, you said furiously and walked right past George, who was looking angry and confused as ever.

“You will clean my library. Each of you will do 3 shelves. I expect highly studious work from both of you, so if I find one book that is covered in a layer of dust, I will make sure you do everything once again. And if you dare to bugger off… You can start taking time to clean the whole library downstairs for the rest of the year.”, Snape declared quickly. His dark eyes stared down at you as you nodded grimly. At least he wouldn’t patrol you two too much since his library was in an extra room, but as you examined the shelves, you knew that there was a lot of hard work coming towards you. George didn’t look at you once; he just started cleaning books – without magic, of course. Both of you were absorbed in the rage and bitterness over what had happened and what you were forced to do now. After what seemed like hours already, you heard a loud thud from Snape’s office next door.                                             “Probably fell off his chair because he realized he’s only had two detentions today, that poor soul”, you muttered under your breath without really thinking about it. Everything was making you mad right now; it felt as if no matter what you said, it was automatically turning out to be negative. Your anger was cut off though – not by Snape, but by George, who was silently chuckling. He was actually, truly, honestly laughing at your comment. You just stared at him in disbelief. “Or maybe he got a letter from the Ministry”, he grinned, “They want him to pair up with Umbridge because they would make such a perfect duo” – “Or, Umbridge fancies him”, you added, now joining his quiet laughter. George actually gave you a friendly glimpse there for a moment, but his face froze again since he seemed to recall what had happened before. He turned away again, cleaning his shelf, but you couldn’t get over what had just occurred. “That was quite… funny, to be honest, Weasley”, you said suddenly, to your own surprise. He, on the contrary, raised his eyebrows. “Oh, I’ve said much funnier things, believe me” His look softened suddenly. “But I mean, you don’t seem to have such a bad sense of humor as well”

You were absolutely astonished by his words. He didn’t sound so blatantly arrogant anymore and suddenly, you could imagine him talking to his friends like this. “Well, you’ve got the pranks to proof it. After all, we have one common ground, at least”, you responded. Whether it was the heat in the library or the actual happenings right now you did not know, but you were pretty sure that you were starting to blush. “You may or may not be right there”, he smiled mischievously, “Actually, you’ve kept Fred and me busy for a long time. Some of our ideas are based on certain events involving you” “You mean like the Puking Pastilles?”, you asked, actually thinking he had only messed around with you. “No, that was just a really… bad joke of mine”, George responded quickly. You couldn’t believe the tone of his voice; he was actually sounding quite ashamed of himself. “Well, it definitely was a good counter”, you said and turned to him. It was strange how you never really looked at each other in privacy, without the intention to harass the other one. But how come you were suddenly low-key chatting to the person you had an especially bad connection to?  George snorted slightly and looked down on his feet. He had more or less said he was sorry about the joke with the Puking Pastilles and he was actually willing to talk to you, how could that happen all of a sudden?

“Who are you and what have you done to George Weasley?”, you joked. George looked up again, grinning nervously. “It’s so weird. But I’ve just been thinking, you know, after all, we are quite-“, he stammered – “Alike?”, you said. Footsteps were audible from Snape’s room, so you remained in silence for a moment. As the steps vanished again, George nodded. “Perhaps. It just made me think how we’re practically wasting a lot. Only hypothetically, of course, but imagine if we worked together” You smiled. “Are you suggesting we should start working together?”- “No, that’s n-not what I said-“ – “I’m only joking, George. But you’re right. How did we even start out hating each other?”, you asked and it was a question that you really couldn’t answer at the moment. “I don’t know, I guess there was just something about both of us that drew our attention, after all?”, he said and shrugged. Obviously, he was right, but that easily could’ve turned out to be a good thing as well. It was then when you understood that you only chose to hate him, that you had this playful rivalry going on, but it didn’t lead you anywhere. Both of you seemed to be so startled over what was happening, you just stared into nowhere for a second. “Are you planning to go to Hogsmeade this weekend?”, George suddenly asked. “Hm?” – “I mean, do you have any plans for the weekend? Maybe we can meet up somewhere”, he repeated, blushing so violently it almost made you giggle. “Um, no, not really. Um, maybe, yes. Perhaps. If we can endure hours in Snape’s library, I guess Hogsmeade will work as well, right?”, you replied clumsily. You couldn’t even put into words how stupid you felt for doing this, but there was something about George’s voice that told you he was being serious with you. “No pranks and no bullying?”, you asked and held out your hand to George. He took it and shook it, seeming quite confident again. “Deal”, he said. “Although, I might accidentally slip a Puking Pastille into your butterbeer”, he added quietly before both of you started laughing out loud. “Merlin’s beard, how am I going to explain to Fred?”, he muttered and chuckled. You grinned at him. “How are we going to explain the entire school?”

-A few weeks later-

“Is that-“, Ron stammered as he saw his brothers Fred and George walking down the busy, snowy pavement of Hogsmeade. “(Y/N), Fred and George, yes”, Hermione finished, but she sounded quite unsurprised. They were walking down the road, George being very close to (Y/N), discussing something eagerly. “How? Why? What has happened to Fred and George, I thought they hated (Y/N)”, Ron know howled dramatically. “They have found their common ground, Ron. I always knew they secretly liked each other a lot. Angelina told me it happened in detention. George and (Y/N) kind of talked about things, as far as she knows. And it left them surprised too, but they have more or less forgiven each other. I even suppose that George kind of asked (Y/N) out last week”, she explained, looking quite happy since one more source of friction would vanish from the Gryffindor common room now. “They’ve gone mental”, Ron sighed and walked toward his brothers. “Are you joking?”, he said as he slightly pulled Fred to his side. “No, mate, you’re probably the 20th person to ask us that today. I thought you had known already, though”, Fred responded, grinning at his younger brother. “Had known what?”, Ron asked. Fred sighed again, but he seemed to be very amused over Ron’s utter confusion. “We’re friends now. Amigos. We’re good, no pranks anymore, no bullying, no shouting. Well, we will still prank others together, but not quite as harshly”, Fred explained quickly. Ron just stared at him in disbelief. “The tables have turned, Ronnie”, he now grinned slowly. “Yes, even we get sentimental. We have recognized her potential as a friend and consultant for our shop”

Ron just nodded and looked around to search for Hermione, who was still standing in the middle of the pavement, giggling. “I even think George fancies (Y/N)”, Fred grinned as he leaned down a bit, but George bumped his chest a second later. “Stop it now, you git”, George said. You couldn’t suppress a smile as you saw him blushing. It was true, he kind of asked you out very clumsily last week after you had spent a good time laughing alone down by the lake. “I bet my life they even snogged already”, Fred whispered. George gave you a nervous, but sweet look before telling Fred to shut up again, even though he had been very much right about the assumption he made about you two.

#58: Ticklefight *Requested*


This may or may not be my last writing for a while. I leave for a holiday on Gran Canaria here on wednesday but since I will bring my laptop with me this time, I might finish some writings whilst being there. Also my birthday is in 4 days now and my whole body is buzzing with anticipation :3


Luke’s deep breaths was the only sound in the bedroom as the morning was taking over the smaller city you were living at, the sun starting to rise sending reddish sparks inside through your curtains. Even though the weekend had started you were light awake at 9AM, staring at the curtain covered window to make time pass. “Y/N.” Luke mumbled with a raspy voice, making you turn around in your spot, looking at him to see him still with his eyes closed. “Make me breakfast.” He commanded but not in a stern tone. “No.” You laughed, making him crock an eye open. “But I’m hungry.” He almost whined, grabbing you tighter around the waist to pull you even closer than what you already were. “But I’m not.” You shrugged, turning around so your back was facing his chest again. “Guess I’ll use a cowardly trick then.” He mumbled and you knotted your eyebrows by his words but they were soon raised in a shock as his hand started to move down to your thighs, letting his fingers brush over it so a squeal came out of your lips. “Luke don’t you even dare.” You breathed already knowing what he was about to do. Luke let out a small mouth closed chuckle, a smirk plastered on his face as you looked back at him – his eyes still closed. The both of you didn’t move or said anything but as he started to tickle your inner thigh a  rush came through your body making you squeal up again, moving around in the bed like a worm as he continued his action. “Luke stop.” You breathed through giggles and deep breaths, trying to get the boy to stop. “Naha not until you’ll make me breakfast.” He smiled, opening his eyes now, sitting up straight in the bed. “Never.” You almost yelled, and his eyebrows lifted in a surprised smirk before pinned your arms above your head, continuing the tickling. You were wiggling in a determine to get your arms out of his grip but it was no use. Luke only laughed at you as you didn’t want to give up but after a several more minutes of wiggling, giggling and yelling you finally gave in. “Okay! I’ll make you that fucking breakfast just stop.” You yelled and as you said it, he stopped his actions completely. “You look great.” He said sarcastically still with a smirk plastered on your face, yourself panting with a red face. “I’d like some Nutella on my toast please.” He smiled before giving you a kiss on the forehead, you rolling your eyes at him as you went out of bed.


“Cal…” You whined letting out a huff as you tried to move your angle in the small bunk. “Mhm.” He hummed turning on his side to look at you. “How much space do you need?” You questioned gesturing to your body being pressed up against the wall, Calum almost filling the entire bunk. “All of it.” He groaned against the sharing pillow making you narrow your eyes at him. “Move a bit.” “No.” He answered not even opening his eyes. Your formed a mad pout at him even though he wasn’t looking at you until your eyes lit up in an idea. Fiddling with your hands under the covers you could feel Calum tense by your sudden move, cock one eye open. “What are you- Holy shit aah.” He exclaimed starting to jerk around in the small bunk trying to avoid your fingers. “What?” You asked innocently baffling your eyelashes. “Don’t you dare do that again.” He warned now having both eyes staring at you. “I’m not doing anything.” You smiled whilst shaking your head. Calum lifted an eyebrow at you but his eyes widen again and small grunts were leaving his mouth as you started to tickle him down the rips, the Kiwi boy starting to twitch around in the bunk again, letting out giggles with a mix of grunts and heaving breathings. “Y/N stop.” He finally managed to say, trying to wiggle out of your grip but it was difficult due to the small amount of space and if he moved himself more he would fall out. You only shock your head at him before giving him a light push on the chest so he felt back onto his back, which allowed you to throw a leg over his hip, settling yourself on him continuing your tickling actions on the snorting boy. “Please stop.” Calum laughed through hysteric breathings, finally gaining some strength and grabbed you by the waist before turning you around, now hovering over you. “Guys the whole fucking bus is shaking, please stop whatever business you’re doing.” Ashton hissed from his bunk, sticking his head out from the curtain with a raised eyebrow and suspicions face expression. The other two’s did the same, looking down at Calum’s bunk. Calum removed the curtain from his bunk a bit letting the guys see you lying under Calum with a red face just as him. “This is not what it looks like.” Calum insisted making now Luke and Michael cock an eyebrow as well. “She was just tickling me-“ “Okay enough.” Ashton said with wide eyes, shutting his curtain. Calum rolled his eyes by Ashton’s perverted brain, the others closing their curtain there curtains as well.


”God you suck at this.” You commented as you watched Michael failing for the probably the fifth time in his game, himself letting out uncontrolled groan throwing the controller over the other end of the couch. He looked back at you to see you sending him an uncontrolled smirk, knowing that it would get on his nerves. “Like you could do it better.” He mocked, grabbing the remote turning off the TV. “Maybe not. But that doesn’t take it back that you suck.” You smiled and he looked back at you irritated before a smirk came upon his lips. “Sounds like someone needs a little trip down the ticklish road.” He smiled before standing up from the couch, heading towards you sitting on the other couch. “What do you- Oh shit.” You snapped, standing up instantly knowing what he was hinting as he was lifting his fingers in the air, wiggling them. “No please Michael don’t.” You pleaded, standing up from the couch before he could pin you too it. “Hmm.. No.” He smiled, before sprinting towards you, trying to catch you but you were too fast for him, already turning around the couch. “Catch me if you can.” You yelled running around in circles around the couches, Michael right behind you as the both of you were running in each other’s heals, and Michael determined to catch you. A sudden bump from your hip made you fall to the ground as you had run into the backside of the couch, your back hitting the ground before Michael ran over to you, almost collapsing on you. You let out a huff as he sat himself a little further down your stomach. “Don’t you even dare Clifford.” You warned with big eyes but they changed into squeezed once as your laugher started to fill the living room, Michael starting to smile himself by his actions. “Michael it- it’s inappropriate to tickle someone in the armpit.” You laughed trying to pry his fingers away from your armpits but the boy wouldn’t bug. “Not if you ask me.” He laughed continued his actions. Your legs were jolting up and down, Michael’s smirk never leaving his lips, “Say that I don’t suck at video games.” He demanded making you only shake your head. “Never.” You said through breaths and giggles. “Fine by me.” He shrugged not stopping. But it didn’t take long for you to let out small shouts saying “Okay okay.” He stopped his actions looking at you with a smile playing on his lips. “You don’t such at video games.” You gave in and he let out a small giggle before placing his lips on your panting ones, taking the breath away from you again.


“Guys come on, give us some more dares!” Ashton whined to the camera above on his MacBook laptop, giving the camera a smaller pout as he stared into it. “Remember we have different hashtags.” He mentioned grabbing his phone again to mention what he had already said more than 4 times during the twitcam. “If you want to dare me, use the hashtag #IdareyouAsh and if you wanna dare Y/N use #IdareyouY/N.” He smiled to the camera as he finished talking before looking back at his phone, scrolling through the hashtags that kept popping up on his phone. “Here’s a good one.” He suddenly said making you remove your gaze from your phone to look at him. “It says: Ashton I dare you to kiss Y/N on any body part you want, along with the hashtag.” He winked at you. “No way. You can kiss me on the cheek.” You laughed pointing towards your cheekbone. There was no way that you would let Ashton kiss you on whatever body part of his choice in front of 30k people watching. “Fine.” He whined before pressing his soft lips onto your cheek, giving it a few pecks before he removed himself from you – even such a small affection like that could make both yours and his butterflies go crazy in your stomachs, Ashton having a smaller pinkish color on his cheeks now. “I have one.” You said as you clicked on a tweet, having a devilish smile plastered. “What?” He asked with a cocky eyebrow noticing how your expression had changed. “Y/N I dare you to tickle Ashton on his most dangerous tickle spot.” You winked before throwing the phone to the madras raising yourself to straddle Ashtons lap. “Don’t you dar-“ Ashton didn’t get the chance to finish his sentence as your hands connected with his rips, the boy letting out hysteric typical Ashton laughs as he was rolling around now landing on the bed you were having the twitcam at, Ashton’s legs started to twitch up and down. “Ash if you keep on doing that with your legs you’re gonna knock down your laptop.” You smirked keeping on tickling him. “If you stopped tickl- tickling me we wouldn’t have that problem.” He almost yelled through laughs, trying to pry you off his body. “It was your fans who requested this.” You shrugged, slowing down your tickling so he could at least catch a breath. You stopped completely before sitting straight on him, and he let out deep pants, removing his now dampen curls from his forehead. “Now that looks naughty.” He commented as he turned his head motioned to the twitcam seeing you guys’ reflection. A pink blush appeared on your cheeks as well as you removed yourself from his lap continuing the twitcam again. 

  • (everybody singing happy birthday)
  • Chas: Well go on then.
  • Aaron: It's great. Are we gonna go to the soft play area as well later?
  • Chas: You ungrateful wretch, it's all David had. Anyway, you're a very childish person, so it fits.
  • Liv: I did actually order you something, but it's not gonna arrive til next week, so just enjoy a nice cash present for now.
  • Aaron: Yeah, you're alright, you keep it. Put it towards the trainers you want.
  • Chas: Thank you. You lazy mare. I gave you 20 quid yesterday to go and get him something. Where's the other fiver?
  • Liv: Crisps for me and Gabby.
  • Robert: I lent you 20 quid for the Drayman's Christmas box, so you still owe me a fiver. Did you get a snog, by the way?
  • Chas: Hm. Got nowt.
  • Liv: Bit like Aaron got off Robert.
  • Chas: Yeah at least I got him a shirt.
  • Aaron: Yeah, no there is nothing wrong with plain black, slightly too big.
  • Chas: Added growing room, isn't it? It's winter, stick a jumper underneath it.
  • Robert: Well, despite being very busy, I have actually got you something, Aaron. A Rolex.
  • Chas: No?
  • Robert: Yeah, no. A rolo.
  • Chas: Aw, actually, that that's quite touching, yeah. It was a brilliant ad, in the 80s. I was just a kid.
  • Robert: Not the 1880s. ahhh. But it is said "Do you love someone enough to give them your last rolo". So, says it all.
  • Aaron: Does it?
  • Liv: Oh, cheer up Aaron, you're only 25, you've got your whole life behind ya.
  • (Chas laughs)
  • Robert: I'll catch you later. (leaves)
  • Chas: Right, well, make sure you come in for your tea this af, okay?
  • Aaron: If I don't get a better offer.
  • Liv: This is the first birthday I've actually spent with you, so I'm sure it'll get better as the day goes on.
  • Aaron: Here, catch!(Liv catches) Nice! (Fist bump)
Robin Hood (Part 1/?) (Clint Barton x reader)

Request: Clint & The Team are investigating a circus involved in the disappearance of some of its audience members. Clint goes undercover since he has a history with the circus life. There he meets the reader a singer. But every time she goes on he can’t remember any of her shows. the circus is a front for hydra experimentation. She has mind control powers. But she’s forced to do it. He informs the rest and when they try to rescue her the whole circus vanishes and Clint is determined to get her back Romance/Angst fic!

It wasn’t new for Clint to get a little teasing from the gang each time he put on his mission gear, more so lately now that he was trying a new one-armed top to allow him more freedom to move with the bow.  He had been accused of trying to look like Bucky so many times that he had lost count, going so far as to switch which side of the top was sleeveless, only to switch it back when the feel wasn’t right and an arrow came within inches of Steve’s head during practice.  

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pleasecallmecaptain  asked:

004 + 046? I CAN'T WAIT! And congrats on 400, you deserve it! :D

THANK YOU SWEETIE!! You’re honestly too nice to me <333

Originally posted by civilstarwars

Most of the Avengers were surprised when Steve invited them to his wedding. Not because they didn’t think he wanted them there, but because they didn’t think he was the type to get married. They understood when they saw you two together though, because Steve never smiled that bright around anyone else. 

You always laughed when they asked how you met, partly because you still couldn’t believe your luck and partly because you’d never believed in all those wedding superstitions before. 

“We were both at a friend’s wedding and I caught the bouquet.” And then you brought up how, while stepping back to make the catch, you bumped right into Steve’s chest. The way Steve told the story, you had both toppled to the ground and the second he looked up at you, he was in love. 

From there you’d be blushing because Steve was so sappy and someone had to be embarrassed for him. He didn’t care though, as long as his arms were wrapped around you and his chin was resting on your shoulder, he couldn’t care less about how much of a softie he was. 

Not even Tony had it in him to tease the super soldier, who finally looked like he was exactly where he was supposed to be; and Steve wasn’t making it easy for his teammate to hold back his sass, especially when he nuzzled into the hair behind your ear and muttered something like,

“Is it possible to be too in love?”

Step Two-Three

Based on this super cute post by fluffylaces. All credits go there, ‘cause I’m not original at all xD. I obviously couldn’t pass it up and I’m just sorry it ended up really long and dumb and it’s probably nothing anybody wanted *^*

High School Prom AU where Newt can’t dance but it’s okay because Alby can.

Warnings: Unbeta’d, so probably a bunch of mistakes. First time writing from a prompt-ish thing, so sorry if this is completely wrong ahaha…

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