catching a mistake on a test

mawaddahar said to collegerefs: how to get straight As in exams. im craving to get it! help me.

1. Start the semester strong by developing good notetaking methods

A big mistake some people make is by being too relaxed at the beginning of the semester. They’ll take it easy, take some mediocre notes, then start to panic when the midterm comes around. You need to find a good notetaking method ASAP and follow it consistently. Taking good notes is essential to good studying habits. 

2. Study frequently

I say this all the time, but studying every day or every week is so much more effective than waiting until the day before the exam to start studying. Study often and you won’t have to cram at the end of the semester. It doesn’t have to be long, intense study sessions; just study for 20 minutes every day and you’ll start to memorize and retain so much more information than if you’d just waited until the night before the final.

3. Create practice tests

Sites like quizlet can help you develop your own practice tests for classes. Practice tests are a great studying tool because they will help you identify the material with which you’re having issues, so you know what you really need to study and what you already know pretty well. 

4. Attend study sessions

If you’re lucky enough to have a professor or TA who holds a study session, go to it. They know what’s on the exam and they’ll definitely give hints about what you will need to know. This is also a great opportunity to ask questions about material you don’t understand. 

5. Engage during class

I learn so much more when I’m actively talking to my professor and answering questions. Just sitting in class while mindlessly copying down notes won’t help you retain nearly as much as actually participating will. 

6. Pretend to teach someone else the material

This is a great studying method because if you can effectively teach someone else something, then you know the material very well. One way that I do this is by summarizing my notes into a concise paragraph that would be able to teach someone the gist of the lesson. 

7. Use all the time you are given for an exam

Don’t be the kid who leaves 20 minutes early during an exam. Double check your test. Triple check your test. Make sure you read each question carefully and you didn’t miss any “ands” or “buts.” Give yourself time to try to remember terms that you think you’ve forgotten. Test anxiety is a very real thing and if you take the full time to check over your exam, you’ll catch mistakes you made when you were frantically trying to complete the test.


Whenever you saw Emma and Hook around each other either alone or with a larger group, your mood declined heavily. You could go from an idle conversation with Snow and Hook, to complete silence when Emma showed up. In your mind you couldn’t compare to her ocean blue eyes, lovely blonde locks, and her bright smile that lit up an entire room. No, in your mind you weren’t even on the scale from one to ten compared to Emma Swan.

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The Choices We Make

It was supposed to be fluff and ended in so much angst. I’m sorry…we’re only getting started.

The Choices We Make
Part one

With trembling hands, Sakura slowly lowered herself onto the bathroom floor before her knees gave out on her. She exhaled shakily, no longer sure if the churning of her stomach was from what she had just learned or rather the morning sickness she suspected she had been experiencing for a few days now. Most likely a little of both.

It felt unreal. She had thought she had just been pushing herself too hard and not taking care of herself again as the hospital once more became overrun with injured shinobi. With summer about to be in full swing, the number of missions always increased as small cities bordering their country requested the assistance of their ninja. Never once had she considered the possibility of being pregnant. Not until Shizune had teased her the night before when she walked into their shared office to find Sakura demolishing an entire box of donuts by herself.

Sakura would have taken a test right then if not for the fact an entire squadron had been rushed into the ER from an ambush. The women had spent the whole night fighting for the lives of their comrades and while Shizune had chosen to celebrate their victory by catching up on some sleep, Sakura had slipped away to the bathroom.

Another rush of emotion swelled in her chest as she pulled the test from the counter to hold it at eye level. There was no mistaking the double blue line that told her she was expecting, but there was no relief or happiness. Only aching anxiety of what she would do now.

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honestly straight people look i’m glad you wanna be an ally, that’s good, nowhere did i ever say that wasn’t good, but you GOTTA get over yourself. if you really freak out every time you realize someone’s not straight because you think it’s a test of whether you’re a good person and you’re SO scared of reacting wrong, that’s not good. and it makes our existence fundamentally about you and your self-image.

please chill and learn to see us as the ordinary individual human beings we are, not as symbols, not as exotic curiosities, not as monsters who are gonna bite you if you make a well-meaning mistake. and if you catch us online joking amongst ourselves about awkward straight people, realize it’s not meant for you, take a lesson from the joke if you recognize yourself in it and leave well enough alone. constantly dealing with straight people’s othering behavior is exhausting enough without having to hear your tale of guilt, and real allies know that. be that ally. spare us.

Rush Reaction

Pairing: Earth-2 Harrison Wells x Speedster!Reader

Word Count: 5,042 (Do I need to make apologies for the length?)

@emeliescornerI just wanted to let you know that the “Start again” imagine/fic was absolutely adorable. I still get butterflies just thinking about it! The writing was so amazing and I really loved the tension. And perhaps give you an imagine :) Imagine being a speedster like Barry and working together with Earth 2 Harrison Wells to help Barry increase his speed(like a test subject, but the good kind) and falling in love with him. Maybe E-2 Wells feels something back? Tension, fluff, angst(like Start Again):D   

A/N: I do not take one shot requests but this spoke to me and I wanted to write it. This is going to be split up into two parts… I think? And I’ll be combining a few requests for the following installment. I believe the next part will be titled Expedite so, keep an eye out for that. :D ENJOY!

If you all happen to catch mistakes, please let me know so that I may fix them for you. On a side note, please be respectuful and keep in mind that I do not get paid for writing these requests. I would greatly appreciate it if everyone would refrain from hounding me for the next part. :3 It’ll probably be a couple weeks at the very least before we see it. Thank you! :D

Warnings/Tags: Grumpy!Harry, You are Awkward and Adorable, You are a Hard Worker and Harrison Loves it, Slight Shady!Wells, You are an Established Member of Team Flash, I Took Creative Liberties, Slight-Canon Divergence, You are a Test Subject, Fluff, Angst, Slow-Burn (ish?) Romance, Harrison Worries about You, Protective!Harrison, Age-Gap Depending on YOUR Age, Tension of all sorts!

Song Rec(s): I Will Never Let You Down by Rita Ora, Try Everything by Shakira, Kiss Me/XO (Beyonce/Ed Sheeran Mashup) Cover by Louisa Wedorff

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Your name: submit What is this?

“What?!” Harrison bit, his gaze snapping away from his computer screen to stare directly at you.

You bit your lip and warily took a step toward him; his fingers twitching against the armrest of his chair as he continued watching you with a hard expression. He looked like he was about to get up and flip the desk right onto its side but he remained impossibly still - tense even. His posture reminded you of some familiar of bird of prey that had perched itself in a tree; waiting and watching just seconds before striking and descending down on an unsuspecting victim- that victim being you.

“I know I’m not…” You started again, still trying not get him riled up which was easy to do these days. “I’m not as fast as Barry but maybe you could run some tests and help me increase my speed… I know you used to do that type of thing for Jay back on your earth. So, maybe if you made that serum again - Velocity 6 - we could come up a way to help Barry get faster.”

“No.” His response was firm and given so fast that your mind was racing to catch up with his actual answer.

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anonymous asked:

Benlos 18 21

which one accidentally puts a red thing into the whites load the first time they do laundry together?

definitely ben. carlos has been doing laundry for his mom all his life, so he knows what you should and shouldn’t wash together. ben’s had his laundry done for him all his life, so the first time he tries to do it himself, he screws up and turns all of their underwear and socks pink. carlos doesn’t really mind, since it was ben’s first time ever doing laundry, but makes a note to later show ben exactly how to do laundry in order to prevent that mistake from ever happening again.

which one sexts the other more?

i feel like carlos would? i mean, obviously ben tops, considering how much smaller carlos is (in height) than him, but i feel like carlos is just more seductive? i mean, he gave ben bedroom eyes the first time they ever met, sucking the chocolate off of his thumb like he was trying to tease the prince. so, he’d probably sext him more, trying to catch him off guard whenever he’s busy doing something, like preparing to give a speech to the council, or studying for a test. really, it’s whenever they’re away from each other, and carlos wants to get ben a little, er, frustrated. (or, maybe it’s more so when carlos is bored and, at the same time, away from ben, so he likes to have a little bit of fun with him)

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.Agust D “give it to me”MV: another rundown.

Well the MV came out about 3:30AMCST on iTunes for me a few nights ago & about a few minutes later, YouTube & Twitter’s BigHit page confirmed I wasn’t delusional. So I was pretty much broadsided by all of this.

The timing is so random though, I wonder whether BigHit is trying to seriously test us or iTunes got antsy & made a mistake with the release time & BigHit needed to catch up.

Either way I’m now wide awake at odd hours & contemplating never sleeping again.

Note: Though I’m a bit late posting this, I wanted to get my thoughts out anyways- & this write up is a little more theory driven than the last, since I just felt an over all idea happening & read into the visual cues. Also I tie a lot of this rundown with the initial impression/ideas I got from the “Agust D” MV which I wrote up .:here:. So if you have a minute you should skim that too~ 

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RFA High School! HCs - Homework... or not?

Kyky’s back with another RFA High School HC! (1st 2nd 3rd 4th 4th(cont) 5th 7th 8th 9th 10th)



  • It’s cannon that he doesn’t do his homework, but maybe there’s some he does do.
  • Like open response essays
  • He always finds a way to link them to LOLOL Ooo surprise surprise
  • It gets absolutely ridiculous though tbh
  • Like, the teach will give out the prompt:
  • Analyze how the author uses inductive reasoning to prove his point.
  • And Yoosung will write:
  • “I can either die without getting the item, or attempt the dangerous maneuver to retrieve it. Because the point of LOLOL is to stay alive, my choice becomes narrowed down to the latter. Just like how one makes decisions in LOLOL, the author establishes…”
  • Is that even a correct example, YooYoo? XD
  • The teacher gets so annoyed
  • But sometimes his examples are legitimately good
  • And thus the teacher has to give him good marks
  • But the other half of the time he fails because his writing doesn’t “stay on prompt”
  • “Why is your grading so inconsistent?” *tears up*
  • Nooo it’s the Yoosung tear barrage attack! Everyone run!


  • Jumin does all his homework. Like, legit.
  • The thing is…
  • A lot of the time it’s wrong.
  • Really wrong.
  • Like, he-doesn’t-even-understand-the-basic-concept wrong.
  • When he hands it in he’s got this super serious face
  • And that makes the teacher so confused when they grade it
  • They don’t know if it’s a joke?? or if he just doesn’t understand??
  • and why’s there a drawing of a cat on the back
  • The thing is, in class he answers all the questions right.
  • They call him in after class
  • “Jumin, what’s with this? Do you even try on your homework?”
  • Then, dead serious:
  • “No. I see no point in assignments when the test is all that’s needed to establish whether or not you know the concept.”
  • “What-”
  • “Now, if you’ll excuse me, my mother is waiting. There is an important party tonight I must attend.”


  • help this girl
  • She needs to get every question right
  • if she doesn’t, her face scrunches up and she crouches over the paper like it’s the end of the world
  • When she catches her mistake, she gives this huge *SIGH* and pushes up her glasses
  • “Next time. Next time.”
  • if she misses the same question on the test it’s all over
  • Sometimes she’s so concentrated on fixing her homework in class that when the teacher calls on her she’s clueless
  • And then she starts blushing like crazy
  • The rest of the class snickers, but everyone thinks it’s adorable that’s my baehee
  • The teacher will help her through the answer, and Jaehee will pay attention this time
  • But the next day the process just starts all over again


  • Hmm… inconsistency? At its best?
  • Sometimes all his homework is done with doodles of himself in the margins
  • But sometimes none of it is?
  • He will awkwardly scratch the back of his neck and apologize
  • “I was just caught up practicing for the next drama production… I’ll do better, I promise.” no one can resist his sparkly eyes
  • On the off season of the school theater team he has literally no excuse
  • “Sorry… I was… Out doing something…”
  • But when his homework is done, it’s scarily perfect
  • He doesn’t put in any effort, Zen thinks, but in actuality when he does homework he actually concentrates
  • Because he’s the kind of guy to only do one thing at a time and put all his concentration into that one thing
  • hence him hanging up the phone when he wants to practice his lines


  • How do we help this kid?
  • Like Jumin, he thinks all home work is a joke
  • But not for the same reasons
  • He just flat out doesn’t like it like most of us
  • And thus he doesn’t even do it; he doesn’t turn anything in like Jumin
  • The whole year he won’t do any of his homework
  • Of course in his STEM classes he’ll do perfectly fine because his perfect scores on tests will make up for it 
  • But there’s a reason he’s failing English
  • And his grade could really use the buffer points from homework
  • Thus his counselor’s will try to convince him to just do his homework
  • And maybe he will try a little bit, but he gets distracted so easily 
  • It’s ridiculous because he’ll come up with any excuse to get out of it
  • “There’s a giant meteor that’s gonna-” giant meteor 2k16
  • “The meteor isn’t going to hurt you.”
  • “You know, my depression could-”
  • “Just do the damn vocab exercise, Luciel.”


  • He does all his homework, but something’s… a little off
  • Every time he turns something in, the teacher feels a little nervous
  • Maybe it’s the edges of his paper, lightly singed
  • Or maybe it’s the black and red smudges in the margins
  • It’s slightly scary???
  • But the teacher shouldn’t worry
  • Saeran’s just a really good student in the aspect that he’s gotta be perfect
  • How many hours has this boy muttered anxiously over the answer to #4?
  • How many times has this boy wrung his hands and torn his head over the answer to #23?
  • How many tears has he shed over the possibility that he failed his test and that his whole life is over and that he is just useless and should just go-
  • Shhh… Little fuzzball… shhhhh…
  • And then he gets all of the problems right
  • And everyone is looking at him with admiring expressions
  • And he’s blushing OH he’s blushing
  • He promises himself to never think those dark thoughts again.
  • But inevitably they creep back into his little, emo brain
  • And the cycle starts all over again until Saeyoung distracts him and he does fail poor boy
Malia- I’m Guessing You Passed?

Requests-  Can you do a Malia Imagine? Do what you want I haven’t any subjects so…  /   hey! can i have a fluffy malia imagine where her and y/n are dating and y/n has been helping her study for a big test and it turns out malia passes it and she’s so excited about it and being super cute? i thought it’d make a cute imagine! ☺️ (gxg please) 💞

A/N- It did make a cute imagine! Here you go sweetie! Next up is a Jackson imagine.

“Okay, so if y is 3, what does x equal?” you pressed, leaning over Malia’s worksheet as you both laid on top of your bed.
“4?” she asked hesitantly.
Her brown eyes looked up at you hopefully as she pushed a loose strand of brown hair behind her ear. She was bouncing a little nervously, causing the bed to shake, but you couldn’t blame her. Her final algebra test was tomorrow, and she was over at your house to try and cram in some last minute studying.
If she passed this test, she would be able to moved up to 12th grade and become a senior with you and the rest of the pack. She was incredibly nervous, but she really had no reason to be.
“That’s right!” you told her, beaming.
“Really?” she asked, a little surprised at herself.
“Yeah,” you told her. “You’re gonna do great. I know you are.”
She smiled at you, her eyes shining with gratitude. If it wasn’t for your help, she would never have gotten this far, but every time she tried to thank you you just shrugged it off. You had told her it was simply your job as her girlfriend to help, and besides, you wouldn’t want to date a junior anyway.
Malia knew that wasn’t really true and that you would have stuck by her no how many grades she failed, and she knew you were trying to make her feel better. Still, thanks to you she was probably going to pass. Barely, but Malia thought anything was better than being held back a year.
“So what now?” she asked. “Do you have any more worksheets?”
You laughed softly. “I never thought you’d actually want to do extra homework.”
“I just wanna make sure I don’t fail.”
“Malia,” you said, grabbing her hands in your own. “You aren’t going to fail. You’ve got this, okay? I know that better than anyone.”
She took a deep breath and nodded. “So what do we do know?”
“We relax,” you told her with a smiled, leaning forward and pressing a sweet kiss to her lips.

Malia took a deep breath as her math teacher began to pass back tests throughout the class. It had been three days since she had completed her final, and each one had been filled with anxiety.
Despite you doing your best to reassure her, she was incredibly anxious, and the only thing that could fix that was knowing her test score. She found it ridiculous that her whole world was balanced precariously on a test. Actually, she found it ridiculous that every teenager’s life seemed to balance on that. She wished it could be different, for her and everyone else, but unfortunately that wasn’t how it worked.
She swallowed nervously, watching the girl two seats in front of her let out a hopeless sigh. Malia gulped as she realized she was one the girls she had considered smart. If she had failed, how could Malia possibly think she could pass? Her legs were shaking nervously as the teacher walked towards her desk, her heels clicking on the tile.
“Malia,” she said, holding out the test to the girl.
The woman’s lips were pressed into a thin line, and for a second Malia was sure she had bombed the test. She was internally freaking out, but as she took the test from her teacher, her eyes fell on the glaring red C-.
Malia’s eyes went wide, flicking up towards her teacher as if it might have been a mistake. But the teacher’s lips only turned up, and she moved onto the next student with nothing more than a “Good job, Malia.”
Malia looked back to the paper, taking in the fact that she had just passed. She jumped up from her seat, letting out a triumphant “YES!”
She grabbed her test, the paper crumpling in her fingers as she threw her bag over her shoulder. “Malia!” her teacher cried as she raced out the door, but Malia ignored her.
There were only five minutes left till school ended anyway, and she wanted to catch you in the library during your free period. She ran through the halls, shoving open the library doors and instantly using your scent to find you. She shoved past multiple kids as she made her way towards you, finally spotting you leaning against one of the shelves.
You heard the footsteps and looked up from the book you had grabbed, smiling as you saw her coming towards you. “Hey, how did it g-”
She cut you off, furiously pressing her lips onto yours and tugging you closer. Her hands tangled in your hair, and yours instinctively went to her cheeks. The kiss seemed to last forever, but then Malia finally pulled away.
You stared at her, taking in her flushed cheeks and ruffled appearance. You didn’t even have to look at the crumpled piece of paper in her hand to know what this was about. You brushed some messy hair back from her face, giving her a breathless grin.
“I’m guessing you passed?”
She nodded excitedly, not being able to stop the smile that took up her whole face. “I’m gonna be a senior with you next year!” she squealed. You smiled as she brought you into a tight hug, nothing but love and gratitude in her eyes. She was going to be a senior next year, and it was all because of you.

Hide & Seek 4

Genre: Horror(ish), Supernatural

Words: 1.4k

Parts: One Two Three

Baekhyun and the others quickly rushed out of the house trying to sense if Chanyeol was anywhere near by. The scent of blood caught the boy’s attention as he ran towards it making the others follow closely behind.

The scent lead them to an alleyway, and Baekhyun seemed to wonder what Chanyeol would’ve been doing with the girl here. Only until three bodies came into view, was when his eyes went into slits. What had this girl gotten him into again?  Baekhyun absolutely hated this girl. He knew things would just end up as last time, a girl got involved with Chanyeol.

Junmyeon was the first one to step close to the bodies, only noticing the black attire with a big M logo that was carved onto the black leather jacket he wore. Junmyeon’s eyes turned to slits at the jacket, he despised the group. He walked over to the body and flipped it over to show the individual’s face. He noticed the boy to be one of the newest recruits Exo-M recently had, and picked him up over his shoulder.

Kyungsoo sighed as he picked the girl up wondering how this all started. As he picked her up bridal style her head rubbed against his jacket, and gave an overwhelming smell. He looked at his jacket and noticed it was covered with a red substance, Kyungsoo knew was blood automatically.

Worrying for the life of the girl Kyungsoo carefully removed one of his hands that was supporting her body, to her neck feeling the small pulse she had. He could barely hear it, which made him panic as to what would happen when Chanyeol woke up. He’d definitely have all their heads.

“Look what he started.” Baekhyun hissed as he helped Kai lift up Chanyeol. Junmyeon shot a look at Baekhyun, not wanting to deal or hear about the girl being the complication of everything. Baekhyun didn’t even catch the look, or he simply brushed it off as he continued to grumble about the girl.

“Baekhyun shut up, you’re just  pissed off because of what happened to-” Sehun didn’t finish his sentence as Baekhyun was in front of him. Sehun wasn’t scared of Baekhyun, or care about his attitude, in fact Sehun enjoyed enraging him. Sehun kept a firm stance with arms crossed as if trying to test Baekhyun’s patience, which was what he was doing.

“She was a mistake just like this girl is.” Baekhyun was enraged at the mention of his past. He looked like he would kill Sehun right now, and Sehun was trying to encourage him into it. He just raised an eyebrow and smirked, making Baekhyun’s already agitated figure quiver in frustration.

“Oh, Baekhyun you’re only saying that because she loved Chanyeol and not you.” Sehun pushed Baekhyun into complete rage, making the older boy lunge at him. Baekhyun didn’t get a chance to hurt the boy as he was pulled back by Jongin, who was struggling with Chanyeol’s body over his shoulder.

Junmyeon had enough of useless fighting and walked ahead out of the alley, barking a command for the boys to follow him. Kyungsoo was right behind him, with Kai in the middle of a smirking Sehun and a infuriated Baekhyun.


Y/N was awoken by laying on the same bed she was in earlier during the day. Her head was pounding as she remembered she fell on it a few hours prior. Lifting her hand up to her head as she sat up, she found it was wrapped by someone in the house, and wasn’t bleeding out.

Rather than heading out the door to find out what had happened after the call, she headed for the small bathroom in the corner of the room and shut the door behind her. She dragged herself towards the mirror, to face her appearance and almost screeched as she took it in. Her hair was all knotted-worse than this morning- and covered with dried up blood. The white shirt he had while trying on clothes as all stained with dried blood and dirt from when she was thrown down.

Feeling disgusted with herself she undressed and headed for the shower to wash off any excess blood or dirt. She ran her hands through her now wet knotted hair trying to clean it with whatever soap was available at the moment. As the soap bubbled throughout her hands-as she rubbed it on her scalp- she smelt the aromatic scent that could always be smelt on Chanyeol.

She wondered how she knew so much about him within a matter of a day, like what he smelt like, his personality. She even wondered how she even knew the relationship he had with his brothers or friends. That she had yet to discover if they were yet related.

At the remembrance of the boy she quickly hurried out of the shower and rushed to put on some clothing. Not wanting to wear her old dirty clothing she took out a pair of sweatpants and a black t-shit from one of the drawers, hoping Chanyeol wouldn’t mind. She didn’t know why she rushed out the room in look for him, or why she cared so much about him, but that didn’t stop her as she ran out the door.

She looked through the long hallway as she heard talking coming from one of the rooms. Hoping she’d find Chanyeol there she followed the voices. She stood by the doorway trying to listen to the conversation that was taken place on the other side.

“He won’t eat.” She heard the voice of Jongin speak, with worry laced in his voice. This made Y/N worry about him even more. Why wouldn’t he eat?  She knew that Chanyeol wasn’t human nor was the boys he lived with. It wasn’t hard to realize this after a few hours, and the low supply of food they had in the house.

“That’s ridiculous, why won’t he eat?” Junmyeon’s voice could be heard as it held much authority in it. She noticed that he took the place as the unofficial leader of the group, or never the less the dad figure. He was obviously worried about Chanyeol without a doubt.

“He said everything tastes and smells gross to him.” Another voice chimed in, giving Junmyeon an answer. “The only thing that smells good is her, but he said he’d never touch her.” The voice added on making Y/n’s heart drop.

“He’ll die if he doesn’t get blood into his system.” Junmyeon now yelled. not at any of the boys but in embitterment. Her breath was getting caught in her throat she didn’t want Chanyeol to die, she couldn’t let him die. She opened the door to the room, and it made a squeaking sound making everyone turn to look at her.

“Where’s Chanyeol?” She questioned the group of five boys. Everyone looked at her like she was crazy. “You can’t be near him right now.” Kyungsoo said sympathetically to her. She ignored his look and looked at Sehun trying to get an answer out of him. To her disappointment he said nothing.

“I want to help him, I want to give him my blood.” She said making everyone in the room looked at her wide-eyed that she would just offer to do such a thing. “Y/N I don’t think you understand.” Junmyeon had stepped toward her making her more eager to get to Chanyeol.

“I said I want to help him.” She said in a deadly tone making all the boys sigh in defeat.


“Y/N you don’t have to do this.” Chanyeol said as he laided on a bed in another bedroom. She just looked at the boy and said nothing sitting on the bed near him. She nodded at Junmyeon to signal she was ready to do this, he nodded his head uneasy.

Chanyeol sighed and leaned his head near her shoulder blade. He trailed his head toward her neck not wanting to hurt her right away he let his head hover over the spot of a brief amount of time. He gently bent down and peppered a light kiss against her neck making her let out a shaky breath.

“I’m Sorry.” He said as he plunged his fangs into her neck. Her eyes opened wide in pain and she let out a little shriek. “I’m so sorry,” He whispered.

fabulousinfamous  asked:

Oh, my love! What about scenario where you are trainee or your group just debuted a while ago. And you openly say that you have a crush on Suga. And he knows it, but he seems to not give a fuck, actually he says openly that he's not interested, etc. But then he sees you getting closer with other BTS member (like Jungkook or someone else) and begins to be jealous, because he thought that he's the only person you can like. Sorry for requesting so much, but i just love your creations, sweetheart!

Heya sweet! I’m so sorry for the long wait but its finally here, I hope I did your request justice and I hope your having a fab week! (How are u feeling after the we like 2 party MV, the bromance feels were too much >.<) ~~


Yoongi heard a familiar perky voice shout, he rolled his eyes an internal battle taking place on whether he was going to turn around or ignore her. Don’t get him wrong, its not that he didn’t like her, she just wasn’t his type, she was a bit too loud and little too bright, if he had to describe her he would have used the words sickly sweet, almost exactly like sugar which was ironic in itself since that was essentially his stage name.


He cursed under his breath, he had been called many things in the past, abrasive, unapproachable, pessimistic even rude but never anything resembling cruel and he wasn’t about to get a new name today. He could hear her lights steps as the she bounced over to him with a wide smile on her face.

“What are you doing right now?” She asked placing a light hand on his arm.

He cleared his throat and ran a hand through his hair casually brushing her touch of him.

“Going to the practice room, we have our comeback soon” Yoongi replied flatly.

Yoongi had known her since the beginning of his trainee days and for someone who had always been small for her age and painfully shy, she had clung to him like her life depended on it, always following him around like a little duckling begging for guidance so even if he hated to admit it deep down he finally accepted that he had developed a soft spot for her dimpled smile and soft eyes (not that he’d ever admit that to anyone) but his patients could only stretch so far. He had heard about your infatuation with him from Jimin and Taehyung who had come bouncing into the practice room one day with gleeful smirks as they began to taunt him about how she was “In loooooove with him” knowing that telling him something like that was his worst nightmare. He in no way indulged her childish crush, Yoongi being  a few years older than her concluded that she was  probably just confusing her feelings of gratitude for his secret kindness with those of affection and he wasn’t about to add another complication to his already hectic life.

“Oh yeah, Hoseok Oppa said could I come watch”

He frowned as he watched her lips turn up into a smile at the mention of Hoseok’s name.

“Shouldn’t you be rehearsing for your debut” He asked feeling the unpleasant feeling of irritation scratching at his skull and making its way into a growl in his throat.

She flashed him a toothy grin and gave him a subtle wink “We got the day off”

“Then why would you want to watch 7 sweaty guys rehearse instead of going out”

She gave him a playful push and started walking down the corridor “Hoseok Oppa made me promise to come see him, he said he looks really cool in the new concept”

Yoongi stuffed his hands in his pockets and scoffed “Since when has he ever remotely looked cool”

You cocked your head to the side feigning ignorance as he pushed the door open to let you in first “Since the beginning I guess?”

Yoongi was about to involuntarily  protest the obvious untrue praise out of his natural habit for calling people out on their bullshit only to come face to face with Hoseok pulling her excitedly into his arms. He clicked his tongue in distaste at the display of obvious affection and he coudnt help but wonder when they got close and why the hell he hadn’t been told about it.

“You jealous” he heard a sing song voice tease.

Yoongi gave Jimin an aggressive push “Do you wanna die?“

“It’s weird to stare at people hyung”

Yoongi ignored his comment and began to make his way towards Hoseok in long purposeful strides, for someone reason today in particular his obnoxious laugh was really beginning to  piss him off and he could feel it trying to illicit a headache from him. Neither one of them seemed to notice him steadily approaching them as they laughed at something the other had said. Hoseok was touchy by nature and the fact that she didn’t seemed to mind only egged him on further as he reached out to play her dainty hand trailing his fingers across her palm telling her he was going to predict her future.

“You shoudn’t be slacking off so close to our comeback” Yoongi interjected swiftly breaking their skinship “Do you want it to be a success of not?”

Hoseok’s face dropped and he looked like he was about to say something back when she cut in bowing apologetically “I’ll sit down now, sorry Yoongi ssi” she smiled at Hoseok and gave his arm a squeeze  “I’ll be watching you Oppa, you better do well”

Yoongi got into his starting position ready for the attention to be on him as he introduces the song. Yoongi purposely looking in her  direction as he began to rap only to come face to face with not her eyes looking at him intently like they normally did but her profile while she stared at Hoseok covering her mouth trying to stifle a laugh as he pulled faces at her. Yoongi turned his head in the opposite direction of what was part of the original part of the choreography to try and get a better look at what she was mouthing at Hoseok, when he heard a booming voice jolt him out of his thoughts.

“Yoongi! pay attention to what your doing, your meant to be one of the older ones you should be setting an example” Namjoon reprimanded him after stopping the music a stifling silence filling the room.

When he was in leader mode which was normally dictated for music shows and rehearsals Namjoon never used honorifics and Yoongi being one of the members that rarely got shouted at primarily because he wasn’t stupid enough to mess around a few weeks before a comeback could feel the color rising to his cheeks, not with embarrassment but with utter rage for letting himself be distracted by probably the biggest moron he knew and thats saying something considering he’s constantly surrounded by 4 of them all day every damn day of his sorry life.  For the rest of the rehearsal it took his everything in his will power not to surrender his pride and look over in her direction. Yoongi was the superior one in the situation, he was the one who had made it clear he was wasn’t interested and probably never would be but it just pissed him of that she had moved on so quickly. How she even get close to him in the first place? it felt like they had snuck around behind his back and the thought of Hoseok touching her in anyway without Yoongi being present made his blood boil, she was delicate and needed to be handled with care and more respect than just roughly grabbing her hand like she belonged to him.

Most of the members had left and she waited patiently as Hoseok excused himself to the other side of the room  to make a call. Yoongi pretending that he was looking for something so that he could stay back and confront her casually about Hoseok.

“You can’t come to our rehearsals again you just distract everyone” Yoongi stated crossing his arms.

“Oppa but everyone else seemed fine it was just you who kept making mistakes” her lips turned upwards into a testing smile as she leaned closer to try and make eye contact with him “Do I distract you?”

He cleared his throat feeling his jaw tense at her sudden closeness “No, you and the moron kept messing around, it was pretty hard not to notice”

She looked over at Hoseok so seemed to be talking very animatedly on the phone and then back at Yoongi, her eyebrow quirking upwards, something bright flashing past her eyes a little too quickly for him to catch “Me and Hoseok? we just happen to get along great, he’s my most beloved Oppa since he always treats me very well”

The vain was protruding from his neck as his jaw seemed to clench so much she thought it might break “Really?” He said through gritted teeth, it was like he was reverted back to being a 5 year old and he suddenly felt like a child that didn’t like to share.

“We’re going out to eat, I’d invite you but Oppa looks tired” She said reach out to put his shoulder “Please rest well”

He unconsciously grabbed her wrist when she tried to walk in Hoseok’s direction “Its late, you can’t go out with out with someone as irresponsible as Hoseok, especially not so close to your debut”

She could see the fire set ablaze in his gaze and it took everything she had not to jump up and squeeze his cheeks.

“But I haven’t eaten yet! and besides who are you to tell me what I can and can’t do” You tested seeing how far you could push.

He snorted “Because I’m your favorite Oppa obviously, everyone knows that” he pulled her along  “I’ll buy you food and then take you home, now stop whining”

She was about to halfheartedly protest when Hoseok came over only to be reprimanded and sent back to the dorm on the orders of his hyung but not before he slapped the hand that was behind her back and gave her a subtle knowing smirk.  

“Where do you want to eat?” He asked with a sigh.

“I don’t mind, Oppa should choose since your treating”

As Yoongi talked to her with more enthusiasm than he would have liked, not forgetting to tell her off for befriending Hoseok she realized he still hadn’t let go of her hand a smile impossible to hide finally surfacing on her face as she made a mental side note to plan a thank you event for Hoseok’s genius plan which had been dubbed ‘Operation give the Tin man a heart’

Katara: Consumed by Destiny

There are many back-and-forth posts on forums and social media about Katara and her role in The Legend of Korra, in contrast to her role in the Avatar comics and the original canon. Many people go into long explanations to justify the differences in her role in one as opposed to the other.

When I used to proofread, I learned a very simple trick for catching spelling mistakes: work backward. If you read something front to back, your knowledge of sentence structure and prediction of what’s to come tend to auto-correct for errors so you don’t see them on the page. But if you work backward, you can often see mistakes because you are focusing on one word, without the image you already have in your head biasing you toward the smooth transition that your mind wants to happen. Likewise, there is a very simple test to see if a character’s portrayal follows logically from one series to the next. A consistent portrayal will read well backwards and forwards; an inconsistent depiction will only read well one way—and sometimes, not even that.

So let’s begin, shall we? Let’s work backward and see what we can make of Master Katara of the SWT.

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The signs as things my math teacher has said
  • Aries: I'm going to take off my shirt
  • Taurus: It's a catch-up day! *pulls out a bottle of ketchup*
  • Gemini: It's a catch-up day! *pulls out a bottle of sriracha* Oops
  • Cancer: I was born in a very small town called Los Angeles
  • Leo: It's Laffy Taffy Monday!
  • Virgo: *on a standardized testing day when there's no bells* You win the no-bell prize!
  • Libra: *someone sees a mistake he made in explaining the problem* Nice catch, I want you on my ultimate frisbee team
  • Scorpio: I was literally born in the fast lane
  • Sagittarius: We should go to Dairy Queen and get a Blizzard
  • Capricorn: *in sixth period math on an early release day* I'm going to say something I've never said to you before: good morning
  • Aquarius: I'll just let Darcy explain it
  • Pisces: How can you chill if it's 70 degrees outside?
Undeniable (Part 5)

Series Summary: Reader is Sam’s roommate and best friend at Stanford. When Sam’s older brother Dean comes to visit, the reader is forced to get to know him, whether she wants to or not.

Word Count: 4680 (I’m sorry this got so out of hand)

Warning: SMUT smutty smut, cursing, self doubt?

A/N: The smut is finally here! Heh. Hope you all enjoy this part and don’t kill me for making it so long. Enjoy the fluff, because as I told @thosefreakingwinchesters, there’s a storm a brewin’. As always, feel free to send me some love if you like what you’re reading!

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Want to catch up? Read parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 here! Undeniable Series Masterpost

Dean was frozen at first, shocked by your sudden kiss. You feared you may have made a huge mistake, misunderstood what he was trying to tell you seconds earlier. After a moment, his lips moved against yours with a force that matched your own. They were as soft as you imagined they would be, despite the fierce pressure from the kiss. Tentatively, you slid your tongue along Dean’s bottom lip, testing the waters. A strangled groan broke from Dean’s throat, and he slid his hands from your wrists to your upper arms. Dean squeezed, pushing you back lightly and breaking the kiss.

“(Y/N), wait,” Dean panted. “Not that I don’t want to do this,” he squeezed his eyes shut momentarily, “because I really, really want to do this, but let me explain myself. I owe you that. And you’ve been drinking-”

“You try walking home in this thin of clothing and let me know how well your buzz holds up,” you said, letting Dean know that you were sober enough to mean everything you were saying and doing. “I want this, too. Ever since you admitted to how amazing I am at singing in the shower.” Dean laughed at that, and you smiled. “We can talk about everything later. But right now…”

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More Than Enough

A/N: This is for Day 13: High School. Sorry about the lateness! Caroline is a cheerleader and Klaus is her tutor.

Caroline is seated in her usual seat- the front of the class, of course. She’s turned away, conversing with Bonnie about the latest gossip enrapturing the school. They adored their friends, Elena and Katherine, but even they couldn’t restrain themselves from indulging in the gossip after the twins had a threesome with Stefan Salvatore’s older brother, Damon.

“I seriously don’t know how they did that. They were probably drunk out of their minds.” Caroline grimaces, an imagery of the threesome bubbling in her head.

Bonnie shrugs, amused. “I don’t know. I mean, I imagine it would be a lot like looking in the mirror.”

Their snickers are interrupted when their teacher clears his throat beside them. They feebly school their expressions, just barely stifling their giggles. Bonnie and Caroline exchange a guilty look, hoping that Mr. Tanner didn’t catch the brunt of their conversation.

Caroline turns over the stapled pages on her desk and her heart drops. “What the hell is this?!”

“Miss. Forbes.” Mr. Tanner regards her with an authoritative glare, warningly.

The blonde exhales heavily, biting the exasperated string of litanies on the tip of her tongue. “I don’t understand. This has to be a mistake, Mr. Tanner. I studied so hard for this test.” She lets the paper lay back on her desk, the red “F” staring back at her condescendingly. Her eyes snap up to her teacher’s, wide and insistent.

“I’m sorry, Caroline, but numbers don’t lie. If you need extra help, I would suggest seeing a tutor at the tutoring center.”

Caroline slumps in her seat, dejectedly. “A tutor?” She turns to her friend behind her, irritation etched across her pretty face. “Does he know who I am? I have cheer practice and a million meetings. When am I supposed to pencil in seeing a stupid tutor?”

Bonnie shrugs empathetically. “If it makes you feel any better, I’m not doing any better.” The brunette gestures to her own cringe worthy grade.

Caroline sighs, turning to the front as the bell rang.

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busrabagbasi  asked:

sterek online rec list?

sterek + meeting online and/or shenanigans with the internet

  • my heart’s been offline by thepsychicclam (E, 59k) 31/M/New York. Rich, lays in bed all day, likes to read (aka Derek Hale, son of an Oscar winning actress, brother of one obnoxious reality star and one rebellious fashion designer, hates the paparazzi so much he’s a recluse). 26/M/California. Boring office job, likes to read (aka Stiles Stilinski, co-owner of a 100 acre organic farm with his dad and two best friends, writer of obits for a newspaper, has absolutely no life) Or, where Derek and Stiles meet online, and Stiles has no clue Derek’s part of a famous family.
  • For Science! by grimm (E, 36k) From his textbooks, Stiles had gotten the impression that vampires had a weird, stretched out look to them — slightly too-long limbs and pale skin. This guy, though, he looked human, broad-shouldered and clearly muscular even under a loose sweatshirt. He wasn’t pale at all, his skin lightly tanned, hair dark, eyes pale. They narrowed at Stiles and Stiles froze as the man looked him up and down, clearly judging him. He must have passed the test, though, because the man kind of shrugged and said, “Take off your clothes.”
  • No Homo by RemainNameless (E, 84k) Stiles’ sophomore year starts something like this: 3 FourLokos + 1 peer-pressuring cat - 1 best bro to end all best bros= 1 Craigslist ad headline that reads “str8 dude - m4m - strictly platonic”. Derek is the fool who replies.
  • Midnight Wolf vs Abominable Snowman! by KuriKuri (T, 20k) Derek almost makes the mistake of saying, It’s not fanart, but he manages to catch himself, biting his tongue. This stranger, who’s already identified himself as at least a casual fan of Midnight Wolf, doesn’t need to know that he actually is the artist and author, not just another fan.
  • Navigating This Space Between Us by Omni (E, 10k) Derek gets forced to watch some sci-fi show about a surly, secret prince and the sarcastic young spaceship captain hired to aid him on his quest. Strangely enough, he finds himself hooked on it. So much so that he’s even drawn into the fandom. There he meets a popular fanfic author with an oddly endearing attitude, and he gets rather smitten. Maybe this mystery guy could actually help get him to stop pining for Stiles…
  • (500) Days of Sitting In Front of a Computer by orphan_account (T, 4k) The boy, Stiles Stilinski, had always been into MMORPGs. The other boy, Ithuriel, had always been into MMORPGs as well, albeit secretly. The Alpha, Derek Hale, was possibly the object of Stiles’s affections. One day, Stiles met Ithuriel. But be warned, this is not a tragedy in which Derek Hale saves Stiles’s virtue from Ithuriel. That would be ridiculous. This is a love story.
  • Mate To Your Soul: The Online Dating Site For All Your Heart’s Desires (although now i really wish i’d named this OKstupid) by charlie_bleecker (E, 63k) Meet Derek Hale. Derek is looking for love. Here is Derek’s online dating profile. Pseudonym: GrumpyWolf Age: 25 Hobbies: Brooding in solitude, glaring at anything that moves, growling like a wolf when I don’t get my way, and bemoaning the painful existence that is my life. Or the one in which Laura Hale makes an online dating profile for Derek, and Stiles is a troll.

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tsilini  asked:

Since you seem to be an expert in all things Jace, what exactly is his history?

All right, in an effort to make this comprehensible, I’m going to try and organize this as a timeline based on Jace’s age.  Warning:  the Wizards timeline is pretty loose and the ages are in a lot of place little more than educated guesses.  The order and description of events should be more reliable, but if anyone catches a mistake please let me know. (Also I’m not going to touch the events of Test of Metal—it’s questionably canon to begin with, and I haven’t read it yet.)

Spoilers about Jace abound under the cut.

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Calum the jock

You were sitting alone in the cafeteria, trying to finish your homework that was due next block when you heard them. You heard their snickers before You saw them. The jocks, or rather the want to be jocks, the varsity bench warmers who think they are hot shit just because of the letters on their jackets.

“You are too hot to be so smart,” the tallest one - Nate - slides into the seat across from me, leaning against the table towards you. “There is more to life than books.”

You roll my eyes, focusing on your book to prevent the heat from rising to your cheeks.

“I bet she hasn’t even kissed anyone,” the guy behind him sneers, the others laughing at patting him on the back.

“Have you bookie? I’d be awefully surprised if you said no with a body like yours,” he smirks, raising his eyebrows at you. He slides his hand across the table, touching your arm.

“Get off of me,” You pull away. His friends let out a harmony of “ooooo’s”.

“Come on, I can teach you things those books could never tell you,” he reaches over to touch my other arm.

“Leave me alone,” you mutter, glaring at him from behind your textbook. His friends were whispering bets to each other, as if you were a piece in their game.

“Come on we’re just having a little fun,” he walks over to me, leaning down so that his face is next to mine. “You like fun, don’t you?”

You shift in your seat uncomfortably, wanting to leave the room.

“Guys let her go, come on now,” a boy from the edge of the group attempts to speak up, you recognize him from your algebra class, his deep brown eyes giving you an apologetic look.

“Shut the fuck up Calum,” Nate flips him off. He turns back to you, opening his mouth to talk, but the boy, Calum, cuts him off.

“Leave her alone,” he steps out of the group, walking over to Nate.

“Are you going to make me?” Nate stands up, hovering over Calum.

“No,” he backs off, but glances at you quickly. Nonchalantly he flicks his hand, signaling for you to get up and leave. “Why Nate are you scared?” He distracts him. You gather your books and slip away from the table as Nate nears Calum. You go out into the hallway, leaning up against to lockers and taking a deep breath. Your arms were shaking out of anger and fear.

A few minutes later you hear footsteps coming from behind you, you stiffen, preparing for the worst.

“I’m so sorry about them,” a soft voice approaches you. You turn around to see the boy Calum. He nervously runs a hand through his hair. “You don’t deserve assholes like that bothering you.”

“It’s fine,” you shrug, opening your locker. You pause, turning to him, his eyes watching you carefully, “thanks by the way. I hope he doesn’t give you too much trouble.”

“I don’t care what he thinks of me,” Calum shrugs. “I just want to make sure you are okay.”

“I’m fine,” You slide your books into your locker. “You’re the first person to care,” you whisper, clutching your locker door.

“If it makes you feel better, I’ve never kissed anyone either,” he mutters, leaning up against the locker next to you.

“You? A varsity football player?” You laugh, glancing over at him unbelievingly.

“I’m more of a water boy with benefits,“Calum shrugs, folding his arms, "everyone around here is shallow and self obsessed. Well except for you.”

“You don’t even know me.”

“I know when you are taking your tests and you get nervous you always play with your bottom lip. When the teacher makes a mistake on the board and you don’t want to say anything you always tap your foot real fast. When you catch me looking at you in class you look away real fast, all confused, because for some reason you don’t believe someone can like you,” Calum’s teeth graze his bottom lip.

“Now you are just a creeper,” you blush, hiding your face behind your locker door. You stay silent for a moment, until you let out a nervous laugh. “I always looked away because I thought you caught me staring at you.”

Calum lets out a chuckle, his eyes scrunching up with his smile. “So if I kissed you right now, would you kiss me back?”

“I don’t know,” I hide my smile behind my locker door. “I don’t really know how to kiss.”

“Neither do I, but there is only one way to learn,” Calum softly shuts your locker door, your eyes settling on his plump, pink lips. He lets out a nervous chuckle before leaning in, a smile on his lips as he closes his eyes, your breathing hitching as you nervously near him, pressing your lips together. At first you both just stay like that, Calum trying not to laugh against your lips, but he takes the lead, parting his lips as you cup his neck, pulling him closer. You brush your lips against his, your tongue tracing his bottom lip before pulling away.

“You’ve always been a fast learner,” Calum smiles against your lips.

anonymous asked:

I love writing and want to be an author. Problem is, my grammar isn't the best, and sometimes I have trouble comprehending things. Even in school, I did great on my papers(even graduated the top of my class), but grammar has always been a problem. I have so many stories in my head and want to get them out, but I feel like I am not good enough, because of my problems. Any advice on how to work on this?

The only way to really improve grammar is to read about grammar, read more books, practice, and edit.

  • Read about grammar: You can start with my grammar tag. Read through it and pick out some things you have trouble with. You can read more about them on grammar sites such as grammar girl.
  • Read books: Read books that have been professionally edited and annotate them. This means staying away from the majority of self-published books. Go for modern fiction from major publishing houses. When you annotate, mark things you have trouble with or little grammar details you need to remember.
  • Practice: There are tons of grammar exercises online. You can even find some aptitude tests that may be able to tell you your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Edit: If you’re using Microsoft Word, make sure the grammar checker is on. This can help you spot grammatical mistakes, but it’s not always accurate and should not be relied on. There’s also an “explain” feature that will give you an explanation for why something was incorrect. Other than that, there are websites like paperater and editminion that can catch grammar mistakes. You can also get a proofreader or a beta reader.
  • ESL: For those of you whose native language is not English, you can check out Duolingo. You can learn a lot about English grammar in your native language (if they have your language) and they have a discussion section so you can ask questions.

“Cat, we just spoke to your immigration attorney.” 

“Great. So are we all good? Everything good?” 

“Miss Grant your visa application has been denied. And, you are being deported.”

“DEPORTED???” Cat shouted in outrage. “And apparently, there was some paper work that you didn’t fill out on time.” He said with a questioning tilt at the end. “Come on. There has got to be some kind of a mistake!” Cat says exasperated. There has got to be a way to get out of this situation, she thinks. Preferably one that lets me stay in the country.

“We can re-apply, but unfortunately, you have to leave the country for at least, a year.” Thinking on her feet Cat says, “I can manage everything from Toronto. With video conferencing and internet …”

“Unfortunately, Cat.” He interrupts. “If you are deported you can not work for an American company.”

“You can not be serious. I created this company!” Cat says between clenched teeth. How dare they try to get rid of her after she built Catco from the ground up, out of nothing! They think they can just take over all of her hard work and act like there is nothing wrong, like they have the right to any claim, whatsoever, to her company! “Miss Grant if there was any way, any way at all, that we could make this thing work, we’d be doing it.”

“There is no way that I am being removed from my own empire…” Cat starts when suddenly there is a knocking sound against the office doors. She continues to argue with the men before the person knocking enters her office.

“Um, hi.” Her assistant steps forward. The men turn their attention to the young woman. The one closest to the window runs his eyes over Kara’s body and flashes a slimy grin. Cat wants to stab out his eyes. Sure, Kara is pretty. And Cat know this - with her long golden hair, bright blue eyes that are emphasized by her glasses, and her tall stature and slim body - you’d have to be blind to not notice Kara’s good looks. But she’s so, so young and naive, and Cat feels the need to look out for the poor girl. But really Kara, must you always be a distraction? Especially with that god awful blouse and cheap pants.  “Excuse me. We’re in a meeting,” the man who was sitting at her desk, trying to reason with Cat, says.

“Yes, sorry to interrupt. But, Miss Grant?” Agitated, she turns around to face her assistance. “What?” Her assistance fidgets, hands grabbing the bottom of her sweater, expressing her discomfort. God, Kara stop toying with the hem of your sweater and get to the point, Cat thinks.  “Miss Grant, Lois Lane called. She’s on the line.” “ I know, I know,” Cat says as she gestures for Kara to go on.

 “She’s on hold and she said that she needed to speak to you right away. And I told her you were otherwise engaged. She insisted so, sorry, but…”


As she stared at her young assistant, who hung by the door awkwardly, something clicks in Cat’s mind. In an instant, Cat knows that she found the solution to her little problem. All thanks to Kara. Cat smiled wickedly.

“Come here.” Cat mouths at Kara. And Kara - sweet, loyal, and naive Kara - steps towards Cat. “Gentlemen, I understand. I understand the predicament that we’re in right now,” Cat stated with a hint of smugness in her voice. 

“And I … and there is, uh, well … and there is something I think you should know.” Wrapping her arm around Kara’s waist, Cat breathes out, “We are getting married.”

“Married. Who’s getting married?” Kara mutters quietly, sounding a bit confused.

We are, Kiera.” Cat whispers back, while patting her back. “We are … getting married.” Kara repeated, a bit distracted. There was a long pause before anyone spoke, with Kara trying to figure out what was going on and the men in the office analyzing the information they had just been given.

“But you’re both women? And isn’t she your secretary?” One of the men asked, ther same one who was checking Kara out earlier. And honestly, Cat wanted to rip him to shreds where he stood - the instant those stupid questions left his mouth.

“Uh, assistant.” Kara corrected, once she had snapped out of her confused daze. “And marriage between two women is now legal in the United States, as it should be. It wouldn’t be the first time one of us fell for our secretaries, correct?” Cat accused, as she fixed the idiotic man with a fierce glare.

He instantly shut his mouth and his stupid face turned an ugly shade of bright red.

“So yeah. The truth is Kara and I, we were two people who weren’t meant to fall in love. But we did. All those late nights at the office and all those company parties and galas. Something. something happened.” Cat says with a chuckle.“Yeah … something happened.” Kara repeated with an awkward laugh, as she fidgeted with her glasses in that nervous habit of hers.

“We tried to fight it. But you can’t fight a love like ours. So are we good, with this? Are you happy? Wait, no, I don’t care if you’re happy. ‘Cause we are happy and you’re happiness doesn’t matter here.” Cat says as she once again wraps her her arm around Kara’s waist, drawing the younger woman closer to hold against her side. Which is a bit awkward, given how much taller her assistant was than Cat.

“Miss Grant. It’s terrific. Just make it legal, hm?” The man says with a smile playing on his face. The other man, however, opens his mouth as if to speak - until Cat stares daggers at him. He quickly closes his mouth and gulps.

“Oh right. Well, that means that we have to get ourselves down to the immigration office to work this whole mess out. Right, dear?” Cat says as she playfully smacks Kara’s stomach.

“Thank you very much gentlemen. I’ll do that right away,” Cat says as she dismissed the men and leads them out of her office, all while she entwines her hand in Kara’s. 

As the men walk out of her office, Cat and Kara stand from the doorway holding hands,  watching them leave. Glancing around the building Cat catches Lucy towards the back with a ridiculous grin, giving Kara a thumbs up and a outrageous wink. Kara notices and instantly blushes, but doesn’t try to remove her hand from Cat’s grasp just yet.

Hm, this will be interesting, Cat thinks.

In response to this. This is my first time writing and I’m just testing things out, so take it easy. All mistake are mine.