catching a bullet with your teeth


Spies/Secret Agents

Tell me,
If I pretend, will you make believe?
If I close my eyes, will you fall asleep?
If I fall, will you catch me,
Or will you jump alongside me?

The night is long, but life is longer,
And this moment between us is infinity.
All I want is simplicity.

Tell me,
If I scream, will you grit your teeth,
Or will you hand me the bullet?
I feel like a gun and you took the shot,
And the target was this hole in my heart.

Tell me,
If I bleed, will you staunch the wound,
If I pray, will you cry for me?
If I cry, will you laugh at me?

The night is dark, but your eyes are darker,
And this space between us is a chasm.
All I want is to fathom,

Just tell me,
What’s in your head?
What’s in your chest?

If I apologize, will you forgive me,
Or will you press your lips and walk away?

—  My hands shake when I think of you. Tell me, can you feel it too?