catchers glove

Terajima’s birthday drawings for Miyuki!!!


When he’s so happy that he can’t stop talking. -Terajima

Miyuki’s birthday when he was a 3rd year in elementary school.

Miyuki: What the hell were you thinking leaving the presents and the cake so obviously on the table! I found them just as soon as I came back home! Also, this chocolate cake, we both don’t really like it, do we? Have you forgotten that we couldn’t eat it up last year? And this isn’t the glove I wanted, so I’m gonna go return it and get another one! I wanted a catcher’s glove!!!

Miyuki’s dad: Can I drink my beer…


The day he got his first catcher’s glove. -Terajima

11/17 Miyuki’s birthday when he was a 1st year at junior high school.

Miyuki’s dad: Heey, what’s with the cake? Won’t you eat it?


And now. -Terajima

Koushuu: What? Birthday…? Does he have a birthday…?

Eijun: That’s a problematical statement, wolf boy!! What have you been thinking our captain is!??


J4B_8037-1; “Focused”; Univ of Houston #7 Breelyn Thames keeps warm between innings. by Jim Hilton
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  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: why dont enough people talk about peakbin? small boyfriends. sports guy and his sing-song boyfriend. baseball game dates where joel looks more fanatical than matt w/ his painted face and his jersey and the catcher's glove he found in a dumpster; joel catching a fly ball while matt's getting them more beer and never letting matt live it down. joel buying wine for them on every special occasion, pretending to forget that matt's not a wine guy so he can drink it all himself. bourbon boyfriends. eclectic music played when they drive anywhere together. joel going w/ matt to buy a nice suit and totally feeling him up in the changing room. matt blushing when joel teases him anywhere but behind closed doors, then turning around and wrecking his shit the second they get home. small boyfriends. small peakbin. small baby voice. thanks.