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Did you notice back in 5x05 there was a scene between Emma and Regina in Camelot, and behind Emma there was an hourglass that was 'frozen' with all the sand stuck at the top? It's the scene where they're talking about Emma using the dream catcher before they go to find a tear. I know it's a random observation, but it supports your coma theory considering how Emma is still technically 'frozen in time'. :)

Oh, thanks, I hadn’t noticed! The entire season is about Emma being terminal and set to die. I wonder if it’s a literal translation of the expression “Her time is up.” in this case or if it’s indeed about time standing still for her in general.

What’s even more interesting is that is 6x05 we hand the hourglass again, time’s started moving again, but Jasmine’s trapped in it by Jafar. Aladdin comes to save her.

I thought the next dialogue was really interesting.

Jasmine: I just thought you had abandoned us.
Aladdin: Yeah, um… Well, to be honest, I-I almost did.
Jasmine: And what changed your mind?
Aladdin: You.

Not only have Emma & Regina been paralleled with Jasmine and Aladdin very often, the next scene we cut to has Emma literally say she feels connected to him. Now if you look at this dialogue again and remember Emma almost died during season 5… Then this is Regina saying that she thought Emma was going to die and Emma responding that she fought to live eventually for Regina. Right after this talk, Aladdin leans in to kiss Jasmine, but they’re interrupted by the Sultan…


And you go out each day,
with your shoes tied loosely
like the smile on your face

To catch the tears
of another broken soul
while you catch yours too

I am fine,
something you always say
to yourself like a mantra.

And you will not let yourself
be less than that,
no matter how bumpy the road is.

—  Lukas W. // The tear catcher

Concept / Design doodles for a new character named UFO Catcher. She is based on claw machines, specifically japanese ones known as UFO catchers. She combines my love of cute objects with my love of space. She’s intended to be chubbier than the average pony but I’m not sure I conveyed that well.

I haven’t drawn many ponies in the last year because of poor fandom experience & what I felt was a drop in quality of the show. Those things haven’t really improved but I guess I’m a more hardy creature at the moment haha.


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