catcher in the rye tattoo


Frank Iero Photoshop Challenge ⇒ Day 3: Favourite Tattoo. 

F.: I think Catcher in the Rye is my favourite book, though I love almost anything by J.D. Salinger. Books are like movies though, I have so many favourites, it varies according to my mood. G.: He’s always reading - on planes, on the bus, in the bunk, wherever. I really envy it. He can just tune noise out and read in the middle of the chaos. 


Small post of my tattoos. Three are missing from it but these are my big ones! I also have my sternum, and neck tattooed and will post photos later! 😄

Catcher in the Rye tattoo done by Andy Johnson at Long Street Collective in Columbus, Ohio. I love how much Salinger and Holden shun the extraordinary and bring out the fact that every single person has an interesting story to tell.