Steven: Gems shouldn’t fight each other.  

I wanted to make this gifset because, with every episode that passes, I am more and more convinced that Steven is, step by step, becoming a true leader. Like Rose, Steven sees beauty in everything, and his human upbringing makes him selfless, empathic and caring, and every Gem he’s had the opportunity to influence responds to that. To me, the episodes where Steven spends the day with other humans in Beach City aren’t at all fillers, they are part of Steven’s growth and upbringing and in each he learns something. He wouldn’t be the person he is without Greg, Connie and everyone he’s around. And I think Rose maybe knew that, she knew what Steven would become was exactly what they needed, what Gems lacked of. And maybe, when she asked Steven to “take care of them”, she was being more general than I initially thought, and was asking him to make his own place among them and guide them. As a human. And as a Gem. Anyway, even if I’m not correct, what I’m sure of is that, if things go wrong, these Gems here will stand by him. Because of who he is. Because of what he’s becoming to them.