tried my hand at a malec drabble, set somewhere in that ephemeral future episode 12 or 13. first kiss. fluff. all that.

Alec raced out of the Institute, desperate to catch Magnus before he left. He skidded to a stop at the top of the front stairs and scanned the courtyard.

It was too late. Magnus was gone.

“Shouldn’t you be with your family?”

Alec whirled to his right. He saw nothing save a pair of yellow, glowing cat eyes until Magnus stepped out of the shadows, the weak street lights illuminating half of his face, the darkly lined eyes and high cheekbones. His usually smiling lips were set in a grim, straight line.

“Listen, Magnus, I…I just wanted to thank you.”

“Ah. For my services to the Institute? I assure you, they won’t want to thank me once I calculate the bill.”

“No, not for that. I mean, yes, thank you for your help. I don’t think we could’ve made it without you. I meant, thank you…thank you for believing in me.”

With a small, sad smile Magnus turned and stepped down onto the stone pathway leading to the Institute gate, “Think nothing of it.”

Alec struggled with panic as Magnus started walking away, disappearing into the inky darkness of the tree lined path.


Alec jumped down and jogged lightly to catch up.

Magnus stopped, but didn’t turn to face him.

“Yes, Alexander?”

“Magnus, would you, um, that is, are-”

Alec stopped in frustration, furious with his inability to do something so simple.

“Would you like to get dinner sometime?”

Magnus turned in surprise, taking a step closer, close enough to see the light sheen of sweat on the younger man’s face and the wildly beating pulse at the base of his throat.

“Just so we’re clear, did you just ask me out on a date?”

“Yes, or lunch, or a drink, or whatever…”

Alec’s voice trailed off and he stood uncertain, shifting his weight from one foot to the other.

Magnus moved closer still, nearly toe to toe, and reached up to brush a damp, black curl off Alec’s forehead. His fingers lingered, trailing along the side of his face until he was cupping his jaw, his thumb moving up to the brush his bottom lip.

Alec closed his eyes and swallowed visibly, craving more but unused to such a tender touch.

“Have you ever been kissed, Alexander? Because I would very much like to kiss you right now.”

Alec’s eyes flew open, met immediately by Magnus’ own, almost unbearably tender gaze.

Alec couldn’t look away, neither could he speak, instead he shuffled closer and leaned down slightly, hoping this wouldn’t be one more thing he would screw up.

Magnus brought his other hand up, gently cupping the other side of his face, his fingertips tickled by the softly curling hairs at Alec’s nape.

Abandoning eye contact, Alec closed his eyes as Magnus’ lips met his. It was the softest thing he’d ever felt in his life, the slow catch and release as Magnus kissed first his top lip, then his fuller bottom lip. Completely engrossed in these new sensations, Alec chased the feeling and followed Magnus’ lips with his own when he started to pull away.

Bringing his hands up, which had remained static at his sides, he gripped Magnus’ waist, fingers inching their way around to his back.

Magnus moved in until they were chest to chest, hands now buried in Alec’s silky, black locks. He nipped gently at Alec’s bottom lip, causing him to gasp. Magnus seized the opportunity and deepened the kiss, allowing his tongue to tangle with Alec’s, coaxing him to taste him in return.

The need for air finally broke them apart, both of them breathing heavily, arms still around each other.

Magnus could have wept at the brilliant smile working it’s way onto Alec’s face, transforming him from that awkward, pretty man he’d first met into someone so achingly beautiful it was all Magnus could do not to kiss him again.


Alec’s smile remained, but a confused expression formed on his face, “What’s Friday?”

“Our first date. You can pick me up at 7.”

“Oh, right, yeah.”

Magnus stepped back, letting his fingertips trail lightly over Alec’s muscled chest, unable to resist.

Alec began backing up, a silly grin on his face, while Magnus melted back into the shadows.

He watched as Alec brought up his hand, touching his lips, eyes glowing with happiness. His boot heels touched the bottom step, but rather than go inside, he sat down, rather abruptly, and looped his arms over his knees. 

Knowing Alec had a lot to think about, Magnus turned and made his way to the street, hailing the nearest taxi, and if his own hand came up to touch his lips, and if his own eyes glowed with happiness, who was to say.