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joanne1h asked:

you just reblogged a gif,louis in white pants,harry in a beanie. they're on a dark couch. louis' leg slung over harry's knee. do you know what interview video that's from? Ive never watched that interview before.

The most painful thing ever: Video (4:50)

Ok, let’s do this step by step. They were asked what they do to relax on tour, so Harry wants to show to the interviewer how he chills. Naturally he wants to put his arm over Louis. This is how he chills you know? Then he suddenly (mid air) remembers he shouldn’t do that. The most telling thing is how naturally Louis’ body flinches in Harry’s direction. Without thinking. This is a subconscious move, he doesn’t know what he’s doing until his brain catches up with his body.

Let’s watch this again, should we? Watch Louis’ body. This is his natural response to Harry coming close to him, into his space. Open in Harry’s direction, the body moves before his eyes are on Harry. Harry is also very open in Louis’ direction, but this time around his inhibition was a little bit stronger.

Then they find each other’s eyes and they just smile, they know… Ahhhh dorks. Look at Harry’s awkwardly placed arm, this looks uncomfortable. Also, Louis’ left leg is already draped over Harry’s. 

And this? Is this necessary Louis? Just sit on his lap.

Long story short: This is a couple.

This moment is so bitter sweet, though so close to my heart. They were so relaxed that they “almost” forgot they were being filmed. This is them in their intimate sphere. It’s so lovely, I love it. (I also want more, but this is just me being selfish.)