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The Black Panthers: Vanguard Of The Revolution | 2015| Stanley Nelson

Starting tomorrow, September 2nd, you can catch Stanley Nelson’s newest film The Black Panthers: Vanguard of The Revolution at Film Forum. The documentary explores the rise of The Black Panther Party and the impact they had on the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. It features interviews with a host of former Panthers including Kathleen Cleaver and Flores Alexander Forbes. Don’t miss out on your chance to watch the first feature length film to explore the Black Panther Party and their historical significance. 

Watch the trailer here.

Wednesday September 2-Tuesday September 15 @ 12:30,2:45,5:00,7:15,9:40 
Mr. Nelson will be making an appearance at at least one screening each day. For more information check out the film’s website

Tickets are $13, $7.50 for members. 

For more information visit Film Forum’s website. The theater is located at 209 W. Houston St. between 6th Ave and Varick. You can reach the theater by taking the A,B,C,D,E,F,M to West 4th, the C or E to Spring St. or the 1 to Houston St. The M20, M5 and M21 all have stops near the theater. 

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Did you watch the episode where Videl told everyone that she was pregnant? Me personally, I didn't like the overall scene. I won't say anything cause of spoilers, but how did you feel about it?

I’m sorry I haven’t been keeping up with super too well ^^; So I don’t know what episode that is or what episode we are even on? So I cannot give a very good input on that :((

The last I remember clearly in dialogue was episode 2?? And then I saw 3-5 without subs…I think last week was episode 8?? but the only thing I saw from that is where Chichi calls goku “babe” supposedly… (but it turned out it wasn’t)

((Also tbh I haven’t been motivated to watch it because it feels like a re-run from the movie Battle of Gods and then I was really disappointed with episode 5…(the battle scene wasn’t that great or thrilling for me))

but yeah I’m  planning on catching up (by re-starting from episode 1) when I have more time. /// :D Once I get to the part with videl I’ll tell you what I think ^_^  ♥

Today is a big milestone for travel in Malaysia, at least to me anyways. It’s the official start of Malaysia Airlines’ new operating company. We don’t know yet if they’ll continue with this name or will it be re-branded to something new, but September 1, like the birth of a new spring that brings hope. (The view is high above London. You can even catch the Shard and Tower Bridge!)
#TodayIsHere #MalaysiaAirlines #Malaysia #Travel (at London, United Kingdom)

i just had a cool dream! Here’s what I remember..

i was hosting a massive Halloween party in a rented actual mansion, and one of the main events of the party was the talent show! 
the first act was a cute little kid in a dance kimono (?) and he performed a short little fan dance routine to Sekai no Owari’s Moonlight Station

I didn’t quite catch the rest of the talent show, because necessity dictated that i had to send something from the post office? So i went and they told me it was free
and i was like ‘hold on there must be a catch’ and (you can telll I’d been playing GW2 in which you have to activate the monster by interacting with an object) as it turned out the moment i hesitantly sent my package i had to fight some sentient pumpkins.
best part is that right after i was told it was free, i woke up to my alarm, but i still half in the dream so i remember getting up to turn off my alarm, and saying, out loud, “nah.. that’s too good to be true. There must be a catch!” and going back to sleep to deal with it. And then when i defeated the pumpkin enemies, my alarm woke up again and I drifted out of the dream going “well, that wasn’t too bad for a surprise attack’.


Be sure to check us out at Lindsey Jenningz Lindsey Jenningz - More than meets the eye!
I am a  25 year old Suicide Girl, freelance model, dancer, and rapper originally from New York but residing in Los Angeles, CA. I am currently traveling the world on Suicide Girls Blackheart Burlesque tour and just finished my mixtape “Inappropriate Behavior” under Blackeyed Peas’ producer, Printz Board. I consider myself a full time unicorn and a walking, living, and breathing piece of art! I started collecting tattoos at the age of 15 and plan on more along the way. I am a firm believer in constant transformation and not staying stagnant. Change is good and nothing should ever stay the same. I’m a girl on the go,catch me if you can!


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(Photo) Paris Hilton Throws Kiddie Rave Charity Event

If there is one person who can’t stop partying it defiantly is Paris Hilton. Staying away from trouble these days but you can catch her turning all the way up all across the world especially Ibiza. This time she put her partying to good use and had a charity event for kids with a Rave theme. Check out the pics of Paris Hilton behind the 1’s & 2’s with the kids.

Club Amnesia in Ibiza, which is one of Paris’ favorite spot was filled with under privleged and disabled children. Showing these kids a good time and letting them have the time of their lives . Paris helped raise over 100k with a local kids center for children and made the night magical. Strobe lights, foam , games and great music had the club going up !! and down before 7pm.

Paris, the heir of Hilton one of the wealthiest names across the world had a history of ditzy ways and drama in the past. Her partying and bullying were even said to be the cause of the downward spiral for Lindsay Lohan. Years later her name is not in the mix of anything negative and she put her partying ways toward a good cause. Unless she just created a group of kids who can’t wait to turn 21!

The Dutchess

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  • Kay hear me out.
  • What if Nintendo company or any gamr designers made a real life pokemon in your phone or DS? I'm not saying they make pokemon in real life but like real time pokemon in your Pocket
  • Let me explain the game.
  • You yourself is the character or trainer and you get to choose your pokemon so that's all that. BUT instead of exploring the pokemon world in your phone or DS, YOU ARE THE ONE WHO'S EXPLORING IN THE GAME. That means wherever you go, is like the grass area, your phone will vibrate whenever you encounter different types of pokemon while you walk or bike, run whatever you'll encounter them, and you can catch them and collect the.
  • And if you know someone who also plays the same game, you can Bluetooth and go on P VS P.
  • Dude... can we start making this type of game?

I have emerged from the cave of “OMGIvegottagetthesecostumesdonebecauseimrunningoutoftime! So, now I can catch you all up! Here’s a pic of Harley’s dress! Who’s gonna be at Wizard World San Jose this weekend?! I’ll be Harley with @cali.guy.88 as Joker (Heath Ledger style) Saturday and Sunday! Hunt us down and say hi babies! ❤️🃏♦️🃏❤️#Harley #harleyquinn #joker #wizard #wip #workinprogress #wizardworld #wizardworldsanjose #wwsj #batman #cosplay #costume

im waitin on this moth to sit the fuck down so i can catch it in a jar n release it but it’s testing me its been 5 whole minutes i cant see shit cos i was fixated on the lamp too long now i feel like a moth too like shit


shoutout to @squeaksz for the second time today lol! you can catch some of this Saturday at #BrooklynNights so pull up. #BookAmazin #QOGUniversal #TheSetEP 📹: @delafotog

So i visited @angelofharlemny totry out the food and drinks this weekend. Can you say AMAZING? Home to the best bartender in Harlem and Latin and Caribbean infused food!

We are excited for this Wednesday’s #BacktoSchoolCurlfriendMixer at 6PM - come thru after work! We’ll be hanging until 9PM
Oh yeah and we have an amazing swag bag for each attendee and great giveaways… Come out and chillax with us!

There are literally 2 tickets left so hurry! Catch em while you can! - tickets only $20! #beautiffulcurls

New Post has been published on MightyTravels

New Post has been published on

Interview with Emily Elyse Miller, founder of Trends on Trends

Photo of Emily Elyse Miller courtesy of Nicole Franzen

As part of our new interview series, we’d love to introduce you to Brooklyn-based Emily Elyse Miller. Emily is a freelance food and travel writer and founder of the editorial outlet and creative agency Trends on Trends and the #breakfastclubnyc series.

Emily grew up in Arizona and moved to New York to study fashion design, but an internship at Condé Nast Traveller changed all that. From Naples to Grand Cayman, Stockholm to Belize, Emily is now well-traveled and combines her love of both food and travel in her writings and photography.

You can catch up with Emily’s Instagram adventures here, check out the Trends on Trends website and read her Huffington Post articles.

How, why and when did you get started to write your thoughts on travel?

I have a fashion background but grew up in the hotel and restaurant industry, so finding a balance between good food and design is what I seek out. I’ve been writing professionally for about four years now, though I’ve been dreaming and researching different cultures and cuisines my whole life. I wanted to create a job that I love and what I love is to experience new things and discover how people live, eat and interact around the world.

What are your travel articles all about?

To me, in order to fully experience a culture you have to eat their food. You don’t have to like it (I learned that eating suri grub worms in the Amazon) but just a taste will open up your world to new spices, flavors and textures you never thought could exist.

Peru sloth photo courtesy of Emily Elyse Miller

Are you a full-time travel writer? 

I have a culinary trend forecasting and creative agency, Trends on Trends. I also freelance culinary and travel content for quite a few outlets. The two keep me quite busy traveling, eating and searching for beautiful and delicious things around the globe — not a bad job for sure!

What has been your most popular post online so far?

I would have to say “What Rene Redzepi Eats For Breakfast” or one of the #breakfastclub posts — clearly people love breakfast as much as I do.

What’s your favorite country / place you have traveled to and why?

There are so many places that completely changed the way I view the world but I would have to go with Scotland. It’s comforting, innovative and one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever experienced. All of the food is actually thoughtfully grown and raised on the sprawling abundance of farms across the country and the people could not be more warm, welcoming, and willing to show off their beautiful country.

Amazon photo courtesy of Emily Elyse Miller

Where would you want to live if you’d have to settle on one place?

I have too many more places to explore before I can settle on just one, but for now Brooklyn is my happy home.

If I were looking for beaches, mountains, city life, or nightlife, where would you send me?

Beaches – Kauai, Hawaii
Mountains – Scotland
City Life – New York
Nightlife – Tel Aviv

What’s currently in your top 5 list of places to go to?

India, Lebanon, Denmark, Australia and Morocco.

Belize jungle photo courtesy of Emily Elyse Miller

What was the most rewarding travel situation you encountered?

Being invited to bake cardamom buns in the bakery at Rosendals Trädgård in Stockholm with the lovely team there.

What’s your most recent food discovery from your travels?

Just a simple but perfectly executed Kabanos cured sausage in Gdańsk, Poland.

Which hotel that you have you stayed in is your favorite?

Miss Clara Hotel in Stockholm is by far my favorite. I was one of the first people to stay when it opened so everything had that new hotel feel. Everyone was energized and excited to show off the gorgeous new property.

Stockholm photo courtesy of Emily Elyse Miller

Do you use a gem of a travel product that nobody else may have heard of?

More of a travel accessory but I do not dream of traveling anywhere without my Want Les Essentiels de la Vie backpack. It carries everything and works for a flea market or business meeting. Plus I always travel with a Carry On Cocktail Kit. It’s a well-designed and fun way to drink on the plane in the classiest way possible.

What airline / hotel are you craving to try?

There’s a new hotel opening in Phoenix called The Camby slated to open at the end of the year. Designed by Stonehill & Taylor (one of my favorites) it’s going to be the perfect combo of modern Southwestern vibes with a Millennial appeal.

Most photos courtesy of Emily Elyse Miller and one photo courtesy of Nicole Franzen.

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Get Back to Hogwarts - A Very Potter Musical

On My Own - Les Misérables

Rent! - RENT

Awkward Pause - First Date

No Good Deed - Wicked

Downtown (Skid Row) - Little Shop of Horrors

One Normal Night - Addams Family

My Eyes - Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

Seven Wonders - Catch Me If You Can

Hopelessly Devoted to You - Grease

Everything Else - Next to Normal

Schadenfreude - Avenue Q

At the Opera Tonight - Repo! The Genetic Opera

In All My Dreams I Drown - The Devil’s Carnival

Days of Summer - A Very Potter Sequel

I did it with musicals because why not and I am not tagging anyone but if you want to do this, do this. But tag me back. I want to see.

Here are my top 50 movies of all time! *They are subject to change overtime. Part 1 of 5.

50. Xmen a great installment in the Marvel Universe.

49. Big- A great Tom Hanks comedy.

48. Back to the Future Part 2- a wonderful sequel.

47. Ghostbusters- a great classic

46. Temple of Doom- very good sequel

45. Catch Me If You Can- I’m my opinion it’s underrated, but a great movie by far.

44. The Muppets- the best Muppet movie ever.

43. The Parent Trap- a wonderful movie.

42. The Producers- A great comedy with amazing acting. Very funny.

41. The Last Crusade- Actioned packed with your favorite archaeologist.
40. Meet the Robinsons- an underrated futuristic Disney movie.

Part 2 will be up later, part 3 up tomorrow!
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