catch zine


SORRY FOR THE INACTIVITYDKJSFLSF i’ve been super busy the past couple of weeks, so i just wanted to let u guys know that i’m not dead and i’m probably coming back after the weekend?? thank all of u lovelies for sticking with me thru the break btw ilysm

at first i was super busy bc i was prepping for my school’s art show, and then i had to spend some time doing some stuff for the people from the art show, and then i spent a heck of a lot of time catching up with zine deadlines ahaah here are the zines i’ve been working one! a yoi au zine, chat noir zine, and then two jojo zines!! 

after this i have a number of commissions…. but THEN… fun stuff….


I have been very inactive for the past month… it’s because me and @edlynbot have been busy making a buncha cool stuff for some upcoming comics/zine conventions!!! Catch us at our first one at OC Zine Fest in the anaheim public library tomorrow! I think it goes from 11-6pm? Anyway here are some sneak peaks for all the cool stuff that’s gonna be there!


I rushed to the printers as soon as I heard they were finished and oh my god the books are here and done and they’re so prettyyyyy. The photos are a little crummy and don’t exactly reflect the colours shown but I’m pretty happy with how they all turned out! I’m proud of everyone who’s participated and I’ll get to signing and drawing everything and then I’ll mail them out probably either next week or the week after!

We did it guys, we did it!!!!!

I did this forever and a day ago for Catch, and there’s no reason for me to repost it right now.

Although, seeing as I have, it’s probably worth mentioning that it is now available on my Society6 page, which has free shipping or whatever with this stupid code.

What a great coincidence. Great for me.