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hacked town ideas

I have a lot of these;; If you’re hacking your town or starting a fresh town to hack, maybe these ideas will come in useful!

  • A desert town. No grass, no plaza stone and no river (or else a very small one if you want to catch river fish yourself), just a handful of scattered ponds to act as oases! Palm trees, flowers and buildings are clustered around the oases. Out in the barren desert are a few pyramids, a sphinx, maybe some scarce weeds. Might be cool to have a hot spring or a water pump out in the middle of nowhere.
  • A jungle town. LOTS of grass and palms and tropical fruit and hibiscuses and lilies ahHHH!! Like four waterfalls. Huge beaches. COLOR and PLANTS are just everywhere. Geysers and stone tablets and moai statues?? Villagers that used to be islanders YES and baskets of fruit as decoration and cute stepping stone paths!
  • A post-apocolyptic town. Very little water, not much grass, modern everything. Dead trees and lots of weeds. Could use a lot of different PWPs for this… streetlight? Bus stop, pile of pipes, fire pit? Paths that look like cracked highways! Cluster most of the buildings in the center somewhere and have a few villagers living alone in the wastelands.
  • An icy forest town. Always winter and cedar trees EVERYWHERE! Lots of waterfalls and ponds. Small tiny beaches, most only accessible by swimming. Sooo many penguin villagers. Illuminated trees would be really pretty dotted throughout a thick forest. White and blue flowers, water fountains, zen renovations cause they look a little cabin-y if you squint.
  • A farm town?? There’s a way to manually set grass deterioration, I’m not sure how that works but it would be so cool to set up little fields of dirt and decorate with flower seed bags and fruit baskets! Persimmons could be pumpkins and for other growing things make use of patterns. Scarecrow and rice rack PWPs would be super cute, and a water well! Lots of tree orchards. Could use bamboo to make a ‘corn’ maze. A resident’s house could be decked out as a farmer’s market!
  • An enchanted forest. The town tree is in the middle of a big forest and not on any plaza stone. To get to it you follow a little path behind town hall. Town hall, Retail and whatever other important buildings are all clustered together, and the villagers are dotted throughout the forest. Lots of illuminated PWPs. Always summertime so fireflies float around the ponds and rivers! Fairytale renovations and PWPs.
Borogravian Nugganites - The game

A game for 3 to 8 players.

You will need

  • pens,
  • a number of empty cards or small slips of paper,
  • a hat, jar or box,
  • and notepads or scrap paper for taking notes.


  1. Each player gets divine inspiration from Nuggan, and recieve four abominations as revelations (i.e. the player makes them up). These are written on individual cards and put in the hat, so nobody can see them.
  2. Each player makes up a character for themself, usually a Borogravian citizen, noting a few details like gender, race, age, occupation, and name.The players should write this down on their notepad.
  3. The players decide on the order of play (clockwise around a table, say) and who is first.
  4. Each player presents him-, her- or itself, stating the descriptions they’ve made up. It’s probably a good idea to make note of who the other player characters are.


The aim of the game is to be the last to be condemned to Hell for indulging in abominations. This requires keeping all abominations in mind, keeping track of what the other players have revealed about their characters, and trying not to incriminate yourself.

At the start of each round, four abominations are drawn from the hat and read out loud. (Any previously drawn abominations are still in force, of course.)

Taking turns, each player reveal another fact about their character. This can be a new fact, or an amendment of a previously stated fact (although too drastic changes, like changing age, gender, race, station in life enormously etc. are not allowed).

After a player has revealed this new fact, the other players can each ask them a question about their character if they so wish (if they don’t, they’ll say “Pass”).

Should any fact be known that indicates an abomination, any other player can state so, adding “which is an abomination unto Nuggan!”

The accused player can then attempt to defend themself, but unless all other players agree it was a groundless accusation, the accused player recieves a black mark. Any player can only be accused of the same abomination once.

After a player has recieved eight black marks, that character is irrevocably on the road to Hell, and the character is out of play. The player may still participate as usual in asking questions, making accusations, and writing more abominations.

At the end of the round, each player writes one to three more abominations that are put in the hat and mixed with the others, and the next turn starts with four new abominations.


When writing abominations, limit yourself to one to four words. You can name things (turnips, clogs, hats, the sound of sneezing, etc), or activities (playing fiddle, twiddling thumbs, snoring, etc).

Try not to be ridiculously generic. “Living” for instance, will catch (almost) everyone, as will “nipples”. The only result of this is that everybody will get a black mark for the same abomination, and it’s not much fun for anyone.

If you want to target another player, that’s perfectly fine.

Abominations can be saved between games and re-used, so the players don’t have to write them all themselves during the game.


Player 1: “I’m a male, middle-aged woodcutter called Thomas”.
Player 2: “I’m a teenage female bar maid called Penny”.
Player 3: “I’m an old dwarf miner called Thorstein”

Round 1

Abominiations drawn from hat: “Ice cream”, “running water”, “flying”, “raising one eyebrow”.

P1: “I have an axe”
  P2: “Where do you live?”
  P1: “In a wood cabin”
  P3: “Is it next to a stream?”
  P2: “No”

P2: “I have a pink skirt”
  P3: “Do you serve ice cream in the bar?”
  P2: “No.”
  P1: “Do you wash glasses and cups?”
  P2: “Yes.”
  P1: “If you do you, you’ll be pouring water, which is running water, which is an abomination unto Nuggan!”
  P2: “No, because I wash them by just wiping them with a cloth.”
  P3: “That’s reasonable.”

P3: “I live in a mine”
  P1: “Is there an underground river in the mine?”
  P3: “No.”
  P2: “Are there bats in the mine?”
  P3: “No.”

End of round. No black marks have been given out. The players write more abominations and put in the hat.

Round 2

New abominations: “names starting with T”, “dyed clothes on women”, “trolls”, “cabbages”

P1: “I change my name to Bob”
  P2: “What do you eat?”
  P1: “Fish.”
  P3: “Do you catch the fish yourself?”
  P1: “Yes”
  P3: “So when you pull them out of the water, water will be running off them, which is an abomination unto Nuggan!”
  P1: “Um… yes. Sorry.”

(Player 1 gets a black mark)


Borogravia, Nuggan, and Nuggan’s ever-expanding list of abominations were invented by Terry Pratchett in the novel “Monstrous Regiment”, and the copyright for them belongs to Terry and Lyn Pratchett.

The concept of the game, the rules, and the examples were invented by Orjan Westin.

anonymous asked:

Are you a strict vegan, like purely plant based diet, or do you also eat fish?

Just plants :) I did eat fish for a while during the transition a few times.but I have no desire for it anymore. If you do choose to eat it I would say either catch ‘a’ fish yourself or buy local. Watch The doco/movie called Planet Ocean and it will change your view on eating from the sea. We can survive and thrive on plants x