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Three shades of a man (a third chapter)

Summary: You have seen Bucky Barnes at his best and his worst, and he asks you to help him through it all.

Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: NSFW, 18+ ONLY; lots of smut, go no further if you’re not over 18 please. 

A/N:  I’ve had so many amazing comments from you lovely people about these stories, and it genuinely makes my day hearing from each and everyone one of you, so thank you from the bottom of my heart! I’ve really loved writing this mini-series, and I appreciate you guys sticking around while I take off the smut training wheels. Final chapter below, and tried to tag those who have requested it, but Tumblr is not cooperating, so hope it works. Also apparently I’m super wordy, so this is kinda long. Oops. Feedback and comments are always welcome.

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Calm, relieved, playful

I’m coming home. Can’t wait to see you.

It was a text you didn’t expect, if only because he was not a demonstrative person when it came to the written word. He was always perfunctory, preferring to send an image or a three word answer, not because he didn’t enjoy talking to you, but simply because that’s who he was. He expressed his emotions in a multitude of other ways, saving his syllables to whisper in your ear when he was wrapped inside you, murmuring his feelings into your sweaty skin every time you brought him to his knees.

It doesn’t come often, but here it was, the Bucky Barnes you always wait to see. You think this must be him, the real him, James Buchanan Barnes, the sweet, flirty, cocky boy who was so sure of himself and his place in the world, before he became a man carved up and torn apart, remade by the chaos of war.

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Why do people still think that Warren, standing across a courtyard and peeking around a corner of a building for two seconds, counts as “creepy stalker watching Max change through her window.” How does that make sense? He only peeks around the corner once. You have to rewind in order to catch it, and I have had to rewind because he does it so fast, you could blink and miss it even. And he’s not even looking in the direction of her window, he’s looking towards the entrance to the dorm. Hmmm… almost like he’s waiting for someone, which he is!

Meanwhile, if I dare bring up any criticisms or moment during the game where Chloe is being slightly abusive to Max(and that she can point a gun to Max’s head) I hear a million Chloe fans crying “CHLOE HAS ABANDONMNENT ISSUES!“ like it will automatically excuse her actions. Then again, this is also the fandom that forgives Nathan Prescott. The guy whose actions make him responsible for killing Rachel Amber, and doing a bunch of other really awful stuff in the game. But Warren? Peeks around a corner for two seconds and he’s the irredeemable scum. 

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How about Sans with life with 8 kids, everything is good, and then a reset? (LETS GET THE ANGST TRAIN ROLLLLLLLLING)

Why you do this to me anon. Also this is UT!Sans

He’s exhausted in a good way, feeling his bones ache pleasantly as he sinks down further into the couch. The house is unusually quiet, the only sounds being the TV and your quiet breathing and occasional shuffling on the couch. The baby monitor next to him lets him know that one of the kids are talking in their sleep, and he smiles a little at the cute gibberish his son is saying.

He feels content. And when he turns to look at you he can’t help but smile. You’re spread out on the couch, legs in his lap and head on the armrest opposite him. Your face is relaxed, something unusual considering how hectic both of your lives has been recently. But even though living with eight children wasn’t something he ever imagined he could do, he wouldn’t trade the past few years for anything. Not even the chance to sleep in on weekends. 

He can feel himself slowly drift off, and suddenly his head is filled with a loud buzzing. He opens his eyes, he didn’t even know they were closed, and the buzzing grows louder and louder until it turns to ringing. 

The world around him is moving so fast. Shapes are moving around him, and after a while he catches a glimpse of you, of his kids. Of himself. 

It’s like a movie rewinding, he’s moving through different parts of his life, standing in the middle of it all. And he starts to panic because no. This wasn’t supposed to happen ever again they- they promised.

He’s helpless. And tears are streaming down his face as he watches the life he worked so hard for slip away. After a while he can’t see his children anymore, and a sob shakes his body. It’s just you now. But then you’re gone too. And he braces himself because it’s almost over. 

Finally the ringing gets louder, it builds up into a noise almost too loud for him to hear. And then the world fades to white. And just as he thinks that his skull is going to crack from the intensity, it’s like he passes out.

When he wakes up he’s in a room he didn’t think he’d ever see again, in a house he swore to never return to. The walls are empty and the place is a mess. He sits up and feels the sobs build up, and suddenly he’s crying. Tangled in a mess of unmade bedsheets and clothes he couldn’t bother to put away, he cries his soul out. 

He’s interrupted by a knock and a voice.


He doesn’t leave his room for the next few days. 

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Okay. But imagine Chris watching Disney movies with his twin kids, boy and girl, and they are obsessed with the Aristocats. You come home to find them walking in circles around the couch, following your husband and dancing as they all yell, "Everybody! Everybody! Everybody wants to be a cat!" Needless to say you join in after Chris catches you standing there and smiling wide as they rewind it and you all join in, screaming it even louder as you start marching throughout the house now.

omg this is so cute I can’t 

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Daddy Wednesday™

The Classic Movie You Watch Together

s c o t t 

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You guys watch Psycho. While watching the movie both you and Scott were fine, but later on while you were both trying to sleep you found it honestly creepy to the core. 

s t i l e s 

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Jaws. Not that scary you have to admit, but it was certainly interesting and you and Scott both jumped a couple times, but other wise you were fine. You did miss a couple scenes while you kissed though. 

d e r e k

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You watch Vertigo, and holy shit are you both confused. You have no idea what’s going on for half of the movie and the other half you’re both thoroughly disturbed. Derek’s theories and predictions were pretty funny though, and certainly kept you’re interest in the odd movie. 

l i a m 

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You got your nerd on for 2001: A space odyssey! It was hilarious seeing all the things they thought we would’ve gotten by now and our priorities! You both thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and actually rewinded to catch the parts you missed while throwing pop corn at each other. 

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1111111111111 :-) that's a 1 just to be clear

1. soulmates au (this is a request from forever ago from this list that i couldn’t get to bc of my writers block i’m sorry i hope you like this!!! i said i’d post something tonight if i didn’t finish that oneshot so here u go!!) (the writing for this is so bad i’m so sorry)

“Hey, my name’s Luke and I’ll be your server, today,”

“Hello, this is Luke from AT&T I’m calling about your current cell plan,”

“What’s up my name’s Luke and I’ll be your campus guide for today’s tour,”

Luke here, Luke there, Luke goddamn everywhere.

You’d never been so sick of a stupid name in your whole life, but this one was killing you everytime it was mentioned - which seemed to be a drastically unfunny amount of times every day. And it wasn’t even hearing it that bothered you the most - because you always got that feeling that’s you’d know his voice, should he ever speak first - it was seeing it. Because his name was everywhere you looked. On name tags, on return addresses, scrawled in textbooks, written on abandoned binders, scratched into tabletops - and the small cursive on your wrist was about to drive you off the edge if you looked at it one more time. 


Everyone else seemed to get unique names - the type that wouldn’t haunt them all day every day, like yours did - and never seemed to stress or worry about it like you did.

Why did his name follow you around like that - like no matter where you were, there was bound to be a Luke or two in the building, and they never seemed to have your name marked on their wrist.

Why did everyone else have it so easy compared to you.

Everyone else seemed to look at this whole soulmate thing in a completely different light, with hope and optimism and excitement, but everyday you grew more resentful of the concept - of the idea that only one person would ever be right for you, and that finding them was a complete stab in the dark.

And who even decided this bullshit - before either of you were even born. Who decided who was going to make you laugh, hold you through the tough times, guide you back to the light, fill you with happiness and joy.

Who decided who you would hopefully spend the rest of your life with? Who you were supposed to raise children with, grow old with, live with.

How did they know that it would all magically just work out. How did they know what name to permanently imprint into your skin. Who were they to tell you that the love you found, who didn’t match that you were told you were destined to, wasn’t right for you? Who were they to decide your sexuality?

And who the hell were they to give you the most average name in the book?

It was so frustrating as well - especially to you, who’d always had a slightly rebellious spirit, but was also a complete romantic.

As a child, you’d found comfort in the idea that there was a specific person out there, tailored just for you, but with every Luke that entered your life, that had slowly started to fade. 

Now, you’d call yourself a cynic - this whole soulmate thing putting you on edge. You spent your life holding your breath, waiting for every Luke to flash that small patch of skin that would tell you if this was it - if it was actually him, and he was yours and you were his. But it never happened. With every name tag, every greeting, every name you heard in passing, he was never yours.

And it was sad, really, that the one thing you were trying to let go was getting to you so deeply. You found yourself worrying about it all the time. You’d get distracted in class, you’d zone out watching a movie and have to rewind half of it to catch up.

And you found yourself becoming distant and disorientated whenever you’d hang out with friends, especially at bars and clubs, where they would actively set out to take a guy home and you’d sit and drink away your sorrows - afraid of being let down again.

“Hey, why are you so down?” Your best friend frowned as she fell into the booth beside you, her hair sticking to her forehead with sweat and her words slurring. The fluorescent lights of the club reflecting off her skin, illuminating her as if she was emitting ecstasy from every pore.

You shrugged, faking a smile and she seemed to accept it.

“You should go get another drink, you’re almost empty, that’s probably it,” she beamed, as if she had everything figured out. “I’m gonna go dance!”

And then she was off, skipping towards the dancefloor where her soulmate was waiting for her, an ecstatic smile on his features the minute she threw her arms around him. With a sigh, you pushed yourself out of the booth and made your way over to the bar, sitting at one of the large stools and occupying yourself by picking at a beer mat until the bartender came over.

It was a good five minutes, lost in your thoughts, before a drink was placed in front of you, and you looked up to see the bartender smirking down at your confused expression.

“I didn’t order that,” you frowned, looking down at the pink concoction then back up at the man.

“Courtesy of the guy in the douchey neon tank top at the end of the bar,” he spoke with a deep voice, an australian accent, and a hint of amusement, as he nodded down toward the end of the bar, where a sweaty looking frat boy sat grinning over at you.

“Is he even legal?” your face scrunched in disgust, the guy huffing dejectedly from across the bar when you pushed the drink away - not even bothering to sugar coat it with an appreciative smile. He wasn’t your soulmate, and if he was, you didn’t want him - not if buying you a cheap drink was his way of picking you up.

“I doubt he’d have gotten in here if he wasn’t,” the bartender chuckled, wiping his hands on a small towel before whipping it over his shoulder and leaning forward onto the bar. You started absentmindedly playing with the beer mat again, paying no mind to the drink before you. “You don’t want it?”

“I don’t wanna send him the wrong message,” you sighed, not bothering to look up at him again, too consumed by your own sad thoughts.

“He’s not paying attention anymore,” he replied, “You should try it, you might like it.”

“What is it?”

“I call it the Hemmings-way Daquiri.”

“You know it’s Hemingway, right?”

“This one has a little Hemmings in it, though,” he smirked, gauging a reaction out of you them once you looked up at him, your eyes wide in alarm - slightly grossed out. His eyes then blew, the second he’d realised what he had said. “Oh god, not like that, I just meant - it’s my name, Hemmings, I haven’t - y’know,”

You couldn’t help but laugh - even giggle, slightly. His flustered state was actually quite cute - the mishap a welcome distraction from your thoughts. You bit your lip, eyes on his again as you asked, “What happens if I don’t like it?”

“Full refund,” he nodded.

“I didn’t pay,”

“Exactly,” he smiled, a small dimple popping on one side of his face as his face practically glowed under the lights. “I’ll get you another drink on the house.” he said before his smile softened, and he was then leaning fully onto the bar in front of you - as if there was no other customers he should have been attending to.

“Okay,” you sighed softly, plucking the wedge of grapefruit from the drink and bringing it to your lips. Once you’d sucked out the juices from the fruit, your face scrunched and you discarded it onto a napkin on the bar. “Bitter,” you mumbled when you stuck out your tongue a little, which caused the bartender to chuckle. You then reached out for the glass, lifting it to your face and taking a big gulp.

He watched for your reaction, inching forward slightly to see if your face would contort in distaste or pleasure.

Once the cool liquid ran down your throat, you thought you’d drag it out, licking your lips and pulling a pensive face. “It tastes just like a Hemingway Daquiri,” you teased.

“Ah, but I put in a secret ingredient,”

“Which was?”

“It wouldn’t be a secret if I told you,” he rolled his eyes. “But do you like it?”

“It’s alright,” you shrugged, but you were unable to stop smiling when he pouted at you. 

He was cute, you could admit that even though you weren’t exactly looking. His blond hair was gelled back slightly, falling into a rather flat quiff that was effortlessly sexy. His jaw was framed by a slight stubble, giving him the ruggedly handsome vibe that you’d always been attracted to, and his eyes were gorgeous -a cerulean blue that bore an uncanny resemblance to a tropical ocean. 

“It’s the best Hemingway Daquiri I have ever had,”


“Sure.” You giggled, deciding to appease him. “Hemmings-way.”

He smiled back, fondly, and it actually brought a slight blush to your cheeks - the way his eyes shone as they looked at you, like he could see something in you that you didn’t know was there. 

“Hey, when you’re done flirting, you’ve got people to serve,” his co-worked called over, and he quickly parted from you with a brief apology, leaving you to drink your Hemmings-way Daquiri and pick at your beer mat - all whilst staring at the god-forsaken ink on the inside of your wrist.

Once your glass was empty, the bartender replaced it with another pink drink, offering a small smile as he continued to serve others - and before you knew it, the crowd started thinning out, and he stuck around a little longer every time he brought a new glass over. The two of you talked a little - mainly him cracking jokes about other drinkers or telling your stories about who he had served throughout the night, and sometimes him cracking jokes about how gloomy you looked in an obvious attempt to lighten the mood.

And he let you vent out your problems, let you voice your worries about the whole soulmates thing, and how you were worried you’d only ever be connected by a name - not by things in common or admiration or respect or love - but a duty to someone else. And he listened, unlike all your other friends who cut you short with a what does it matter, they’re your soulmate. And it felt really good to speak to him.

And when the bar had only a few people left, he stayed with you, and the two of you talked for what seemed like forever until his co-worker shouted out last call and you thought maybe it was time you went home.

“Thanks for keeping me company, I had a lot of fun,” you giggled, slightly tipsy from the many drinks he’d slipped you - not even making you pay for one - and although you could taste less and less alcohol with every glass, it had gotten to you nonetheless.

“Me too, you’re a refreshing change from the usual crowd,” he grinned, hand shooting out to your shoulder when you pushed yourself up and stumbled against the bar with your heels.

“Thanks,” you sighed, embarrassed, your eyes casting down, subconsciously, towards his wrist. And where his tattoo should have sat, there was a wristband covering it - which, for some reason, made you smile.

You were so sick of names - one name in particular - and you actually liked this guy. He was funny and kind and gorgeous, and you didn’t want that name on his wrist to ruin your night.

“Yours says Luke,” he said, and your eyes darted up to meet his, “I saw it earlier - it must get annoying, I know I hate it when people have the same name as me but it must be killing you.”

“Your name’s Luke?”

“Sorry.” he chuckled with a nod, “I bet you’ve met a lot.”

“You have no idea.” you tried to laugh it off, but the nerves were bubbling up inside you. It could have been your Luke, all this time.

“Can I ask you a question?” he asked, and you nodded in response. “If I were to ask you for your number, and I wasn’t gonna show you the name on my wrist, and you weren’t going to tell me yours, what would you say?”

You couldn’t help but smile - if not only for the fact that he wanted your number, which meant he’d enjoyed the night as much as you had, but for the fact that he’d listened and he understood your worries.

And suddenly, you were willing to waste your time with what might turn out to be another dead end - another name tag, another random voicemail. 

You grabbed a spare napkin from the bar and smiled up at him. “I’d say, do you have a pen, Luke?”


DISCLAIMER: This post is not meant to be taken as law or fact. This is from my perspective, so I can most definitely be wrong. I will always admit when I’m wrong. This is for fun, so treat it as such. People told me to post this, so if you disagree or feel offended, then please voice it respectfully. Fyi, I didn’t plan on looking for any of this. My future occupation (physician’s assistant) requires me to be aware and to notice every single and subtle detail of my surroundings. So, unfortunately it has forced me to become too aware to the point where I scoop out everything. So, I don’t want to hear “you’re over analyzing” or “you’re delusional,” just enjoy. If you see it, then cool. If you don’t, then that’s fine. No harm, no foul! We can all get along and agree to disagree.

This is based on the slowed down version of lbauman13579’s red room video. Open two windows on your computer (the video and this post) and place them side by side and watch the video as you read this! You may need to zoom in if you can’t see.

Alright, first of all, you need to watch five people in the room at the same time. It’s possible, trust me haha. If you need to rewind the video and watch each person individually, then by all means go ahead. I saw it all the first time that I watched the video, however, every move is very subtle so you may need to rewind to catch it. You need to watch the facial expressions/body language of V and Z (of course), of the female producer with the headset on to the left of Z and of the two women standing behind Z on the red wall.

When the video begins, Z is watching the monitor and Sasha notices her and engulfs her into a hug. Before this happens, notice that a woman is walking behind the mirrors towards V whom is standing by the television on the wall. This woman was talking to Z minutes prior to this incident occurring. My guess is that the woman asked Z if she wanted her to go get V and Z told her yes. The woman goes to tell V that Z is there and he immediately searches the room for her in which he spots her in the corner. The woman returns to her position on the back wall behind Z and she begins a conversation with the woman next to her while they both watch V and Z’s interaction. Meanwhile, V makes a beeline drive towards Z. Now, this is where you have to really pay attention, while V is walking he is looking up, but because he has to wedge his body between those two women, to get past them, it forces him to look down to where he’s going. Now, watch his facial expression and body language. He notices that he sees Z’s leg from behind the chair so he continues to look down, but he can’t see the entire outfit just yet. When she moves a little from behind the chair, he notices that Z’s slit is very high, her entire leg is exposed, and that she is wearing thigh high boots. Watch his reaction! He stopped mid walk after he realized this. He salutes to the ceiling as if to thank god for what she’s wearing. Some thought that he was pointing to the cameras, but those particular cameras are in the mirrors and on the walls. That is how one is able to see them from that perspective and from that up close. If the cameras were overhead, then we would see everyone from a sky view. For example, if you were to stand on a building and look down at a group of people that’s the view you would see if the cameras were on the ceilings from that perspective. They are wall positioned as to capture the entire room from all angles. However, there are a few cameras in the ceiling. I could be wrong, but my brother used to install those in Wal-marts and elementary/high schools. Anyway, he salutes to the ceiling and, then proceeds to hug/kiss her and whisper in her ear. Then, he slides behind her to kiss and hug Claire. You can see Claire’s hands wrap around his neck from the side. Then, val slides behind Z and watch his head. He looks at her ass and follows his eye sight all the way down until he reaches her thigh high boots. He puts one arm (the right arm) around her shoulders and his other arm (the left arm) is reaching towards her boots. You can verify this by watching the woman on the wall behind them because she is smiling while she is watching them interact. The woman next to her asked a question and she responded with a laugh. I can’t really make out what she asked, but I can tell that it was about them because they gestured towards them. If you watch Z, l read her lips and she said, “Aww, thank you.” I’m assuming that it was in response to a compliment that V gave her. If you need more verification, then go back and rewind and watch the female producer’s face with the headset on to the left. While Val is standing behind Z, she has this look of disapproval/confusion on her face. Ok, moving on.

Now, when V walks away he turns around to continue talking to Z. He turns his back towards her and she shouts something behind him. Look at the female producer’s face again! It was something that was intimate because she again has that “wtf is going on” look on her face. This is important for this part to make sense, you need to watch Z’s hand/mouth and V’s hand/mouth. That sounds dirty. Sorry, anyway. V says, “Hey” and then he takes his left hand and motions toward his leg as if to ask her to move her skirt back and to drawn attention to the slit in her skirt. Watch his mouth while he does this; he sticks his tongue out. If you don’t believe me, then look at the female producer with the headset on again, she looks at Z’s legs as if to see what they’re talking about or doing. She’s being nosey now. Anyway, Z moves a little from behind the chair and watch Z’s left hand, she moves the skirt back further to expose more of her leg and the boots, while sticking her tongue out. When she does this, Val has a typical male reaction and he points at it while sticking his tongue out (a lot of tongue action sorry) and, then he balls his left hand into a fist and bites it as if to say, “damn baby don’t tease me” or “damn that’s so sexy” Z just smugly nods her head and fixes her glasses as if she is unbothered that she has that affect on him. She continues to nod and Val continues to look at her while he walks off.

The video ends here. Now, before you get all up in arms, this is once again all speculation. If you see something else, then voice it, respectfully. I don’t need disrespect for just voicing what I saw. This is not me watching with shipper glasses on. Like what frozenmorningdew has said about me, “I don’t give af about no ship.” No offense! This is just me watching as an observer. Enjoy! Thanks for reading 😘