catch you all on the flipside


what’s up guys, my shop’s open until the 19th when I leave for metrocon! i’ve got gold foil prints and stickers back in stock, and i’m doing my final run of t-shirts! i know i haven’t been as active on here lately, but i’ve been hard at work on new art/merch for cons and if you miss my smiling face and sunny disposition you can always find me on twitter!! thanks again for all of your guys’ amazing support…..hopefully i’ll catch you on the flipside of summer con season haha

hiatus notice for all blogs.

i’m just disgruntled with the community on here,  rn,  not for any particular reason and it’s not anyone’s doing,  it’s just one of those moods i get into some of the time where i don’t feel at home or just tired of rp’ing.   i’ll catch you all on the flipside, tho.  find me on my personal or come ask me for my skype / discord if you want to chat or rp there.

I went to bed at 10:30 last night. Now, I know you guys don’t know a lot about me, but that’s virtually unheard of.

Now, even though I slept 12 hours, (a miracle in and of itself) I still feel like I’ve been run over by a truck. So I’m going to walgreen’s to restock my supply of painkillers then coming home and not moving from my couch for the next 12 hours.

I’m telling you all this because I doubt I’m gonna be around. Consider this my sign on the door. “Closed for buisness, come back tomorrow.”

It’s finally here! From the creator of the Gaster Hoax, the first teaser for my upcoming Undertale fangame (if Toby approves, that is..), Undertale: The Lost Doctor!

You play as Frisk and company, searching haphazardly through a seemingly inverse, backwards timeline to track down and retrieve good old Doctor Gaster!

Most, if not ALL of the plot will be speculation and my personal theories, so be prepared.

Things that you will find in Lost Doctor:

  • Personality swapped characters!
  • Gaster’s backstory!
  • New and unique fights!
  • A party-based combat system!
  • Skeleton puns!
  • Voice acting? Hopefully!
  • Nyehs and hehs!
  • Papyrus, TWOFOLD!
  • Cool music?? Maybe?????
  • More possible runs!

What we need:

  • Voice actors!
  • Artists!
  • Musicians!
  • Coders!
  • Glamburgers!
  • Anything, really…

If you want to join in, shoot me a message and we can talk!


Catch ya on the flipside!