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i don't want to get my hopes up for canon sheith but it seemed like s4 was seriously pushing both allur@nce and pining keith

allurance and sheith for endgame is my hope and just what makes the most sense to me. Also, I know a lot of people are saying allurance “came out of nowhere” but like–it seemed pretty clear to me they were really trying to establish it in season 3. This is just the buildup from there. And even earlier, there were little hints like “Mrs. Blue Lion.” Not to mention how Allura and Lance first met?? Like okay yeah, after Allura gets her bearings it doesn’t go so well. But that first moment when Lance catches her and their eyes lock? Looked to me like how you’d introduce a future love interest there

Sebaciel sfw kink: in the midst of a serious assignment, when Ciel is busy Earling and Sebastian is in full butler mode, the two catch each other’s eye and have to fight not to laugh.

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Excuse me but whose dumb ass tries to get close to Tony when Loki obviously saw him first lmao

It was Fandral. 

And he didnt mean any harm. The creature is a romantic, naturally, always ready to carry off some lovely being into the woods and spend a night (or seven) in each others arms, before casually dismissing them before going on his way. 

He is the bane of Thors existence, as the creature has tries to seduce every woman to come to the cabin, and Thor is running out of excuses for why the women are being left flowers and sweets, since they all seem to think it is him. 

Alas, it was Fandral, one of a trio of fairy folk that spend their times together. When they are not sleeping around with anyone who catches their eye, they are altogether a fearsome trio of warriors, and while Loki stays out of their way, they also know better than to antagonize him.

So honestly, Fandral must have been drunk, or perhaps just feeling overtly lucky when he approached the human that Loki had claimed as his own and tried to woo him. 

In Tonys defense, Loki was the only fairy he had come in contact with, so when Fandral walked swaggered from the forest, a flirtatious smile leer on his face, Tony was prepared for the inevitable questions, for the lack of personal boundaries, all of that sort of thing. 

He was not prepared for Fandral to push him against the wall and bring their lips together, or for the way the fairy pushed a leg between Tonys thighs and encouraged him to rock against him. 

Fandral was unused to anyone resisting his charms, or not knowing who he was, so he was surprised when the human shoved him back as hard as he could and then cocked his arm back, ready to flatten the fairy with a hard punch. 

Tony didnt have the chance however, because something that resembled lightning bolts except in shades of green zapped through the clearing and pinged the other fairy right in the ass. 

“He is mine, Fandral!” Loki snarled, and when he leapt from the trees he looked nothing like the delicate, pale skinned fairy Tony had come to know. He was dark blue, with wild red eyes, his voice low enough to be a growl. 

“Easy, Loki.” Fandral backed off quickly, averting his eyes entirely from Tony. “i meant no harm.”

“You all know he is mine!” Loki hissed. “Leave!” 

Fandral was gone, a few large strides and then an easy leap into the trees and he was gone. 

“Yours?” Tony said when he could finally talk. “Is that so?” 

Lokis red eyes widened, it seemed that he had forgotten that Tony had been listening. “I suppose.” he said carefully, and waited anxiously as Tony looked his blue form up and down. 

“Pretty.” he finally commented, and that was that. 

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The Hamilsquad gets jealous because some dude is always flirting with their s/o, who is completely oblivious of what's going on. (Bonus+ if they get really protective)

this is literally me,, i never realize when people are flirting with me

“There he is now.” You hummed, catching Alex’s eye from the other end of the bookstore. He gave you a smile, but it quickly faded when he saw who you were talking to in the middle of the aisle. He wrapped his arms around your waist protectively, pulled you close to his side. “Hi.”

“Hey, love.” Alex hurriedly brought you in for a kiss. You felt his grip on your waist get tighter, causing you to blush. Even when he pulled away, he pressed a soft kiss to your cheek. His eyes seemed to soften when he looked at you, but they quickly sharpened as he looked in front of him. “And you are?” 

“You know Aaron.” You mumbled, frowning at Alex. Don’t be rude. Your expression so clearly said. Alex bit his lip. 

Alex hesitated before suddenly “remembering” who your coworker was. “Right. Aaron.” He said, voice tense. “So what are you doing here?”

“We were both looking for the same book.” You said excitedly. 

“Just happened to be looking for the same book, huh?” Alex glared at Aaron. Several insults and expletives ran through his mind, but you were there beside him. You’d get upset if he tore Aaron to shreds. He swallowed, tried to keep calm. 

“Well, Aaron, I didn’t see you as the type to be into romance novels.” 

Aaron shrugged, albeit a little nervously. He cleared his throat to try to explain himself, but Alex’s glare only intensified. You remained oblivious, absentmindedly counted how many books you had picked out. Alex tensed when you mentioned how Aaron invited you to get lunch. That did it.

“Hey, sweetheart?” You tensed slightly at his tone. You relaxed when Alex rubbed your side. “Do you think you could find Jack for me? Figured he might be looking for a new photography book.”

You looked up at him and nodded. “Y-Yeah. Sure.” You waved goodbye to Aaron, left the boys alone. John wasn’t in the photography section. He was in line to buy his books. You jumped in line with himbefore heading over to the little coffee shop built into the store. Laf and Herc were sitting at a table, waiting for the two of you. Laf greeted you and John with a smile. You got seated next to Herc while John sat beside Laf.

“What took you so long?” Herc asked as you set your bag of books near your feet. Herc draped an arm around your shoulder, kissed your cheek. He slid his coffee over to you. You took a sip, leaned into his side.

“Sorry, I ran into Aaron.” You said with a little laugh. 

“Aaron? Your coworker?” John shifted in his seat. 

“Yes. Why do you and Alex always act like you don’t know him?” 

“Oh, we know him.” Herc mumbled. “We all keep tabs on the guy that is constantly flirting with you.” 

“Aaron? Flirting with me?!” 

“It’s more likely than you think.” John cracked a smile and you rolled your eyes. “Baby, he’s always trying to make a move on you.” 

You shook your head. “We’re just friends! W-We’re getting lunch on Sunday!” 

Laf let out a quiet “mon Dieu.” Herc and John couldn’t help but laugh as you realized what you had done. Your eyes widened before your face seemed to fall. You buried your face in your hands, let out a groan. 

“I-I really didn’t know.” You weakly protested. “I just thought he was being friendly. I-I’d never!” You quickly looked up at your boys. “I love you all too much.” 

“We love you too.” Herc chuckled. “I don’t remember you being this oblivious when we flirted with you.” 

“Thank goodness or you probably would have given up on me.” You cracked a smile. You bit your lip nervously, quietly spoke up. “What do I do about Aaron?”

“I wouldn’t worry about it, chérie.” Laf managed a smile, squeezing your hand. Quietly under his breath he added, “I’m sure Alex is taking care of him right now.” 

I can’t get your intoxicating smile and bright eyes off my mind

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Scenario: Tumblr AU
Pairing: Chanyeol/Reader
Word Count: 1339
Rating: T

Summary: Can you fall in love with someone you’ve never met?
You just shot to tumblr fame when the latest chapter of your webtoon went viral. Messages start flooding in – hundreds of people saying things good and bad alike. One anon catches your eye, and you find you just have to reply to them…

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I clear my throat, wondering what the scene in front of me meant. It’s obvious whoever Lucas is- he’s in love with Cadi. And Cadi was speaking as if she cared for him too. But hadn’t she said Aries was the love of her life? I back away, not wanting to get involved. I don’t know why my name was mentioned, but it’s always better to stay out of people’s personal affairs.

Cadi’s voice is overly cheerful when she greets me.

Cadi: Shannon! Good morning!

Me: Good morning. I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude. I can go back to my bedroom-

Cadi: Nonsense. You’re not intruding. Not at all. Shannon, this is my friend Lucas. Lucas Fontenot.

Fontenot? Was he related to Aries? It would explain his dramatic good looks. His back is turned to me, so I can’t catch a glimpse of his eyes, to see if he had the same strange “brown” color.

Cadi seems to read my mind.

Cadi: Lucas is Aries’ first cousin. Lucas, this is my friend Shannon I was telling you about.

Lucas barely glances at me. He narrows his eyes at Cadi.

Lucas growls: We’re not done, Cadira.

He strides out through a side door. Cadi and I stare at our feet in awkward silence.


A Romeo & Juliet story would include:

  • These violent delights have violent ends and it all - the story, the lovers, the tragedy - began with this:
  • The catch of an eye from behind a feathered mask; knuckles that were sickly sweet beneath Draco’s mouth
  • A girl - the girl - with a smile like a match strike that is setting itself ablaze
  • And he isn’t sure who she is, at first, only knows that her face is divinely reminiscent of the marble cheeked busts and pale-faced portraits lining the Manor halls
  • He doesn’t know, when it begins, how much trouble it will inevitably cause
  • But it’s much too late, by the time he’s fit her hand to his beneath the fractured crystals of the ballroom’s chandelier, his heart has already been stolen and their fates have been sealed
  • Because this girl - the girl - feels like a rose that’s biting his fingertips beneath his hands; she’s a flower that he wants desperately to watch bloom, with a stilted smile and diamond eyes, a laugh that sounds like a flute in his ears
  • It isn’t dangerous until it is
  • Until he’s already fallen beneath the storied constellations against an ink spilled sky, sealed this tragedy with a kiss
  • Because what he doesn’t know then and what he won’t know until it’s all laid out at their feet is that she’s the girl with a tainted last name, with dirt muddled blood in her veins
  • She’s forbidden
  • And Draco doesn’t find out until it’s much too late
  • Dripping like liquor across the dining table from his father’s lips
  • “You’re not to convort with that girl any more,” he’d said, a snide curl to his lip. “Blood traitors, all of them. We can’t have your reputation being sullied by their likes.”
  • And Draco had listened, of course, pressed the tines of his fork to the sun burst of an egg yolk and jerked his chin
  • “I won’t be seen with them again,” he promised, and he wouldn’t- because there is hardly anyone to see him beneath the cover of night, as he stole down the road and up the ivy strung balcony where this girl - the girl - was catching moonlight against her cheeks
  • There was no one to see as the hem of her nightgown fluttered about their ankles and he tucked a lock of hair behind her ear, concluded the incarnation with a savage sort of kiss
  • Because he loved her, is the thing
  • Had fallen hard and fast
  • And boys with a love that fall like that, well they’re never really designed to last
  • And so the story begins it’s end on the curse scarred bricks of a courtyard, early morning light seeping through the smoke
  • The story ends with two households, divided onto either side
  • The story ends with a boy who let’s go of his love’s hand when he’s called by his mother, who turns the tables too late, when the girl is choking out a last breath and there’s nothing he can do to stop it
  • Because these violent delights have violent ends
  • And no such ends are as violent as these

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Hii! I was wondering if you know any fics were Eren has bad anger issues? And Levi helps to calm him down or something? Thanks!

I didn’t read the last half of your ask and got carried away with sexy angry Eren fics instead so… enjoy. 

Knit Two Together
Summary: Levi’s therapist suggests he take up a relaxing hobby and he makes an unexpected friend: Eren, the compulsive gambler from his anger management class.

Abused Anus Association
Summary: "I’ll kick your ass, I’ll kick anyone’s ass, I’ll kick my own ass.“

Summary: Levi’s new neighbor is eye-catching in more ways than one.

Hands Clean
Summary: Eren’s your typical high school student, despite his anger management problems. One day, he has to visit the nurse’s office to only discover that the usual nurse has been replaced by a man with steel gray eyes and a mouth with no filter. Eren’s interest is piqued.


I just had a dream about a wizard raising two boys on an island in the shadow of a seafaring kingdom. One of the boys was a homunculus made from sand whose beauty and gifts in magic catch the eye of a wicked dragon shifting wizard. The father wizard dislikes dragon shifters and once cast a spell on a hot headed young one to trap him in a pool reflection, to be let out of his “time out” when the father wizard finds himself or his children in danger. Apparently there are more dragon shifting wizards who are the enemies of this father and his children and avoiding them seemed to be the initial conflict. I also apparently dreamed that I woke up from my dream and went outside, wandered through an alleyway liminal space, which temporarily blinded me before I reached the bus stop and found that the story I dreamed was already a popular anime that someone was watching on their phone. Then I woke up for real.

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It's a dream of mine to see my poetry end up in your artwork, but I don't think I'm a good enough writer to catch your eye

I would love to showcase your writing, honey. I promise you I would. If you create something personal, something with meaning, something with feeling, chances are I wouldn’t think twice about making a piece from your words.

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7,9,17 for my fave couple (john and kennedy obvs) and 31 for my fave creator ;)

Ahh thank you so much Molly!

7. Favorite date activity?
They really like going on picnics and just chilling together outdoors. When they’re not doing that they like to make blanket forts and watch movies together!

9.How open are they with their feelings?
They’re not a sappy couple, although they do dabble in PDA sometimes ;) They show their love for eachother through actions rather than saying it. Sometimes though when one or both of them are feeling insecure or worried they’ll get serious, as you’ll see later in today’s posts ;)

17. Their ways of expressing their love?
Small gestures. Getting each other cups of tea/hot chocolate on a cold day, sending each other memes or cute messages when they’re apart, squeezing each others hands as they walk side by side, catching the others eye and pulling a funny face when they’re on opposite sides of a room, stuff like that…

31.Share anything you would like about the couple!
Ahhhhh ummmmm…I have a lot of exciting things planned for them and something massive is coming sometime within October so look out for that!


Mad Monsters Issue 7, 1964 - This issue of Mad Monsters, No. 7, has lots of pics, not too much text, and good coverage, from The Preying Mantis and Corridors of Blood, to I Married a Monster From Outer Space and an article on Lionel Atwill. Not too shabby for 35 cents. Charlton did cut corners by printing the magazine as cheaply as possible, so the photos aren’t crisp. But their covers were eye-catching. -

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hey just wanted to say you write an awesome anakin/vader!! your writing is really lovely without being purple prose -- you throw just the right amount of poetry into it to really catch someone's eye without beating them over the head with similes. it's really eloquent!!!

lisTEN BUDDY WE’RE GONNA DUKE IT OUT RIGHT NOW…with hugs…because i love you. thank you so much! i always worry my writing toes that line between poetic and completely indiscernible so messages like this make me feel like one hundred million bucks. i hope you have a fantastic night/day wherever you are. and thank you!!!