catch premiere


Okay, so I’m apparently auditioning for the high school premiere of Catch Me If You Can tomorrow!! Ahh!! And we’re doing my favorite golden age show of all time in the spring, West Side Story!!


#clarke is pushed #she falls #momma reaches out to catch daughter #SIKE #sorry momma #clarke is too busy flying into bellamy’s arms #this is what bellamy is here for #he’s the hero #and this is his clarke #clarke falls straight into bellamy’s OPEN and READY arms #clarke holds onto to bellamy’s abs #I mean torso #to stable herself #bellamy keeps his hand around her arm #doesn’t let go #gives echo a look that puts her 6 feet under for daring to try to hurt clarke


NEW VLOG! The Tangled premiere party! Catch Tangled the series on Disney channel on Friday nights 😘

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kristinshayharris: Four years of interviewing these babes for #PrettyLittleLiars and today was the final one 💖 Catch the (last 😥) season premiere tmrw!

The  sooner  we  get  to  it,  the  sooner  we  get  through  it.