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Bath Time For Two || Jack

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Word count - 1,312

Summary - The one where you share a bath.


You had only been living with Jack for a week or so. The two of you had been dating for almost a year, but you had only just moved in with each other. Your relationship was moving at a comfortable pace for the both of you.

Jack was your first real relationship, so you were quite inexperienced in a lot of areas. So when you and Jack had sex for the first time, you were quite nervous. But, Jack was a perfect gentleman and made you feel so loved the whole time. You still lacked some confidence in the bedroom, but Jack never failed to remind you how beautiful and perfect you were in his eyes.

Lately you had been feeling overly stressed. You were constantly either working on school work or catching up on random paperwork for your boss. You never felt like you had any time to relax. Jack had noticed. You weren’t your usually bubbly self and you spent more time surrounded by paper on the floor of your bedroom than you did doing anything else.

One night, Jack decided to treat you. You were sitting on the floor yet again when Jack came in with a sweet smile on his face. “How’re you doing, princess?” he asked, sitting beside you and rubbing your neck.

“I’m okay,” you shrugged. “Just got a few more paragraphs to read.”

“Fancy taking a break?” he asked.

“I shouldn’t,” you said.

“Just a little while,” he said. “I promise it’ll be worth it.”

“Oh I suppose,” you laughed with a teasing roll of your eyes. Jack stood up and reached his hand out to pull you off the ground. You giggled and took his hand as he walked with you to the bathroom. You were confused but you followed him nevertheless.

There in the bathroom, Jack had run a bath. It was full of bubbles and candles all around the side. The light was off and soft music was playing through the room. You stared at the bath with a small smile creeping on your face. Jack wrapped his arms around you and placed a kiss to your neck. “I thought we could share a bath,” he said quietly. A blush was forming on your cheeks.

“Oh I don’t know,” you said awkwardly. “This is sweet but, I don’t know.”

“What’s wrong?” he said, disappointment laced in his voice.

“I’m just, I don’t know,” you said again, feeling a bit guilty this time. You pulled away now from Jack and wouldn’t turn to face him. You played with your fingers as your hands rested in front of you.

“Babe, are you embarrassed?” Jack asked, a smile now evident in his tone.

“Stop,” you whined, still not looking at him.

“You’re embarrassed,” he teased.

“Okay, fine, I’m embarrassed,” you mumbled.

“Why?” he asked. “It’s nothing I haven’t seen before.”

“I know,” you said quietly. “It just, oh I don’t know.” Jack walked over to you and turned you so you were looking at him. Even though you didn’t want to meet his eyes, he tucked his finger under your chin and made you. Instead of saying anything, he held your face in his hands and kissed you firmly. You melted into the kiss, your arms draped around his neck.

You felt his hands tug at the bottom of your shirt, so you pulled away a bit so he could take it off your body. Next came your leggings, then your bra and your panties. As soon as you were undressed, Jack stripped as well and beckoned you to join him in the bath. While you still felt a little embarrassed, you did.

“Why’re you so embarrassed?” he asked. You were laying in between his legs with your back pressed to his chest. He had his arms around you and his lips pressed to your neck.

“I dunno,” you mumbled. “It’s one thing to have sex with you, but to just lay here like this.” You paused and sighed. “It’s a lot of time for you to look at me and find stuff you don’t like.”

“Babe, you should know by now that the more I look at you, the more things I find that I love, not the other way around.”

You whispered a thank you to him as you fought back a smile. “You’re too good to me, Jack,” you said quietly.

“Maybe,” he said back. He grinned and pressed another kiss to your cheek. After a second of silence, he said, “Do you want me to show you how good I can be to you?”

Before you had a second to question what he meant, you felt his hand brush against your thigh. His finger trailed down your thigh, back up and close to your core, then back down again. You were biting your lip, trying not to let out any whimpers. You hated how quickly you reacted to the simplest touch from Jack. He, however, loved it.

“It’s okay, baby,” he said quietly. His fingers brushed up against your core. “Let me hear how good I make you feel.”

Slowly, he eased a finger into you. Your hand gripped his free arm at the sudden feeling. Just as slowly as he pushed the first one into you, he added another finger. His fingers were pumping in and out of you, hitting just the right spot that left you breathless. All the while, Jack was leaving kisses along your neck, paying special attention to the spots he knew made your toes curl. “Jack,” you whimpered.

“Should I add another finger?” he taunted. “I know how much you love my fingers.” Instead of saying anything, you just nodded. Jack laughed lightly and eased another finger into you. The fullness of three of his fingers inside you made you toss your head back onto his chest. Your hand was still squeezing his arm tightly, surely leaving marks he’d find there in the morning. You found yourself bringing your hips up to meet Jack’s fingers, causing ripples in the water of your bathtub. “Relax, princess,” he teased.

“Jack,” you groaned quietly. You felt his thumb press against your clit, leaving you breathless again.

“Are you close?”

“Yes,” you said quietly. Jack pressed his lips to your neck again, sucking along the spot just below your jawline. It was your weak spot. You let out a quiet moan as the feeling of Jack’s lips to your skin and his fingers inside you sent you over the edge. You called out his name, still not easing your grip on his arm. You could feel him smirk against your skin.

As soon as you finished, Jack pulled his fingers out of you and wrapped his arms around you again. “How’re you feeling, princess?” he asked, his lips placing gentle kisses to your neck again.

“Mhm,” you muttered wordlessly. Jack just laughed and stroked his thumb against your tummy.

“I love you,” he said quietly. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too,” you whispered.

“No, listen to me, (Y/N),” he said, more firmly than the first time. “I love you. All of you. I love when your cheeks turn red when you’re embarrassed and I love when your mouth hangs open anytime I touch you a certain way. I love everything I see about you, even the stretch marks you complain about and the creases by your eyes. I love you, and nothing I see is going to change that. I need you to know that. You should never be embarrassed of yourself around me, because you’re always going to be perfect to me.” You were quiet for a moment, and Jack didn’t speak.

“I know,” you finally whispered. “And I love you too. So much, Jack.” With a small laugh, you added, “Maybe we should take baths together more often.”

Jack laughed too, “I’d love that.”

Word of the Week: Schadenfreude

Do you wish the best for everyone - even your enemies? Or do you gain pleasure from watching someone fail?

If someone else’s misfortune gives you a sense of satisfaction, then you are exhibiting Schadenfreude.

Schadenfreude comes from the words Schaden (“misfortune” / “damage”) and Freude (“joy”). As these words imply, Schadenfreude is the pleasure you get from watching or hearing about someone else’s pain, suffering or failure. Most of you would probably never admit to feeling Schadenfreude. But be honest: do feelings of Schadenfreude creep up on you when they’re related to someone who wronged you in the past?

Here are a few examples of Schadenfreude:

1) Your ex’s new relationship is failing, and you find joy in watching it crumble.

2) A coworker that you don’t like gets reprimanded by your boss and you catch yourself smiling.

3) The person who fired you declares bankruptcy - and you find joy in their failure.

4) Someone you don’t like walks around with his/her zipper open, and enjoy watching them embarrass themselves.

In these examples, someone experiences Schadenfreude in relation to someone who wronged them.

There are also cases where people experience Schadenfreude towards strangers:

1) You see someone running towards an elevator and you find amusement in watching the door close in front of their face.

2) You enjoy seeing the straight-A student get a B on her test.

3) You notice that wealthy neighbor of yours get a scratch on his BMW.

Sometimes people experience Schadenfreude towards someone simply out of jealousy. In other cases, people experience Schadenfreude towards someone else for no good reason - and that can be worrisome. In English, these people might be called sadistic.

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Exhibiting a little bit of Schadenfreude is normal, especially if it’s related to something harmless or in response to someone who hurt you. But Schadenfreude should not dictate someone’s happiness. So next time you’re with your German friends and they’re gossipping about someone else’s failure, tell them to cut out the Schadenfreude.


vague gta au → the kingpin 

(From the files of Senior Reporter Turney)
One of two supposed modern kings taking up residence in the Fake AH Crew: “King” Ramsey. Beef him up a bit and give him more sleeze and he halfway resembles your average crime boss. Tired eyes, map of tattoos on his skin, more personal stories than I should care for, and always smells like some sort of alcohol. Despite being regarded as the leader, he doesn’t seem like it. His employees do and don’t respect him, which usually gets kids killed in this area of work… In fact, he seems more like an exasperated father than a boss whenever I catch him with a crew member. Has an impressive amount of wealth and power, likes taunting police, and loves his little dysfunctional crime family. Rumoured to have a history with the majour players in the LSPD.

srickeral  asked:

I have a request, can you make a short story about stiles and his bodyguard? It is interesting. thanks.

I’m not a writer but I wrote a little snippet of story when I was first drafting the description for the Bodyguard AU.

This is just a (very) brief draft of how I imagined it going when Stiles first found out about the photos that had been published of him and Derek. I couldn’t continue it from this point because I don’t really know how to but here’s the small scene I managed to write :) 

Derek surveyed Stiles form across the kitchen. There was a tension in his posture that Derek wasn’t used to seeing and his knuckles stood out white and stark from the tight hold he had on his smart phone. Derek knew what he was looking at. It was the same thing Derek had seen on his computer this morning. The same thing that had caused him to rush over to Stiles’ at 7am.

“I think they got my good side.” Derek’s attempt to lighten the mood was met by a resounding silence.

“Give it a few days and this will all have blown over. They’ll forget about this as soon as the next celebutant checks herself into rehab.” His attempt at reassurance also seemed to fall flat. Stiles was sat stock still, staring at the photos on his phone with a furrowed brow.

“You’re not reading the articles are you?” Derek asked. “It’s a load of bullshit, Stiles and you know it.” More silence.

“For God’s sake Stiles say something!” Derek snapped, “I normally can’t get you to shut up so can you please kick that big mouth into gear and tell me how you’re feeling about this.”

Finally Stiles turned to look at Derek. His face was blank but Derek had been working for him for two years and he could see the storm brewing behind his eyes. He bit his bottom lip and Derek had to hold in a groan. There was serious shit to be dealt with and now was not the time to be getting turned on. They should be focused on dealing with the pictures.

“I need to talk to Lydia.” Derek was relieved that Stiles seemed to have gotten over the shock. Lydia was Stiles’ publicist and manager and she was bound to know what to do about the photos. He was actually quite surprised that she hadn’t gotten wind of these photos and stopped them before they were published.  Derek’s seen much larger scandals than this disappear when Lydia works her magic.

“That’s a good idea. Let me give her a call and then I can escort you over to her offices so we can get this whole mess str-“

“I’ve already called her,” Stiles interrupted Derek. “She’s coming over here and I haven’t got any events tonight so I won’t need a bodyguard. You can have the day off Derek.”

Stiles’ tone was cold, almost robotic and it was putting Derek on edge.

“OK that’s fine, you don’t need me to be a bodyguard today, but don’t you think I should stick around talk to Lydia anyway. I mean I am pretty involved in this scandal.”

Anger flickered across Stiles’ face. “It’s not a sca-,” He cut himself off. “You know what? Just go home, Derek. I don’t need you here.”

Derek opened his mouth to protest, but Stiles had already stood up and swept out of the room. 

Mylene Cruz

I wanna talk about this beautiful character.


At first, I didn’t like her. She got on my nerves. I didn’t mind that she wanted to chase her dreams, I didn’t mind that she didn’t want to be with Zeke bc she thought it would distract her from her dreams. I didn’t like how one sided her relationship with Zeke seemed. She always seemed to be using him and projecting the image of what she wanted for him onto him. Now, after finishing TGD I’ve changed my mind.

First of all Mylene had a valid point about Zeke. Zeke was cowardly (like not wanting to read his poem). He needed to step up. Mylene and Zeke grew up together, she knows him. No one forced Zeke to do anything. Like his teacher told him, he needed to make up his fucking mind. Mylene called it from the pilot, Zeke didn’t know what he wanted. Zeke wanted that internship, he wants to make a difference. Mylene helped him achieve that. And she was supportive of him.

I enjoyed Mylene’s arc. It flowed with the shows narrative while keeping Mylene her own character. Mylene’s character had her own payoff while contributing to the Get Down Brothers. If Mylene hadn’t persisted in chasing her dreams the Get Down Brothers wouldn’t have had that record in their arsenal for the battle.

Mylene’s a talented tenacious dreamer and a good friend to her girls. Mylene refused to give up her dreams even when Ramon her “father” punched her with his fists, and she got put out of her house. Mylene inspired those around her. Her mother, Zeke, Regina to not be with fuckboys, and Yolanda who told her she never thought a person like herself could make it. She wants what’s best for everyone. Mylene is a strong character. She didn’t sleep with Cadillac to get ahead like she said she wouldn’t. Mylene told Jackie that song they tried at first wasn’t her style. She stayed true to who she was. Mylene knew what she wanted and she wasn’t moving off of it.

Is Mylene perfect? No. But that’s okay it makes her real. What I do not like is how Mylene is catching hate for bossing Zeke around and projecting her dreams onto him while no one talks about Shao doing the same thing (I mean I love him but??). Roughing Zeke up, getting mad whenever Zeke doesn’t do what he wants, insisting things be done his way.

Mylene and Shao represent different sides of Zeke and they both contributed to his success in finding out who he is. The important thing is Zeke made up his own mind about the kind of leader he wants to be. He didn’t drop his street music like Mylene wanted and he didn’t sacrifice his morals and become a thug like Shao was pushing him to. Zeke did it his own way and that’s what I love.

Mylene Cruz should not be slept on as the good character she is. A strong woman who refuses to give up on or be distracted from her dreams. Not to mention the representation she gives brown puertorican girls. Herizen Guardiola nailed this part as an actress. The girl’s clearly multitalented. I can’t wait for more of Mylene in the next episodes.

draw16loser  asked:

1 & 2 for the death asks? :)

[Ask My Muse About Death]

1. Have you ever come close to dying?

Meryl motions around. “I think all of us who are Bosses have that yacht explosion and coma in common-”

“I don’t,” Eli chimes in. “I wasn’t even in the Saints back then.”

“Yeah, but I meant like, actual Bosses. No offense, Eli.” She catches his unimpressed expression but doesn’t stop. “So yeah, most of us Bosses have that in common. And a few other times, I bet. I mean, escaping my the skin of your teeth is kind of part of the job description of being a Saint.” She laughs. Colin chuckles along with her. 

Sean mostly looks appalled by that. “Yeah, because that time you called me in the middle of the night that Colin had been shot in the chest and might not make it was super hilarious, right? A real bloody riot.”

Colin and Meryl stop laughing and freeze. “…It worked out alright in the end, didn’t it? I’m still here, aren’t I?” Colin tries. “Hard to kill a Boss, remember?”

Eli has his mouth open to object again, this time on Jack’s behalf, but a steely glare from Meryl keeps him quiet.

Ruth gently clears her throat. “By my reckoning, there seems to be some common thread of fate bound to each of us who are leading the Saints, guiding us toward some unknown goal or future. And until then, we appear to have an uncanny good fortune surviving even the most dangerous of encounters. Whether this good luck will one day run out is anyone’s guess, but until then I wouldn’t fret it too much.”

Sean rubs his cheek. “Yeah, I guess…” he mutters. “I haven’t. Been close to dying that is. Or at least not as close as the rest of you.”

Nigel’s been silently making bored talking motions with his hand at all the talk of Bosses and Saints. Sensing the topic’s come back to the original question, he says, “I’ve been in a few hairy traffic situations with my motorcycle. Never my fault; it’s the other drivers who aren’t paying enough bloody attention.”

2. What do you think is the worst possible way to die?

“Zombification?” Meryl offers, “that’s just, ugh, awful. You lose control and attack people until someone manages to put you out of your misery.”

“Stuck in a burning building,” Sean says before Colin can open his mouth.

“Huh,” the other ginger goes, “yeah, I can see why you’d pick that one, given your history. I could think of worse ones for myself. Drowning. Starvation. Slowly bleeding out in a rank back alley with no one coming to help…” Sean wordlessly hugs him.

“I-… really don’t want to get into imagining worst possible deaths right now,” Eli says, backing away.

Ruth nods. “Yes, all these questions have been quite morbid, but this one takes the cake.” She taps her heel to the floor. “I suppose anything drawn out and excruciating would be high up on the list.”

“You’re bloody right about drawn out,” Nigel says, “but it doesn’t gotta be excruciating to be the worst. I’d put being quadriplegic for many decades in someplace they won’t let you commit assisted suicide before you finally fade away at the top”

Sean’s tone is sardonic, “And yet even after being in several near-death situations, you still keep riding your bike everywhere.”

Nigel shrugs. “I’m just hoping that when my time comes, I’ll go out with a big bang, not a whimper.” He casts a big, toothy grin at the others.

me: have you listened to 5sos’s new album yet?
my boss, a 31 year old man: I listen to them on spotify so I’m sure I have and just not realized it.
me: okay, because it’s really good. they have this one song [catch 22] that sounds kind of like simple plan
my boss: oh yeah, that’s a good comparison. I was gonna say they sound kind of like blink-182 but that’s a little too hard

please note that my boss, who likes 5sos solely for their music (he doesn’t know their names or their stories or anything about them other than their music), sort of compared them to one of the most influential bands that motivated them to start making music