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Do you know the chronological order of episodes that the Rumbelle relationship storyline goes through?

I tried my best to make a list of what I think the chronological order is. If I forgot anything, if you see any mistakes or have a different opinion you can backup, please jump in and I will edit the timeline. :)

  • 4.06 - “Family Business”: Belle learns about Rumplestiltskin and wants to use his help to stop the Ogres attacking her town.
  • 1.12 - Skin Deep: Up to the chipped cup scene.
  • 2.19 - Lacey
  • 3.11 - Going Home ?*
  • 2.20 - “The Evil Queen”
  • 4.11 - Heroes and Villains
  • 3.11 - Going Home ?*
  • 3.21 - “Snow Drifts” ?**
  • 1.12 - Skin Deep: Everything after the Chipped Cup scene.
  • 1.14 - “Dreamy”: Belle talks with Grumpy about love.
  • 2.11 - “The Outsider”
  • 1.10 - “7:15 A.M.”: Rumple talks with Snow about love (I think this might take place after Belle left, but before Regina tells Rumple she “died”.).
  • 2.09 - “Queen of Hearts”: Hook breaks into Belle’s cell to get information about the dagger.
  • 1.16 - “Heart of Darkness”
  • 1.22 - “A Land Without Magic”: Rumple talks about true love with Charming.

*The flashback scene in Going Home is hard to place because it doesn’t mesh continuity wise with the rest of the flashbacks we’ve seen imo. It could be placed either before or after the Heroes and Villains flashbacks, I’m not sure.

**With the Snow Drift scene, I’m not sure if I would place it before or after the Skin Deep curtain/Belle falls/Rumple catches Belle scene.