catch and release


One of my favorite things about Amethyst is how physically affectionate she is. I mean, look at this little purple nugget of sunshine, hopping around with fits of love so strong she can’t contain or help it, she just has to be expressive.

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Newfound kink for Timothy Olyphant 😞😞

Ooooh, just in general? or do you mean a particular kink with him, Nonny?

If it’s a general one, there’s so many sides to choose from.
Let’s see, there’s Joel Hammond kink…

Then there’s Raylan Givens kink…

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A Perfect Getaway’s, Nick kink…

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Catch and Release, Fritz’s kink… *sigh*

Kelly kink…

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And finally psychotic Scream 2 kink…

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WOAH, Nonny… spread the love why dontcha. lol ;)

So I’ve been thinking about whats going to happen with Peridot in the future, and I’m really hoping she gets another set of limb enhancers. 

This design shows both sets of hands and feet, and as cool as it is conceptually this would be HELL to animate, so its not really something we can expect on the show.
Still, Its fun to think about different designs for her character.