catch and release


One of my favorite things about Amethyst is how physically affectionate she is. I mean, look at this little purple nugget of sunshine, hopping around with fits of love so strong she can’t contain or help it, she just has to be expressive.

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Newfound kink for Timothy Olyphant 😞😞

Ooooh, just in general? or do you mean a particular kink with him, Nonny?

If it’s a general one, there’s so many sides to choose from.
Let’s see, there’s Joel Hammond kink…

Then there’s Raylan Givens kink…

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A Perfect Getaway’s, Nick kink…

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Catch and Release, Fritz’s kink… *sigh*

Kelly kink…

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And finally psychotic Scream 2 kink…

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WOAH, Nonny… spread the love why dontcha. lol ;)