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i know I sound like a broken record but

season two is so fucking gay already wow

look at all these Completely And Totally Gay Season 2 Moments

- The hug between Nino and Adrien when Adrien was allowed to come back to school (bc now Nino’s boyfriend, who is Adrien, can still see him)

- Alya lookin super proud of her gf (who is Marinette) for getting Adrien back in school

- Alya’s exasperated “Seriously, Marinette…” when her gf (Marinette) ignores Chloe getting out of punishment bc Adrien whispered in her ear

- Alya telling her girlfriend (Marinette) that their friends Nino and Adrien (who are boyfriends) are going to the party together

- Chloe getting kissed on the cheek by Rose (and Kim and Max, look at my polyamorous girl go!!)

- Chloe kissing Marinette and being kissed by Marinette (Chlonette is canon y’all)

- Alya teasing her girlfriend (Marinette) by saying she should have recorded the kiss between her and Marinette’s other girlfriend (Chloe)

- Alya interrupting her own dance with her boyfriend (Nino) to help her girlfriend (Marinette) and her other boyfriend (Adrien) with their dancing before resuming her own dance with Nino

- Chloe saving her girlfriend (who is Ladybug who is Marinette) from being cataclysm’d

- Chloe following after her girlfriend (Ladybug) because she has a feeling that she (her girlfriend, Ladybug) will need her help

- Chloe helping her girlfriend (Ladybug) defeat the akuma

- Ladybug calling her girlfriend (Chloe) her and Chat Noir’s little sidekick

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It's almost 5AM and I can't sleep. So I put some Klaine scenes (of season 6 to be more specific) And we all know that K and B are not C and D, but in Klaine are so much C and D showing up. In all seasons. But in the six, I don't know... It's how they wanted that we know they're real and that was not going to finish there. You know. I don't know how to express myself in that language. But my heart and my eyes catch so much Cc moments.

Anon. I think Season 6 was such an odd time for them. The creators used K&B more than ever as a vehicle to punish them. That is why we got the most out of the blue break up. The mockery of klaine that was blainofsky. And a shared wedding. With virtually no development of them as husbands until the finale (which was well done).

They also knew it was the end of glee. I’d say that was bittersweet for them. It’s how they met. They worked together. And played two men in love together. Plus on set most knew and they were free to be CC. But it was also a nightmare. They were mistreated by the people in power. Forced to hide. And their fake plus ones, particularly M, were placed on set often to both babysit and torture them.

And I agree. Despite how poorly Kurt and Blaine were written. Chris and Darren went above and beyond. They made sure to treat these characters with respect and their relationship with the importance it deserved. And as they didn’t have the spotlight a lot. Much was done through background moments. And those tend to be were C&D bleed through K&B.

Thanks to Chris and Darren, not RIB, season 6 still has some amazing, memorable, beautiful klaine moments. That’s because they loved what they created together.

And sometimes their true love absolutely seeped through.

It’s why I can’t hate season 6, even though I should. Because of what Chris and Darren gave us despite what they were given. A testament to them as actors. As men. And yes. As a couple.

You know when you silently sit in the bus, watching raindrops hit on the window while listening to your favorite songs with your earphones. It’s afternoon and you are going to home. Your legs ache a little but you know you will rest in your bed soon. Maybe you’ll make some hot chocolate too. Your friend sends you a funny message and you suddenly feel warm with the feeling of love and safety. There is nothing to be excited about at the moment, but there is nothing to worry about either and it’s okay. It’s all okay, my friend.


-The Secret History

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Id love to see 29 Ruby x Sapphire! (Amedot would be great too if you'd prefer to draw that :D)

Sweet Moment : Cooking together ! I haven’t drawn Rupphire in a veeeery long time, it was nice :D (I know I’m super late but I really wanna catch up with the Sweet Moments meme, thanks for waiting all this time!)

Unnecessary bonus :

Normani doing what she does best, seeking out any camera when a 25 mile radius