catch a grenade for you

Imagine your OTP #23:

Person A: Would you catch a grenade for me?

Person B: *Hugs A* Not only I would catch a grenade for you, but I’d toss that shit back *Starts rubbing their cheek with A’s cheek and whispers* Nobody throws a grenade and you and gets away with it.

Person A:….

Pining Keith vs. Pining Shiro

Pining Keith

  • “Shiro!“ Keith shouted desperately in Episode 1 and Episode 2 and Episode 3 and Episode 4 and 
  • “Your friend desperately wants to see you“
  • “If it wasn’t for you my life would have been a lot different“
  • “hey Shiro would you mind gathering me into your beefy arms while I bury my face in your beefy shoulder looking like I’ve never been more content in my life. no homo”
  • I mean
  • what you don’t understand is I’d catch a grenade for ya, I’d set off explosions for ya, I’d beat up 3 men for ya, I’d fight a ridiculously overpowered alien overlord for ya, I’d jump over a canyon for ya, I’d search through every inch of the universe for ya
  • this look
  • also 
  • are you kidding me
  • “what do you mean the fact that Shiro is missing is not the end of the universe. it sure fucking feels like it is”
  • “As many times as it takes“ but don’t bother keeping track, I’ve already lost count

Pining Shiro

  • “Keith…“ said Shiro softly in Episode 1 and Episode 2 and Episode 3 and Episode 4 and 
  • “That really stayed with you, didn’t it“ oh my god baby, even after all this time you remember what I told you, I’m in mortal peril but I suddenly feel so warm and fuzzy
  • warm. and. FUZZY
  • “I know what it looks like but contrary to what you all might think I did not accidentally superglue my hand to Keith’s shoulder“
  • it was on purpose
  • “Keith is so amazing the only pilot capable of pulling off those amazing maneuvers and of navigating through an enemy warship on his own  and of piloting the Black Lion in case anything happens to me and of leading Voltron and”
  • THIS fucking look
  • and 
  • 99% of other looks Shiro gives Keith basically
  • “Keith what do you think you’re doing going on a roadtrip with Allura, come back right now!“
  • “IT’S GOOD TO HAVE YOU BACK….. ….. ….. oh yeah you too Allura. I guess.“
  • “The potential alliance with Blade of Marmora is extremely important. Unless they hurt Keith then I will personally fight every single one of them“


Despite giving it their absolute best the contestants were too evenly matched! They did their best to outpine each other but it turned out to be impossible. Therefore the judges agreed that they will share the winner’s spot, in acknowledgement of the strength of their mutual pining. 

BTS as the Mafia + How He Met You

[Monsta X] [Shinee] [GOT7] [Seventeen] [Block B] [NCT]

|||Anon asked: I really liked your mafia monsta x post and was wondering if you could do something similar for got7 and bts?|||

Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon

Originally posted by slapmon

  • Was a CEO of a large company when he decided to make some more money and started getting involved in shady business
  • One of the most chill leaders in the industry
  • But his easygoing personality is also one of his scariest traits as he doesn’t give a shit about killing and never thinks twice
  • That’s what gets him in trouble most of the time as he somehow always end up killing the wrong person
  • He’s so good at his job that no one even suspects that this CEO is also a mafia boss

You were the president of a rival company and had beef with him since before he even started his gang. He always wanted to persuade you to sell your company to him but you were too stubborn, so he thought that now he has a lot of skillful members maybe he could threaten you. One day he barged into your office.

“What the heck? Do you even know what knocking means?”

“Just shut up and listen to me. I’m going to give you one last chance to sell me your company and well if you don’t comply things will become ugly.”

“Kim fucking Namjoon, did you just threaten me?” you asked him pulling your gun out from under the table. “Because if you did, I swear to god…”

He didn’t plan for this turn of events and as much as he was surprised he couldn’t keep his laughter in.

“Woah, woah, Y/N. We have been friends for a long time now, haven’t we? Maybe I should have taken a different approach. How about you and me start this over by getting to know each other better?”

Park Jimin

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  • Can sweet talk people to do anything
  • That’s why he’s the best at making new allies and ties, bribing officials
  • Everyone tends to trust him quickly and he uses this for his advantage 
  • Doesn’t like getting his hands dirty and would rather talk his way out if possible
  • But when it’s not, that’s still okay with him as he can handle various kinds of weapons just as well as his tongue

You caught wind of the fact that your boss is helping the mafia in exchange for many and wanted to report him. Unfortunately Jimin got to you first. He was leaning against your car waiting for you. Before you had time to react he got your car keys and pushed you inside securing you in your seat.

“So a little bird told me that you were about to make a very stupid decision.” he told you taking out his knife and tracing the lines of your collarbone.

“I prefer not to make a mess so how about we make a deal as well?”

“I don’t need your filthy money.”

“Oh how brave! I guess I should offer you something else instead then.” he said starting the car and taking off with you in it.

Kim Taehyung

Originally posted by itsbtstuff

  • A lot of people think he’s too clumsy for this job as he tends to screw up before he even starts
  • But if it’s his lucky day he’s the 2nd most deadly man in the gang
  • His specialty - explosives
  • He likes to make a big entrance and for it to be really grand he makes all of the bomb and stuff himself
  • Enjoys the view of severed limbs spattering around, this feeling helps him realize just how amazing he his at what he does and how fascinating, strong and big his explosions are

He wanted to blow you up so bad but when you despite the short amount of time managed to catch and throw back one of his grenades he decided to have you no matter what.

“Hey, that’s not very nice!! I could have gotten hurt.” he shouted.

“Are you being serious right now?” 

“I always am. You see I got you right where I wanted to. Look around.” you looked down and saw that somehow you managed to get into his mine field.

“I like you and wouldn’t rather press this button so you have two choices, either I watch you go boom or you come with me.” he smirked.

J-Hope/Jung Hoseok

Originally posted by beatriceindre

  • Was the vice president of the company, so is now stuck with almost the same amount of work
  • He takes care of the companies legal stuff and makes sure the gangs illegal one doesn’t catch anyones’ attention
  • He’s so done with this job and would rather go on some missions to blow off some steam
  • But he’s only taken on them when it’s really necessary or when there’s not enough people
  • And that’s a shame as he’s crazy good with guns, especially long range ones, as he has been practicing every day

You made a contract with their company but somehow a they lost a hefty amount of money. Knowing that this was not a simple coincidence he decided to have a meeting with you.

“I think we have to discuss some things.” he stated.

“What do you want? I don’t have your money.”

“I never even said anything about money.” he smirked and then you understood that you told him too much before it even began. Hoseok stood up and went to your chair. He took your chin in his hands made you look at him.

“You know all of this shit makes me really tired and irritated and I wouldn’t want to take out my frustrations on you, so you better give me back all the money till evening or we will have to have a few more meetings just like this.”

Suga/Min Yoongi

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  • He’s an assassin but doesn’t like calling his job that and would rather say that he takes care of business
  • Sharp, precise, quick, silent, deadly
  • Can’t think straight when he’s tired and even managed to miss some targets (only to get them later) when he feel asleep waiting for them
  • Practices with Hoseok every single day but only because he’s the one who’s asking
  • Sometimes likes to go “hunting” at nights and you should pray that you never meet him on days like that

You searched for him because you knew he would be the only one to take your request. He looked at you from the bottom up.

“Aren’t you too young to be asking things like that?”

“Am not!”

“You sure? You’re really short.” he laughed.

“I didn’t come here to be made fun of. So will you do it? Will you kill my father?” you asked. This time he looked at you with serious eyes.

“Okay but you can keep the change.” he said handing you back all the money you gave him. You quickly turned around to catch him just before he disappeared into the darkness.


“Because you asked me nicely and also because I hope to see you again someday.” [x]

Jin/Kim Seokjin

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  • He doesn’t have a particular job in the group as he’s mostly here to make sure that the members don’t make too much trouble for themselves and other gangs
  • Knew Namjoon since high school and was asked to come help
  • The gang would most likely fall apart without him as their chill leader tends to forget his duties more often than not
  • He’s a skilled medic and that’s a very big advantage for the gang as they don’t have to go through the hassle of explaining what happened in the hospitals
  • As much as he can save you from the verge of death, medical equipment in his hands can also turn into very dangerous tools as he can kill you slowly and painfully with the poisons he makes

You were part of the gang and trained under him to treat the injured.

“I see you’re getting pretty good at this.”

“That’s because you’re the one teaching me.”

“How about I show you one more of my tricks.” he said taking you over to the medical cabinet and taking all kind of drugs out.

“Oh, I know what you’re trying to do but I’m already more than experienced in making poison.” you smirked.

“Is that so? Maybe we should start some private lessons so you could teach me your way.”

Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by eatupbangtan

  • Smug and sassy 24/7
  • Everyone who meets him for the first time want to punch him in the face
  • And a lot of people try to do that but he has great, quick reflexes and easily evades them
  • Started from simple piracy but now can literally hack into anything but usually brags about it too soon and gets caught
  • That’s how he got recruited, he was about to go to jail when Namjoon noticed his talent and bailed him out

You two had a bit of a show down in cyber space and so after that he decided to track you down. He found you in a coffee shop on the other side of town. He walked in and sat down opposite you.

“And who might you be?” you looked up from your computer screen. He caught your gaze and smirked.


“Jungkook?!” you almost spat your drink. “How did you find me? I hid my location.”

“Did you really think that silly protection of yours could stop me? But I’m not here for that. I’m here for you.” 

A/N: Ahh I finally did it!! 😃 Anyhow, feel free to request more scenarios, reactions etc, I keep up with a lot of groups, both male and female!! 😊

Krasivaya-Chapter 12

Summary: You and Bucky Barnes have been friends for years. You are deeply, completely, in love with the super soldier, but he sees you as nothing more than a little sister. What happens when Bucky starts to date in earnest?

Powers: Think Jean with immortality and accelerated healing

Trigger Warning: There is mention of suicide. if this is a trigger for you please dont read. it’s only one line, but still give it a skip

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Bucky x OFC

Warnings: Smut, Angst, Self-Esteem issues, Depression, Anxiety. Violence.

Thank you to @tilltheendwilliwrite because i hit the worst wall, only had a shell of a chapter and she got me out of it. 

Song:Placebo running up that hill  I recommend listening to this while reading. it gave me chills. 

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Bioshock 2 AU where Sinclair gets his ass out of that train-car and follows you around like Elizabeth, making snarky comments when you pass something and getting more of his backstory.

- Him and Grace going back and forth when you decide her fate and just throughout the entire Pauper’s Drop level.

- He uses that pistol and will shoot at splicers so you get that boost when you’re out of ammo. But, when the Big Sisters comes, he’s getting the fuck out of there.

- Interactions with the Little Sisters (they’ll bicker while you’re carrying the girls around) and will respond to their comments.

- Him getting more annoyed every time you point your gun at him.

- You can use your plasmids on him. It will only knock him out for like a minute but he’ll get super pissed at you and passive aggressive for the rest of the level. Especially with the Cyclone Traps lmao. His clothes and face will be burnt if you use the Inferno and Electro-Bolt on him.

- Instead of “BoOkEr CAtch” you get “HeRe CHIef!” as he chucks a grenade launcher at you.

- If there’s any First Aid kits or Eve Hypos in the area, he’ll actually come up and give them to you. Sometimes, he’ll go scavenge through any corpses you missed.

- He lives for you hacking the vending machines.

- He gets extremely salty when you fail and trigger an alarm.

- He argues with Alexander the Great while you get his DNA key and it’s hilarious.

- Killing him is like 100 times worse because you know him so well. You’re bros.

BTS as Kingsman (Yoongi)

Originally posted by sugasuite

-Okay before i even start yoongi in a suit


-If thats not enough to make you want to pounce on  this man then what is

-Okay okay okay min yoongi

-Codename: Percival

-Yoongi was just a normal guy when he was recruited into kingsman like he had a 9-5 job and a small apartment and he just lived his life

-When he was recruited he was always quiet and distanced himself from the other trainees

-Not because he wasnt good at making friends or anything


-Like during training he always volunteered to go first and passed with flying colors and nobody expected that from a regular guy so when it was announced that he was top of the class everyone is just like ‘wth lol who even is he’

-WHEN THEY GET TO CHOOSE their doggo companions since hes top of the class he gets to go first and everyone expects him to choose the german shepherd or the rottweiler or even the doberman but when yoongi grabs the little brown toy poodle everyone laughs but yoongi doesnt care because LOOK AT HIS CUTE SON

-Yoongi justifies his choice by telling the others that he doesnt need a dog to back him up because he can take an enemy out blindfolded with one hand behind his back (he’s done it before)

-So when they get down to the last two and yoongi is faced with having to shoot his son holly or leave the kingsman hes in a state of inner turmoil

-Like thats his son

-But also kingsman

-But yoongi makes a decision and he clears his mind and hes holding this gun in his hand and his heart is beating so fast and he points the gun and his hand is on the trigger AND SUDDENLY YOONGI IS POINTING THE GUN AT ARTHUR!!!!!

-The room is so quiet bc there is yoongi standing with the barrel of his gun pointed at arthur and arthur is just standing there with his arms crossed completely calm.

-Yoongi is now smirking and arthur is like ’umm what’ then yoongi points the gun at holly and pulls the trigger and BANG

-Its a blank

-Yoongi tosses the gun at arthur and picks up holly while shaking his head because ‘you could have at least reacted to having a gun pointed in your face if you wanted to trick me. When you didnt react i knew it was a blank.’

-And arthur is dumbfounded bc did he just get outsmarted by a trainee lol

-Okay okay so anyway Yoongi is given Percivals spot

-Weapon of choice: cigarette lighter hand grenades

-You will never catch him without one

-I have this headcanon that yoongi is really good at negotiating and gaining control of situations hes not in control of so here we go

-Min yoongi a whole meal walks into this airport and of course the kingsman have their own planes and stuff but today he isnt percival hes min yoongi a man trying to go on vacation with his cute fluffball son.

-But i also feel like yoongi would get lost easily in a huge airport so here we have lost baby yoongs like yeah i can climb through the vents in the lotte world tower and find my exact target but this airport is new so im lost??

-He somehow wanders down a hall with a few doors and theres some god awful screaming and sobbing and yoongis like should i check that out or get an americano

-Americano it is

-Insert a loud cry for help and suddenly yoongi is bursting through the door he thinks he heard the cry of help from

-BEHOLD you, an ordinary citizen tied up to a chair with tears streaming down your face and 4 men surrounding you

-Yoongi is confused. What is going on. Why are you being adultnapped. Who. what. When. where. Why.

-Your eyes widen because fuck your screaming actually worked and you didnt think youd get this far but oh fuck he is a single ordinary hot man and these 4 guys are ripped now you might have someones blood on your hands

-Yoongi looks down at holly because hes growling and he gets a lil distracted because look at his son being all tough but oh shit if hes growling that means there are drugs in this room somewhere oh no there are bad guys right back to the situation at hand

-These 4 guys are suddenly like umm lol i guess we have to kill this guy because hes seen our faces and-


-Like maybe hes quick on his feet and he can bolt out of this room and find some police or maybe he can fight a little bit-

-‘Oh come on guys do you really think the boss is going to think she has the looks for being a drug mule? Shes not pretty enough to get passed tsa’ what a twist of events. This man you thought was here to help is also a bad guy??!!!!

-The other 4 guys are also confused because who the fuck is this guy

-Yoongi knows these guys. Hes seen their file before arthur accidentally deleted it. Theyre from a wanted drug cartel notorious for their body count and ruthless methods

-Hes pretty sure he knows enough to talk his way out of this or at least get this girl to safety before fucking shit up

-Youre crying again because you thought you were going to somehow get out of this but now it looks like youre being doomed to a sad life full of drug smuggling and sadness

-IN YOONGIS HEAD ‘oh no she is sad i must make her not sad i must help her i must protect her and make sure she grows up happy and healthy oh my gosh pls dont hate me’

-He lets holly’s leash go and the smol doggo runs over to you and just sits at your feet quietly waiting for his dads signal bc theyre gonna get you out of here

-‘I bet my dog could get more drugs on a plane than she can. How about your four find a decent girl while i dispose of this one and i wont tell the boss about your almost royal screw up.’

-These guys literally still dont know whats even going on but somehow they believe yoongi?  Hes just that good. Like this is his specialty. Hes got control now.


-The other guys are cutting you loose and they pull you up roughly and your legs feel like jelly bc this is it youre dead.

-You take literal baby steps over to yoongi and holly is trailing behind you after every step and wow why do bad things happen to good people. You pay taxes. You volunteer your time at animal shelters. You donate to charity. You work in a hospital making sick people not sick where did you go wrong.

-Yoongi grabs hollys leash off the floor and grips onto your arm tightly but not enough to hurt you it looks worse than it feels really.

-‘Why dont you guys take a quick smoke break before heading back out there. Hopefully we wont have to get rid of any other girls today. Pick a good one this time.’ yoongi just casually tosses a pack of cigarettes and a lighter at these guys before pulling you and holly out fo the room

-THOSE GUYS ARE STILL JUST NOT SURE OF WHATS GOING ON but theyve got cigarettes and a lighter so why not

-As soon as you guys are out of the room yoongi is literally sprinting away while dragging you like dashi run run run girl

-You are completely lost like why does this guy seem so panicked. Why are you running with him. Why IS HE SO HOT. when is he gonna kill you.

-You guys exit that hall somehow and yoongi is just mumbling things and trying to catch his breath.

-But then he starts whispering to you

-‘Okay theres going to be an explosion in a few seconds because that lighter i gave them was actually a hand grenade so just act the way you normally would during an explosion. Dont look suspicious’

-You just ???????

-Umm what.

-Yoongi has caught his breath and hes holding hollys leash in one hand and walking next to you casually.

-He just kinda intertwines your hands together before he begins a causal conversation but youre still flabbergasted but he needs you to be calm and casual and not suspicious

-But also When is the death part

-Like is he gonna kill you or

-‘So what did you want to do first when we land?’

-You dont get a chance to respond because umm

-Theres an explosion

-Just like he said

-And yoongi turns in that general direction with a shocked expression on his face like the other people in the airport and you do the same bc he told you to

-Everyone is panicking and running bc there was an explosion in the airport umm

-Yoongi is pulling you away in the middle of all the chaos and he pulls out a phone before punching in a few numbers and holding the phone to his ear

-‘Galahad, its Percival, i need you to delete the last 30 minutes of Incheon’s security footage. All of them. Also tell arthur the somin cartel has been kidnapping girls from airports to use as mule’s theyre getting bold. We’ll have to deal with them soon. Thanks.’


-‘What kind of a name is percival?What just happened?’

-Yoongis still holding your hand and you kind of want an explanation as to whats going on but his hand is also surprisingly soft and warm like you want to kiss these hands but they can also choke you bc look at those veins man DAMN

-‘So long story short i saved your life and now you get to continue living your normal life’

-He lets your hand go reluctantly bc youre beautiful and he just wants to protect you but he knows he cant because hes a kingsman and even his presence is a threat to you but oh god what he would give to make sure no tears ever slipped out of your beautiful eyes and no sobs ever left your kissable looking lips

-And youre looking at him with the cutest little pout and puppy dog eyes and hIS HEARt almost beats STRAIGHT OUTTA HIS CHEST

-‘Can i at least pay you back for saving my life? Do you like coffee?’

-He hesitates a little and shakes his head before trying to walk away but holly is literally refusing to leave your side so yoongi agrees

-And thats kinda how you started dating a kingsman bc he saved your life and everything

-But like

-‘You know i almost opted to get an americano rather than saving you’

A/N: okay so these are all completely unedited bc i just wrote them like in the moment type thing.

Also this was supposed to post earlier but somehow it ended up at 11 pm instead of 1 but when i noticed it didnt post i posted it sorry.

A Diary Detailing Lovers

Request: “What about some Newt x Leta x Gryffindor!Reader, where first it’s Newt x Leta and Bruno Mars - Grenade and after it’s Reader x Newt Bruno Mars - I think I wanna marry you? sorry it’s just I have a wave of Bruno inspiration, I would very much like if you could do something like that 💕

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 1798

Warnings: None

Originally posted by nightimethinker


Easy come, easy go, that’s just how you live oh
Take, take, take it all, but you never give
Should have known you was trouble from the first kiss

15th March 1913


I have some wonderful news concerning Leta.

Oh great and wonderful Leta, she’s been so sweet to me lately. And now I’m sure she feels the same way about me. She met me after Potions today at the edge of the Forbidden Forest. We took such a romantic walk, and I even introduced her to the unicorn that lives in the Western depths, the one I named Lucy. Well, Lucy loved Leta, obviously. Who wouldn’t? Leta, with her beautiful brown curls, her perfect smile… oh Merlin I’ve really fallen deeply for this girl!

Then after we stopped to watch the moon, she turned to me. She told me that she cared for me profoundly, and that she knew how hard it was to care for creatures. She showered me in an array of compliments regarding the beasts, she’s always been so supportive of me! She said exactly what I needed to hear, exactly what I wanted. And then, she pulled me by my tie, and she kissed me. She kissed me!

It was the most magical thing I’ve ever felt, I know it sounds ironic. Anyway, I should be off, I’ll be writing a letter to Theseus about this! He will be so glad to hear that I’ve finally bagged a girl. I might even have mind to attach a picture of Leta, just to spite him with her sheer beauty. He will certainly be jealous.

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Thank you for being you sir and making me smile

How you do you make me smile so much?

Oh that question will linger with me for a while

My self love has grown thanks to you

And your friends are precious

Sanders so are you, you love us all so much so I return that love to you

Social anxiety, yes man, I relate to you

And I’ve been there done that with awkward situations, seriously, like me too

No I can’t frown when you smile, and your laugh is HIGHLY contagious

Don’t know how you make those great funny faces

Every time I’ve felt down recently, somehow, after seeing you, I just end up with a bright smile

Really man, I can’t put into words how much I love you, I’d walk a million miles, I’d even catch a grenade for you

So thank you Thomas Sanders, and until next time, peace out guys, and gals. And much, much love from a very happy and loved non-binary pal.

Poem for @thatsthat24 🌈💙

Imagine: Barry scolding Len for being reckless in a fight against metas they’d had in a cemetery at night and this ghost floats up behind Barry while he’s ranting. “You should’ve dodged, Len! No sane person catches a live grenade! - Oh, you didn’t want to bother me!? Really!?”

The ghost taps Barry’s shoulder. He looks back at the ghost and flatly says “Whatever it is, it can wait. I’m scolding my idiot boyfriend.”

Shocked, the ghost looks a Len who grins and just shrugs, because ‘what can you do? It’s his Scarlet’.

Barry returns to telling Len off for being an idiot. Neither of them are scared to see the ghost. The ghost stares at them before leaving. “Weird couple…”

Wakandan Adventures (4/13)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1,564

Summary: Bucky misses Y/N and someone new shows up.

Warnings: none, but there miiight be tiny bit of angst coming your way. a tiny bit, only a tiny bit. I swear. 

A/N: Your kind words make me burst with happiness, thank you so much. I love each and everyone of you! 

Tags:  @flightofthefantasies  @ipaintmelodies @gondorgirl01  @bucky-on-a-bike  @jarnesbrnes @pickledmoon @moody-fangirl @ladybrett9 @supernatural-harrypotter7 @i-saved-me @widowsfics @canumoveyourseatup-no @the-witching-hours12-3 @douleu-passion @goodnightwife @captainmomofoshosho @fangirloreo @lunaaaaax384 @notsoprettykitty 

The added missions where slowly and very painfully driving Bucky insane. He had thought being able to be back in the field would feel good. He would finally be able to give back and right some of the wrongs he had been forced to do in the past. But truth to be told, he was bored out there. He would much rather be in your company, lay back and just enjoy the good people who were part of his life despite everything he had been through. He didn’t want to miss a minute with you, which was exactly why it annoyed him to no end that he rarely got to see you. First, there was his own missions and work, and when he finally got to you, you had your head buried in work.

The last time he had seen you and had the opportunity to spend time with you had at a movie night with the rest of the team as well, a couple of days ago, and what a time good spent that had been. Both of you had fallen asleep within the first 10 minutes of the movie, and the next morning Bucky had to leave early for a mission without having the opportunity to even tell you goodbye. He had wasted a rare opportunity to spend time with you which made him miss the times when he was still healing and didn’t have to go anywhere but instead just spend his days annoying you to no end. It had become his favorite pass time activity. Even more so than annoying Sam.

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9TH & 10TH GFH COCKTAIL: Catch a Grenade, Stealth Bomb

Ah, the Mercs. Whether you love ‘em, hate ‘em, hate to love ‘em or love to hate ‘em, they are a vital part of the Guns For Hire world. Where did they come from? Where will they go? What is Locus’ real name? Will Felix ever shut up? Yes? No? Maybe? Who cares! They’re a good time all the time and synnesai gave them just enough of the dark, militant symmetry that makes for excellent partners with splashes of color I’ve tried to replicate with flavor. Rich and smooth with their own kind of burn, these bomb shots should be approached with caution.

Both drinks start with the exact same base. CHOCOLATE MILK!

Catch a Grenade:

  • ½ oz Bailey’s Irish Cream
  • ½ oz Grand Marnier
  • ½ oz Kraken Spiced Rum
  • ½ oz Kaluah
  • 1 tsp brown sugar

Shake everything with ice extra hard (brown sugar doesn’t dissolve easily) if it gives you trouble whisk it together before shaking with ice, and pour into your shotglass. Drop into the chocolate milk and sip!

The Stealth Bomb:

  • ½ oz Creme de Menthe
  • ½ oz Kaluah
  • ½ oz Bailey’s Irish Cream
  • ½ oz Vodka
  • 1 tsp sugar

SHake everything with ice and pour into your shotglass.

Drop (or pour) your shot into your chocolate milk and SIP. These are not chugging bombs, what? Why would you do that. Chocolate milk deserves sipping. So kick back, Catch a Grenade or sip stealthily, and Enjoy!

hurricane, punch-drunk, drunk on
power / love / adrenaline / fury
or maybe that’s just the wheels talking.
you pride yourself on the fire
in your bones but it’s just ice
disguised as something to burn.
phoenix on a toddler’s legs,
swaying back and forth as you
go up in these flames that are not flames.
your bones are no crematorium;
you are not somewhere to burn.

have you ever seen the lights
at an old, run-down gas station—
the one no one ever uses anymore
and you think maybe you dreamed it?
they flicker like christmas lights,
erratic, totally unplanned?
i like to imagine them clawing
at the edge of a cliff, too weak
to shine how i assume they were
meant to, but too goddamn stubborn
to let go.
(read into this what you will.)

clever. cunning. conniving.
one, two, three. best to worst.
they all mean the same thing;
you’re a jar of fruit and you aren’t
interested in rotting, a battleship—
one of many, part of a fleet
but you are not interested in sinking.
you sing and you sing and you
aren’t interested in stopping,
even if it makes your own ears bleed.
you’re having fun.
is that so wrong?

you are not weak.
it is not for lack of trying, of course;
you wanted so desperately to be
saved. you wanted so hopelessly
to be someone the world would adore,
eye-candy starlet, moon-eyed and
gazing out at the crowd.
you learned pretty quickly.
hold your granite soul in your hands—
keep it safe. it is heavy, but that
does not mean it will not break.

helen of troy had a knife /
helen of troy had a mirror.
you do not know which is deadlier.
helen of troy had cheekbones like
knives and a window through which
to sit pretty; pretty powerless.
you know this all too well.
it is a special kind of mourning
when it’s someone else’s loss but
it’s your fault, your fault, your fault.
helen of troy had a window like a
mirror and through it she saw:
troy lost the battle, but
helen lost the war.

they are all moths and you hold a
lamp between your teeth; your
voice like roses stuffed down your
throat, spilling out past your lips
and you’re the one who’s choking
but none of the others can speak.
you know your words are headlights
and you know how easy it would be
to pied-piper them off into the night;
you also know you are atlas.
the weight on your shoulders is an
old, old friend. you bear it so beautifully.

you grow so fast, honeysuckle
vines that take over skyscraper trees
that stretch into infinity; you are
not tall, but you are dense,
overgrown forsythia bush.
no one has had the care to cut you
down but it’s sadder not to be than
to be too much—
you know this. you know this all too well.
golden branches, brambly,
stretching up to touch the sun.
they make you beautiful;
they weigh you down.

bitter, bitter, bitter.
you take your coffee no sugar, no cream,
no regrets. don’t let yourself regret this;
you’re coming up on a summer
full of hazy-hot crop-top days,
a watermelon-summer full
to bursting of juice that drips
sticky-sweet down your chin;
watermelon-summer with seeds
like stars in the sky,
seeds like wishes gone sour.

you’re bright like the edge of a knife
(silver; catches all light and
hurls it out into the world
like a grenade)
but you are not sharp.
you’re a blank canvas
and you can see the impressions
of what you will be, but
you cannot make paper into edges
enough to protect you;
stop trying. there are papercuts
all over your hands and you
are still breathing but, god,
do they sting.

leave well enough alone.
you’ve got enough on your plate
already, and you cannot afford
to heap on someone else’s portion. you’re such a fault line,
tectonic crack down your middle
sending earthquakes, shock waves
down your spine
but you just can’t seem to stop
shivering. leave well enough alone.
bleeding heart,
tend to your wounds before you
bleed all over somebody else’s.

you didn’t build a wall between
the world and your heart,
you became one. you
did not want to build a wall—
mortar is so hard to come by,
and you are only one person.
you could not build a wall
but you needed one there and so
you transformed yourself into
stone, granite turrets, eyes like brick.
you meant to become this wall.
you did not mean to fill your lungs
with concrete permanence,
to keep yourself covered in vines

you’re not afraid of falling,
you are afraid of the plunge.
you’re not afraid of the down, down, down,
you’re afraid of whatever the hell comes after.
you’d be perfectly happy to fall forever.
it’s the earth that scares you.
it’s the end of the fall, bones
shattering into the earth / coming
apart at the seams in the sea.
you have never been afraid of falling.
you’ve always been afraid of having fallen.

—  horoscopes // s.h.
War-zone - Buckyxreader

Originally posted by acciowintershield

Imagine: Teaming up with Bucky against Clint and Natasha in a water fight.

Warnings: Slight language, Violence(sort of)


You didn’t know how it started, really, you didn’t. Somewhere between relaxing on the couch in a flimsy summer dress and the others leaving to do whatever. One thing was clear though, leaving a bunch of assassins without anything to do was hazardous to your health, something you were experiencing right now, pressed up against the one and only James ‘Bucky’ Barnes, hiding for your life as Natasha prowled the corridor just outside the supply closet the two of you were snugly hidden in. Given the soldier’s antisocial tendencies, you were surprised he had even bothered involving you.

Awkwardly, you shifted away from the former sergeant and immediately winced as a pointy shelf dug itself into your spine. Silently, Bucky tugged you back against him and clasped his hand (the non-metal one) over your mouth, silencing any protest you might’ve had. Giving you a hooded look, Bucky opened the door, the danger gone with the redhead and let you out (like a real-friggin-gentleman, too, ugh!) and held a finger to his lips to signal you keeping your mouth shut.

Clasping his hand when offered, the ex-hydra assassin led you through the winding corridors of the tower and into a better position for the game they were playing. Pressing a sniper-rifle into your hands you took a moment to flail, not knowing what the hell you were supposed to do with it.

Because if assassins having a water-balloon fight wasn’t enough, Tony just had to design weapons (harmless of course) that accommodated mini-water-balloon sized ammo. How he managed to do that, you’d never know. But since it was Tony we’re talking about, just about everything is possible.

Giving Bucky a confused look, he looked at you intensely for a moment before taking the gun again and painstakingly slowly went through the movements of loading and reloading the gun, guiding your hands through the sequence a second time before disappearing from your side. Frantically, you looked around for the assassin but couldn’t seem to find him anywhere. The door to the rec-room opened slowly and Clint peeked inside, his water-gun raised threateningly.

You held your breath as he scoured the room with those hawk-eyes of his and a stilted shriek left you as you felt a weight press against your upper back and arms. Luckily for you, the vibranium of Bucky’s left arm was a sufficient sound dampener and Clint didn’t notice a thing.

“Shh, calm down.” The winter soldier murmured lowly in your ear, his breath hot on the side of your face. Trembling slightly (because of more things than one), you focused on your breathing, the reassuring scent of Bucky calming your frayed nerves, if only a little. Sensing your calm, Bucky adjusted your grip on the rifle and nudged you into a better laying position for firing. “Just aim and I’ll do the rest.” He breathed and you did as told, adrenaline coursing through your veins as you zeroed in on the wannabe Legolas as he filled some more ammo by the bar, his back to you.

“That’s great, doll. Be ready to move.” A reassuring squeeze of your hand and Clint stumbled forward at the force of the balloon hitting him straight in the back, a second following less than half a minute later. The archer whipped around only to hear the slight rustling form the vents as you and Bucky retreated, not wanting to risk being spotted.

Team Barnes: 2

Team Barton: 0

Muffling your giggles with your hand, you thought back on the stupefied look on Clint’s face and had to suppress a second round of hysterical laughter. The rifle was strapped to your back, swaying slightly as you moved, being that the straps were adjusted for Bucky’s large frame. Sharing a smile with the assassin, you only had a second to duck down as a balloon was thrown at you with deadly accuracy, heart in your throat. Hadn’t it been for Bucky’s enhanced reflexes, both of you would be soaking wet. And judging by the wetness of your partner’s metal arm, he hadn’t been able to dodge the blow completely.

Natasha was standing tensely at the other end of the corridor, both guns raised, along with an eyebrow at your involvement in their little game. Then a cattish smirk rose on her face and you could just see the plotting going on behind those sharp eyes of hers. Twitching slightly, you snatched a gun from your partner’s belt, the automatic smoothly firing off a volley of five compressed water balloons, none of which hit the sly SHIELD agent.

Then Natasha was gone and you slumped a bit, unconcerned with the surprised look Bucky gave your aggressiveness. “She’s planning something, I could see it.” You muttered in consternation, a bit disappointment at your most recent epic failure.

A cool palm settled on your head and you looked up at the soldier with a pout. Sure, you weren’t an assassin, nor were you an agent of any kind, but you knew how to handle the basic gun, and you sure as hell knew how to hit a target with stunning precision. But of course, Natasha would slip away, the perfect spy, you thought.

“Don’t worry, Doll, we’ll get her.” You were thankful for his reassurance, and your heart warmed when he said we, instead of I. The emotion disappeared rather quickly though as you were both sprayed by water from above, Clint using his high-pressure water gun to nail them both while they were distracted.

“Hahaha! Thanks for the idea, suckers!” You could hear from the vents but the gloating stopped rather quickly when the archer noticed the water grenade rolling innocently from the opening of the ventilation system. “Oh Shi-!” You didn’t hear anymore as you ran away from the site. Honestly, Bucky was a genius.

Team Barnes: 3

Team Barton: 3

The two teams had been at an impasse for a while now, either side only scoring a few points every now and again. With both sides having an equal amounts of points, neither dared make a move, not wanting to give the enemy the upper hand. Which was the only reason Bucky and you were lounging in the former’s room, waiting for a chance to strike back.

The others would be arriving back anytime now and you had to be finished by then. Considering the entire tower looking like a warzone, you could only speculate in the eruption that was bound to happen when Steve and Tony caught the culprits. But never mind that, you couldn’t bring yourself to care when you were having so much fun.

Fiddling with the sniper-rifle Bucky had shoved you in the beginning of the game, you attempted to force the stubborn straps to shorten but the stupid thing was stuck. Sighing, you gave up, throwing your hands in the air dramatically. “I give up, it doesn’t budge.” You grumbled and gave the rifle in your lap a consternated look.

Bucky’s quiet presence sidled up to you form the side, plucking the gun from your hands and looped the straps around your arms, the dangling weapon resting against your back. With a decidedly powerful tug, he tightened the harness around your arms with the hint of a smile on his lips. Blushing brightly, you watched his fingers work, leaving you breathless and pondering. Gosh, so much power, your inner consciousness nearly melted at the possibilities and you had to quickly suppress the images suddenly flooding your mind, least you do something embarrassing.

Jolting out of your thoughts at the distant sound on a landing quinjet, you shared a glance with the sergeant and you both took off in the direction of the rec-room, the final rendezvous point and the site of the final showdown. The couches and furniture had been spread across the room to make for good hiding places. The two arrived to both Clint and Natasha ready to rumble, having a running start, Bucky snatched you from your feet and slid, back to the floor, past the balloons being shot from their opponents, and in behind an overturned table.

Catching your breath, you threw one of the grenades Bucky had equipped you with some hours before, landing a hit on both Clint and Natasha. Sharing a grin with your partner, you set to work, aiming to win.

“What the hell is going on here?!” Tony’s shrill voice made them all stop, dropping the weapon they were holding, as per the agreement. Completely drenched, Natasha leaned casually against the soaked couch, her hip jutting out a bit to the side. “Calm down Stark, we were just having a bit of fun.” She told him with a razor sharp grin that had you shying away behind Bucky’s towering frame.

“FUN?!” His voice was weirdly high-pitched in a way that really didn’t suit him. “It looks like a fucking war-zone in here!” He ranted but none of them paid him any mind, nor did they think much of the other Avenger’s subsequent gaping at the state of the room.

“FRIDAY, the score?” Clint asked with a smug smirk, his eyes intent upon you and Bucky. You shifted slightly in anticipation and neither of you noticed the fact that you were holding hands. Both Steve and Natasha did though and the glimmer of victory was reflected in the former KGB-agent’s eyes as she surveyed the two of you like a cat that caught the canary.

“Team Barton scored thirty-four points during the entirety of the game while Team Barnes scored fourty-one.” The slightly accented voice of FRIDAY made Clint fall down on the wet couch with a dramatic sigh only overpowered by the awkward squelched as the two bodies met.

“YES!” You cried, throwing your fist up in victory before whirling around to face Bucky who was watching you with an honest-to-god smile on his face. Bouncing on your feet, you threw your arms around his neck and drew him into a hug that had him crouching slightly. Laughing, you drew back only to press a kiss to his stubbly cheek with glimmering eyes. “We actually won, James!” You cheered and you barely noticed the other avenger’s knowing looks as Bucky threaded his arms around your back, tentatively hugging you back, careful not to press too hard with his metal arm.

Behind your back, Natasha and Clint high-fived.